Tulsa 912 Project
Tulsa 912 Project
Grassroots begins in our backyard

As grassroots organizations, we demand fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability for our hard earned tax dollars.  Those in authority seem to want to squander our money on uncommon and unnecessary, not to mention, questionable procedures.  I am referring to the controversial practices of the Broken Arrow Public Schools that resulted in the firing of the Superintendent and an investigation of the bidding practices and misuse of funds. 

The audit is complete and I am opposed to attorneys being present at the exit audit review.  No charges have been brought against the BAPS, so the need of their attorneys being present is questionable.  If BAPS insists on having them present, running up our ever mounting attorney fees, then the public should be allowed to attend as well.  Fair is fair!  Wouldn't you agree?
WHY Does BAPS Need Their Attorneys Present?

As the much awaited audit of the Broken Arrow Public Schools winds down with the exit audit on Wednesday, August 18, once again Broken Arrow is using questionable practices by having their attorneys present during the audit.  There have been no legal charges made against BAPS and they should not waste our taxpayer money by having expensive lawyers present.  This is not a common practice on exit audit reviews and one must question "why" BAPS feels it necessary to have their attorneys present.  It is my understanding that the last 6 (six) school district audits, done by Mr. Burrage had no attorneys present.  Why would BAPS feel it necessary?  Should the audit review be attended by the attorneys for the BAPS, the public should also be allowed to attend.

Proper protocol for an exit audit review would be that the person(s) requesting the audit (BAPS) and the auditor review the findings of the audit, at which time the auditor will point out errors, discrepancies, etc., of their findings, offering suggestions, recommendations and council to address and correct any issues.  BAPS will then have 14 days to review the findings before the audit is made public.  Attorneys are not needed during the review as this meeting is to be a private meeting between the audited and the auditor.

Broken Arrow citizens have long awaited the results of this audit questioning the bidding practices and misuse of public funds of Broken Arrow Public Schools.  As Broken Arrow taxpayers we demand accountability of the allegations and demand that should BAPS have their attorneys present (at the tax payers expense), then we, the public, should be allowed to attend as well.  Having BAPS attorneys present during the exit audit process, in light of having no charges filed as yet, would be a waste of our taxpayer money.   The attorney fees incurred by BAPS in regard to this audit review could add upwards of $5000.00 (five thousand dollars), to their excessive fees already incurred in regard to this situation.   As stated before, should BAPS have their attorneys present, I demand that as a Broken Arrow taxpayer and parent of students in the Broken Arrow school district that the public be allowed to attend as well.

I would encourage you to contact the Broken Arrow Public School Superintendent, 918-259-5700, feedback@baschools.org, ask him if he requested the attorneys be present?  Why waste the taxpayers money?  Why do they need the attorneys present considering that the last six school district exit audits that the State Auditor has performed, no attorneys were present?

Thank you for your help.  You don't have to live in Broken Arrow to participate, just have a desire for fiscal responsibility and accountability, topped off with a healthy dose of transparency.

Ronda Vuillemont-Smith
Tulsa 912 Project