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Jessica Stern; DVM, DABVP, CVA, will be officially joining us at Cats Exclusive on March 1. She is a 2004 graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and comes to us with 8 years of experience working exclusively with cats in Ohio, California, and Washington. Dr. Stern even has advanced training in feline medicine gaining her board certification and is certified in acupuncture for animals as well. We are really looking forward to having her join us!
 Holiday Food Drive

With your help we did it - we surpassed last years total and were able to donate over 1000 pounds of cat food to The Seattle Humane Society's Pet Food Bank! Client donations totalled 508 pounds and Cats Exclusive matched that pound for pound making the grand total 1016 lbs. We were inspired by your generosity. A big thanks to all who participated!

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Green Tea

Leaves Litter

This litter features great odor control - in fact, green tea contains a natural antibacterial ingredient called catechin. It's also very low in dust and doesn't  track as much as other litters. It's also flushable and compostable as it contains only all natural ingredients. You will find it lasts longer than many other litters on the market.

$15.99 6#


Pogos Rabbit Treats  

Finally back in stock! These freeze dried treats have been pogosvery popular. They are made of 100% rabbit and are great for all cats, including those with allergies!  Serve as-is or rehydrate for a yummy snack. Only $8.99.

Ceramic Bowls
         ceramic bowls
Show your love for your kitty with a new, festive bowl!  Whether you choose red, blue or any other color, ceramic is an easy-to-clean and hygienic way for Fluffy to get her water and canned food. Various prices 

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 Founder & Medical Director

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Dear Friends,
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We hope this finds you well and your year is off to a good start! We have some exciting Cats Exclusive news to share with you:
First of all, a board certified feline veterinarian, Dr. Jessica Stern, will be joining our medical team soon. Not only will she be practicing general medicine, she will also bring a new treatment option to our practice - acupuncture! This will especially benefit our geriatric patients and those with chronic arthritis. Dr. Stern will begin seeing general medical patients at the beginning of March, with the plan of adding acupuncture treatments in April. Stay tuned for details.
In the retail arena, we just launched our new WEBSTORE which will offer you 24 hour convenience and home delivery of products you need and love. You'll find more details in this issue. 
Lastly, we are celebrating Pet Dental Month in February with our annual specials on dental procedures, cleanings and dental products. Be sure to review the "important things to remember" section of the dental article included. It may help you assess your cat's dental health. As always, be sure to call us if you have questions. We are honored to be of service to you and your cat(s)! 
The Cats Exclusive Team  

~ Dental Specials ~

In Honor of  February's Pet Dental Health Month   

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Schedule your cat's physical examination for February & get





Call 206-546-2287 to schedule your appointment or email appointments@catexclusive.com. Drop-off appointments available. (not to be combined with other offers)   




Including CET Oral Hygiene Chews, brushes, pastes, rinses.
Discount good through 2/29/11.



Feline Dental Disease:

Is Prevention Possible?


A young and healthy cat can develop an oral disease even when you are providing the the best possible care. Tooth brushing, enzyme-containing treats, and oral rinses are good protection against plaque, tartar, and some forms of gingivitis. However, two common dental disorders we see in cats have no proven cause, meaning efforts at prevention are not as helpful and extractions become necessary. 


A Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesion (FORL) is similar to a human cavity - erosion of the tooth at the gumline eventually exposes the pulp cavity and causes pain. FORLs can occur at any age but are seen more frequently in cats over 5 years. Outward symptoms of pain are often absent. Approximately 70% of all cats will develop at least one FORL in a lifetime. Treatment of a FORL is extraction. No other treatment will reverse the damage done to periodontal structures nor address the pain. This means a filling won't work. The proposed theory for the cause of FORLs is vitamin D excess.
To view an x-ray of the most common FORL 

Gingivostomatitis (GS) is less common than FORLs and often affects younger cats. It is characterized by widespread, painful inflammation of  tissues throughout the oral cavity. Still, the disease can go unrecognized at home, other than the observation of bad breath. The most effective treatment involves extractions, usually of several teeth at a time. GS tends to occur in households with more cats, suggesting viruses or bacteria are involved. However, because multi-cat homes also share common diets and may have more intercat stress, these factors may also play a role   


A word about the role of food: There has been no link to type of diet consumed (ie, canned vs. dry food) to the above disorders. This is consistent with the current thinking that dry food does not prevent  feline dental disease. In fact, researchers have theorized that certain dry foods may be too hard for feline teeth, resulting in microfractures that may lead to FORLs.



  • You can't generally see "cavities" which can be very painful.  
  • Tarter and gum disease don't always go hand in hand.  
  • Some mouths may look normal to you but a subtle tissue change may be noted by a veterinarian which could be probed to determine if a painful cavity is present.
  • Even with great dental care/hygiene some cats, like people, are still prone to dental disease.  
  • 70% of cats over 3 years old have dental disease  
  • Dry cat food does not clean teeth.  
  • At Cats Exclusive, assessing dental health is part of every wellness exam.  
  • We will only advise what is in the best overall interest of your cat-considering any risk factor that might affect anesthesia.
Announcing our new..

We're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to shop online for items commonly purchased at our store - like CET Dental Chews, Pill Pockets, toclick hereys, treats and more! We appreciate your patronage over the years and think you'll find this new shopping option to be very convenient and easy. Our prices online are the same as in-store (plus shipping) and additional products will be added often. Most items can be shipped out by the next business day.


If there is anything specific you would like to see offered, please email amanda@catsexclusive.com (primarily due to weight, food & litter cannot be offered at this time).


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