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dr. schubert 
After 35 years of clinical work,10 of which have been at Cats Exclusive, Dr. Schubert is taking a year long sabbatical which begins October 1st. We wish her the very best and will miss her tremendously! Her colleagues at Cats Exclusive will take good  care of her patients in her absence.


"My name is Shepard
and I am very anxious to find a new home.shepard final I am 7 years old and a very sweet, cuddly boy. I have a few medical needs but they can be managed and I would do best in a single-cat household. Please stop by and meet me during regular office hours if you are interested!"

More info on St. Francis Fund 

Spotlight Large 

We Can Order Many Things You Don't See 

In our last mewsletter, we amandadebuted our Special Order Book, which features lots of scratchers and furniture in addition to foods and litters. Since then, we have added more items and even a new line of furniture. So the next time you're in, be sure to check it out!


The Crazer

This laser toy is extra special!  Instead of a small, steady red dot for your cat to chase, it features crazer lazeradjustable swirling red circles that change shape and size to entice your cat to really get moving!  Compact and handheld, it is easy to use but lives up to its name (crazy + laser), The Crazer!  $8.29



Finally, a new option for the TV-loving cats of the world!  This 3-hour-long, automatic loop DVD has mcatdvdany sights and sounds to engage your cat to watch and bat at the television, such as chipmunks, mice, squirrels, fish, birds, laser lights and other "toys". $20.99 To view video   


JW Bobcat

This simple yet genius toy attaches to any doorknob and features a sturdy catnip-filled alien on the end of a cat toy

wire. The wire makes the toy bounce and jump in unexpected ways that are sure to please! $5.99    


Trixie Cat Puzzles We're so excited about our new line of cat puzzles that came from the UK (after almost a year's wait) that we blogged about it. To view blog


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Dennis Wackerbarth, DVM  

 Founder & Medical Director

Sarah Brandon, DVM  

Richard Lester, DVM
Jennifer Fligiel, DVM
Lora Schuldt, DVM
Kate Schubert,  DVM 

Faythe Vaughan, DVM
Kathryn Matttick, DVM


Is your cat fit or fat?  

Tips for Getting Your Cat
To A Healthy Weight

Does your cat need to join the Feline Fit Club? Do you know how to get your cat's weight down safely? We can help! It doesn't involve cat exercisingtreadmills and sweating (did you know cats can't sweat?), but rather a change in feeding and a different interpretation of what "hungry" behavior means.

First, if you are leaving a bowl of dry food out for kitty to snack on all day, his or her weight will almost always increase and can often result in obesity. Most cats, if given free access to food, will overeat. If your cat is eating more than � cup of dry food per day, it is probably too much, regardless of the label instructions. When we freely feed cats, we also eliminate their predatory drive, which ultimately results in inactivity and weight gain.


If we can mimic a natural feeding pattern, the result is usually a fitter, more active, and healthier cat. To do this, we feed a high-protein, high-moisture diet in the form of canned food. Feeding dry food, high in carbohydrate and very palatable, results in excess adipose tissue and over consumption. Canned food is hard to overfeed, and it gives a better sense of fullness. Most cats, if fed only canned food, should eat about 5-6 ounces per day, divided into 2 or 3 meals. Weight loss should not exceed 10% of body weight per month.
Another important tip for a feline weight loss program is to adjust our thinking about our cat's hunger. It's easy to interpret constant meowing, visits to the kitchen, and pouncing on the bed early in the morning as signs that a cat is starving. Think about this, though: in the wild, a cat seeking food will only succeed 5-10% of the time. If we feed our cats every time they engage predatory behavior, we end up feeding them in excess. The drive to hunt is relentless, but the physical need for calories is not.

Evaluation of your cat's weight and diet are part of the annual wellness visit.  If you have a senior cat (i.e. 10 years or older), annual laboratory testing may reveal metabolic conditions that will require a carefully tailored approach to his or her feeding. Taking a modern approach to nutrition is extremely important to us at Cats Exclusive, and we provide detailed information about types and amounts of food for weight management, educate about proper rates of weight loss, and offer courtesy weight check appointments for established patients. 


To read more

~ Fall Specials ~

In Honor of National Pet Wellness Month


Schedule your cat's exam between now & November 30 & save $82 on lab tests



This package is a very complete panel of tests that allow us to evaluate the general health status of cats in all life stages. Cats 7 years of age and older have a greater likelihood of issues being found. In younger cats, this panel of tests is also valuable because it establishes a baseline for future reference. 

  • Comprehensive Physical Examination
  • Dental Evaluation
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Serum Chemistry Panel
  • Thyroid Screening
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Intraocular Pressure (for glaucoma)

                 $225 reg. $307  

 This email must be mentioned to redeem offer.  

 Email or call 206-546-2287. Drop-off appointments available!

 Cannot be combined with other medical offers



WAND TOYS - 20% OFwand toyF

Playing with your cat with a wand toy helps your kitty stay "active and fit" and is great for bonding! Choose from over 25 different styles in our store. Discount good through Nov 30.
Introducing A New Cat At Home

It is so exciting to bring a newly adopted cat or kitten home for the first time! But if you have other cats around they might not be as hot on the idea, especially at first.

One of the most important things you can do is gradually introduce a new feline family member to other cats in the household. For example, during the first couple of weeks at home, it is usually best to confine the new cat to a small section or one room of the house with all the necessities and start introductions only through smell and sound. This also limits your other cats' exposure to any potential sub-clinical disease a new cat might be carrying. To read more...

~2011 Referral Thank You Gifts~ 


So far this year, we have received nearly 150 referrals from our clients. We really appreciate this! Remember as a client, you can receive a $20 gift certificate for use in our store every time you refer anyone to our clinic for medical services. Just be sure to tell your friends to let us know you recommended us when checking in for their first appointment so we can send you your thank you gift.  


"There is no greater compliment we can receive than your referrals. Thank you for recommending us!"


How Pet Portals Can Help        


As many of you know, this spring we launched a new program on our website called Pet Portals which enables any established clients at Cats Exclusive to manage their cat's appointments and medications online. If you haven't signed up yet here's the link. After that just go to our home page and push the pet portals log in button for all the features. Here's 5 great things it allows you to monitor online:


1. Look up your cat's vaccine dates from any computer.  
2. Look up each cat's medication list (for medications

    dispensed from us).
3. You can also create an email alert to remind to request

    a refill so you will never run low or run out.
4. You can submit an appointment request.

5. Any food purchased here will show on each cat's diet list.


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