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June is Adopt

A Cat Month


Local shelters are brimming with cats that need homes. Know anyone thinking of adopting a cat? Pet Finder  is a great online resource to get started where most local shelters list available cats. We honor all free exam certificates given out by shelters with adoptions.

Kitten Class

Coming Sept.14


Back by popular demand, Dr. Lora Schuldt's class, "Raising Your Kitten Right" will be held here at Cats Exclusive on Wed. Sept. 14 from 6:30-8 pm. Last year was fully booked, so we encourage you to make your reservations early. There is no charge for the class. For reservations or questions: 

[email protected] 


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townhouse cats

There are still spaces left in our townhouses, but they won't last long. Make your reservations today!


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Spotlight Large   

Did You  Know? 
amandaWe Can Order Many Things You Don't See In Our Store


Our updated special order book features not only cat furniture but also includes dozens of brands of food and litter that we can special order just for your kitty. Most orders take less than a week! We're excited to offer this opportunity with competitive pricing and no additional charges. Amanda, our retail manager will help you with specifics. 



Elevated Diner  

Make any bowl an elevated bowl!  This genius product will fit two bowls, up to 6" each. This is a great way to bring your cat's food up to her level without dinerjpghaving to replace favorite bowls. Remember elevated feeding is more comfortable on the neck, back and shoulders, especially for older kitties. $18.99


Groom 'N Comb

Do you have gray marks on your walls where your cat constantly rubs and scratches his cheeks? Here's a great solutiongroom n comb! The Groom 'N Comb mounts to the wall and is a great stationary comb for your cat's chest, neck, and face. We've even heard stories of kitties scratching their rear ends on it. It also features a refillable catnip reservoir to entice your cat. Your cat will enjoy this and it will help you with grooming!  $10.89



This amazingly effective litter box additive is an all-natural blend of non-toxic minerals that absorb and eliminate odors! It contains no chemicals or


perfumes and is 100% safe for pets and people. In addition, this product has received the 

EPA's Seal of Approval and is endorsed by The Queen of Clean! 





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Is Your Cat Keeping a Secret?

cat with secret


A recent survey indicated cat owners are more likely to skip annual wellness visits for their pet than dog owners. 


Two of the reasons cited were that cats can be difficult to transport and that they don't enjoy veterinary exams. These normal feline behaviors   shouldn't interfere with getting your cat good medical care. It is also a cat's nature to hide a health problem. 


In the wild, feral cats live a more solitary life, and don't receive protection from a pack like dogs do. Because of this, they are unlikely to display injury or disability.This behavior benefits a feral cat, but may result in a housecat's late diagnosis. Feline veterinarians can act as interpreters for cats that appear healthy, but may actually be experiencing a health issue that remains hidden from the owner until the disease is severe.


Everyone knows vaccinations are important as part of preventative health care for all species, but the physical exam is just as important, even in young cats. For example, the most common form of feline heart disease can emerge as early as 2 years of age. There are no symptoms at home, but a veterinarian may hear a heart murmur or arrhythmia. Physical findings such as these may allow an early diagnosis, a much improved prognosis, and even a normal lifespan. In contrast, a cat brought in with breathing difficulties due to heart failure will often not live for more than a few months, even with intensive medical care. 


Other problems that we are trained to identify that can be present in symptom-free cats include arthritis, dental disease, skin tumors, and

thyroid disordersThe annual wellness visit is also a time to establish a trusting relationship with your veterinarian. His or her familiarity with you and your cat will be reassuring and helpful if your cat does become ill. In addition, important topics are discussed during the annual visits such as current nutritional recommendations, problem behaviors, and reducing your cat's risk for certain geriatric disorders.  

Car Rides & Cats
Car Rides & Cats


As far as convincing your cat to enjoy a veterinary visit, we may not be able to change his or her mind. However, there are things you can do to help make it easier and rewarding to take this important step towards ensuring your cat's wellness. Check out the video to the right for lots of helpful tips.>>


cat in yard  


With Your Cat's Examination   

 $30 Off Testing thru August

Given the hidden nature of disease in apparently healthy cats, testing is often needed to discover problems early.


This special can be applied to any one of the following tests: bloodwork, urinalysis, x-rays, blood pressure, fecals, and intra-ocular pressure (glaucoma) checks.



You must mention this Mewsletter when scheduling the exam. Offer   good through 8/31/11  Drop off appointments are available.


Having a sturdy carrier that your cat feels safe in is a way to make your cat feel more comfortable coming in absolute final sherpafor a veterinary visit. Take advantage of this summer special to get (or upgrade) to a comfortable carrier if you are in need. Starting at $34.99


 Discount good thru August 31. 2011, and applies to all carriers in stock: Sherpa, Bergan, Petmate, Snoozer & more (except cardboard)


Have You Been Missing The Blog?   

Did you know we post to our blog 3-4  times a month on a variety of topics? In case you've missed them, here are links to our most recent posts:             

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Our blog can be accessed from our website homepage, but if you'd rather become a regular follower, you can. Bookmark our blog site and check weekly for updates, arrange to receive a  RSS news feed or become a follower through Google Connect from our blog home page.  


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Something New in Flea Control!

Vectra Replaces Advantage  


If you've been to Cats Exclusive recently, you may have noticed a new flea product called Vectra. This is a fantastic product for the elimination and prevention of fleas. While our doctors still recommend Revolution (prescription medication) for vectraparasite control above all others, we also understand the need for over-the-counter flea treatments for some circumstances. Below you will find a comparison of Vectra to Advantage (that we used to carry), and we think you'll agree with our doctors that Vectra is a superior flea product! 




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