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Friday, April 22 


(except foods/litter)


Also, be sure to check out our new retail display highlighting locally made/enviro-friendly toys for cats! 


In the news: At the Shoreline Green Business Conference last month, we were presented an award for "establishing and maintaining best practices for energy and resource conservation, waste management and hazardous waste reduction".


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Don't miss this! Average Joe

Cat Show  

to benefit Purrfect Pals  

Saturday, May 14
Shoreline Center
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Show off your favorite furry family member, enter the photo contest, or just go and enjoy fun activities. All proceeds benefit the Purrfect Pals cat shelter in Arlington,WA.  

For more info >> 


Check out our Blog to see Cats Exclusive's contestant and keep on eye on our Facebook later this week to try for a free ticket to the event!


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Spotlight Large

Feline Fresh Litter


This award winning, all-natural litter is clumpable, scoopable, flushable and biodegradable. It gets our green stamp of approval. Additionally, pine oils naturally inhibit bacteria growth, leaving a fresh litter box after each scooping.  


Kitty Cuddle Pal

cuddle palThis is quite a comforting little item! It is a small, cat shaped pillow filled with buckwheat that can be microwaved to provide your kitty with gentle warmth. It features a removable, washable cover.


Fresh is Best Treats

The newest addition to the great treats we carry are freeze dried treats from "Fresh is Best". They are made with 100%

duck heart treat

heart meat which is not only protein-rich but also a great natural source of taurine. Choose from Chicken, Duck, Turkey, or Beef.  $10.99-$11.99


Probiocin & Viralys:  Available In Store!  

No longer do you need a prescription or to call ahead for refills. Both of these products can now be found in our store, just opposite our check out counter.


Got a great retail product or food idea? Please email~ [email protected]  


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"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn."

                                  Hal Borland    



 Dennis Wackerbarth, DVM
 Founder & Medical Director


Katherine Schubert, DVM

Kathryn Mattick, DVM

Faythe Vaughan, DVM

Christine Wilford, DVM

Sarah Brandon, DVM
Jennifer Fligiel, DVM
Richard Lester, DVM
Lora Schuldt, DVM

Keeping Kitty Safe

Safety & Emergency Tips for Cats


Emergencies can crash into us at any time, but thinking and planning ahead can help. Knowing what to do if your cat becomes ill or injured will help you confidently care for him or her.


Know what is normal 

Cats try to minimize injuries and hide illnesses. If you know how your cat usually acts, you will recognize subtle changes. Also, learning how to measure vital signs  can help you assess your cat's status.


Provide routine care and a safe environment  

 "Cat-proof'' your home to limit dangers to cats including:

  • Strings, ribbons, elastic cords and bands that cats may swallow. 
  • Houseplants and cut flowers-especially Asiatic or oriental lilies
    Small toys, craft items, paper clips, coins, medications household chemicals, cleaners, paints, solvents.

While your cat may enjoy going outside, the outdoors holds many additional hazards.


An annual exam and preventive care from your veterinarian can prevent serious illness. Your veterinarian can help correct small problems before they become emergencies.


Is this an emergency?

 Know the signs of serious illness or injury including:

  • Unconsciousness, persistent convulsions, severe weakness, inability to walk
  • Rapid or labored breathing, open mouth breathing, severe wheezing or cough
  • Male cat unable to urinate/straining in litter box
  • Severe bleeding or pain
  • Any mauling by large dog or wildlife, even if cat appears OK

 Not sure? Please call your veterinarian for guidance! 


Handle with Care   

A sick or injured cat may try to bite or scratch you, so you must protect yourself. Drape a folded blanket or large bath towel over the cat and gently bundle him. Keep the body straight and horizontal as much as possible. A box or carrier can be used to keep the cat safely confined for the trip to the vet.


First Aid for your Cat

Knowing how to stop bleeding, perform CPR,and provide other first aid can make a vital difference in an emergency, while you arrange for veterinary care. The Red Cross sells a first aid book online that may be helpful to review and have around just in case. 


Know Where to Go 

Know your veterinarian's hours and emergency policies. At Cats Exclusive we always accept emergencies during regular office hours for our patients. Just head in and let us know you are on your way (if possible). To review our hours and emergency centers closest to us>>   


If you have an emergency plan for your family, plan for your pets too!        

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30th Anniversary Festivities Are Coming May 25-28!


With free raffle drawings for great prizes, store discounts, special displays and tours, cat portraits, refreshments and a photography show and sale benefiting our Saint Francis Fund, you won't want to miss these four days of festivities. Watch for the specific details in May. 


In the meantime, if you have memories, and stories to share please send them our way so you and your cat(s) can be part of our fun "memory lane display." Pictures would be great if you have them. Email [email protected] or post on our Facebook page. All materials must be submitted by Monday, May 16 to guarantee placement.     


~Also In Honor of our 30th Anniversary ~


Save $55 now thru May 31st 


Our goal over the past 30 years has been to provide cats with optimal healthcare by disease prevention and/or early detection. In large part, this has been accomplished through wellness health exams (annually up to age 10 and bi-annually 10 and older) which have been paramount in our success enhancing the quality and extending the length of cats' lives. 


Tests In The Wellness Special include:


Wellness blood panel (077) A very comprehensive panel testing the kidney, liver, and thyroid function - looking at electrolytes (suggestive of endocrine disorders, etc.), blood gasses, blood sugars (for diabetes) and red and white blood cell counts for infections, possible allergies, blood parasites, anemia and some forms of leukemia.


Urinalysis This often provides us the first opportunity to identify kidney infections and/or the earliest changes that occur in chronic kidney disease potentially allowing us to alter its course. When coupled with a comprehensive physical examination we can often detect issues before they compromise your cat's long term health.



For this special, you must mention this Mewsletter when scheduling your cat's exam, which is good through 5/31/11.

Drop off appointments are available if needed.


New Face At Cats Exclusive 

Introducing Kathryn Mattick, D.V.M.  


Kathy Mattick

Dr. Mattick moved to Seattle from Portland to join our medical team.

She comes to us with a wealth of experience and of course a great love of cats. Originally from the Chicago area, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. After graduation she practiced in a small animal clinic in Idaho where her passion for feline medicine grew. Pursuing her passion, she then moved west to work in a feline practice in Vancouver, Washington. She also worked in a large cat shelter in Sherwood, Oregon. Outside of work, Dr. Mattick enjoys yoga, cooking, exploring the outdoors and her 19 and 20 year old cats. 


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