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Saint Francis Fund Adoption News   


We are pleased to announce Gili and Libi, the most recent cats to benefit from our St.Francis Fund are in good health now and have just found a home where they can stay together. Thank you for your interest and support.



Together we did it - you donated 496 pounds and Cats Exclusive matched your donations again this year pound per pound making our grand total 992 pounds. All of the food was  donated to Seattle Humane Society's Pet Food Bank and they were very grateful.Thank you for your generosity!


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 Stimulo Puzzle 


The Aikiouu (pronounced IQ) Stimulo Feeding station has just joined our wide selection of puzzles for cats. This one is intended for hunt and play (which helps lower stress and anxiety) but also to slow your cat's eating as food or treats are retrieved by reaching his or her paw down into  tubes of variable depths and difficulty. $25.99


Kitty Hooch Catnip

Oregon-grown Kitty Hooch catnip is known to be some of the strongest nip around. Their new strain of plant called Fall Harvest Leaf is certified organic and is superior to ground stalks in potency.You can add it to a favorite cat toy or furniture or put it right in to his or her new Stimulo Puzzle. Starting at $5.29 


Wildside Lobster Treats

Made by the same folks that make many a cat's favorite salmon treat, these  are enticing, tasty and very healthy. Formulated with a bit of wild Alaskan Pollock they are especially good for senior cats and those that have had tooth extractions. $8.29


Got a great retail product or food idea? Please email ~
[email protected] 


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Ain't it the truth?

New year cat 2011


 "You can't own a cat - the best you can do is be partners."

                                Sir Henry Swanson



Dennis Wackerbarth, DVM
Founder & Medical Director
Faythe Vaughan, DVM
Christine Wilford, DVM
Sarah Brandon, DVM
Kate Schubert,  DVM
Richard Lester, DVM
Jennifer Fligiel, DVM
Lora Schuldt, DVM
New year cat on couch

Dear Friends, 

We hope your year is off to a good start and wish you all the best for 2011. We look forward to continuing to be of service to you and your cats.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. This is a great opportunity for you to save with the discounts we are offering on dental cleanings and products. You will find the details in this newsletter. As a healthy mouth is so important for cats, dental assessments are made by our veterinarians during every examination. So, if your cat is due for a physical, now is a great time to make that appointment and take advantage of the dental specials as needed.

We are proud to announce this year marks our 30 Year Anniversary. Stay tuned for some exciting celebratory events that will take place this spring. If you aren't yet one of our Facebook fans we encourage you to become part of our growing ''Facebook community" to keep up on all the latest here. Another way to keep informed is to pay regular visits to our blog, where you will find postings 3-4 times a month on a wide variety of cat oriented topics. Both can be accessed off our home page.

We encourage you to let us know if we ever fall short of your expectations as our goal is to not only meet but to exceed your expectations in any way possible. 

Cheers to you!

The Cats Exclusive Team

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Dah Scoop on Poop                                   
Dealing With Diarrhea in Cats

No one really wants to talk about it, but if  you live with a cat long enough, the topic of diarrhea will arise. This unpleasant symptom can range from a brief mess in the litterbox to a lengthy or serious illness. What does a cat lover need to know about this conditio

Causes: Many
Factors Affect the Intestines


Diet-related: "
Dietary indiscretion" means your cat ate something she shouldn't have - with distressing results. Even a sudden change in diet can cause stomach upset. Raw diets increase the risk of certain infections. Food intolerances or "allergies" can develop at any age, with any diet.

s: Diarrhea-causing parasites infest most kittens. They can affect older cats, especially hunters. Viral diarrheas especially threaten kittens with incomplete vaccinations. Bacterial infections can also cause diarrhea.

Organic Ilness: Diseases of the digestive system can cause diarrhea. Intestinal diseases range from inflammatory bowel disease to cancer. Pancreatic insufficiency or pancreatitis hampers digestion. Liver disease can complicate digestive problems.

What to do if your cat has diarrhea:

Never give your cat any human or over-the-counter medications without your veterinarian's advice. If diarrhea is mild, brief, and the cat otherwise feels well, simple measures may help:

  • Hold the cat off solid food for 12 hours to give the guts a rest.
  • Make sure plenty of water is available. Clear broth is OK, too.
  • Offer a tsp. of canned pumpkin (NOT pie filling) per meal for several days.

Seek veterinary care if your cat is:

  • A kitten not through with all immunizations and deworming.
  • Vomiting, feels ill, has a fever or poor appetite.
  • Has had diarrhea for more than a few days, or is losing weight.

 Prevent diarrhea in your cat by: 

  • Quarantining any new cats from resident cats until veterinary exam.
  • Making sure kittens get all their vaccinations, dewormings, and diagnostics.
  • Keeping cats current on flea and parasite control programs.
  • Making changes in the diet gradually and avoiding raw diets.
  • Preventing hunting or exposure to outdoor sources of infection.
  • Keeping litter boxes clean every day.

Some forms of diarrhea have potential to cause disease in humans, so ensure children wash carefully after handling the cat. Keep the cat clean and wash your hands often.  

For more reading on diarrhea 


In Honor of National Pet Dental Health Month 

cat with tooth brush

Schedule your cat's exam for February & receive a


scheduled within 30 days


C.E.T. chews, rinses, toothpastes, & brushes
thru Feb.

Click here for an inspiring story of how one of our clients got her cats to tolerate the ultimate in home dental care

Dealing With Pet Loss

Unfortunately, inevitably we all must deal with grief surrounding the loss of one of our beloved pets. Whether your cat is 20 years old or just 2 years old, it is a painful process and outside resources can sometimes be a big help in dealing with grief. Most professionals will tell you that in order to heal completely from a pet loss, you must go through stages of grief, similar to those in losing a human loved one. While some degree of sadness may always remain after losing a cherished pet, it's possible to get to a place of peace and acceptance no matter what the circumstances.

In the event you or someone you know should ever need it, we now have a Pet Loss Resource Page on our website with information about dealing with the loss of a pet, our recommendations on support groups and grief counselors, a book list, and ideas on how to memorialize your pet.


~ 2011 Referral Thank You Gifts ~


This year you will receive a $20 gift certificate for use in our store every time you refer someone to our clinic for medical services. Just be sure to tell your friends to let us know you recommended us when checking in for their first appointment.

"There is no greater compliment we can receive than your referrals. Thank you for recommending us!"


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