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 Saturday, June 26
 11 am - 4 pm
at Cats Exclusive

adult catCome check out the tents in our parking lot full of kittens and adults needing homes.

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We will  also have kitten stuff & outdoor toys on display.

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Spacious Townhouses are still available for summer boarding! But they won't last long. Reserve your cat's stay as early as possible to insure availability. More info >>
To make a reservation: call 206-546-2287 or submit a request by clicking here >>

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Retail Products

It's summer and even our cats want to get outside! The Fun Run is designed to provide indoor cats with a safe environment to run and play outside. The tunnel is made of a strong nylon mesh shell and a sprung-steel frame that pops open instantly -- no assembly required. Zip two together for double the fun! 64"x17" 49.99


This durable wooden box toy will stimulate your cat's natural instinct to seek out prey. It comes with two bat aroundPeek N Play toys inside the box and is even more fun when you use treats and catnip! It is also available in a larger size for multiple cat households. $23.49 & $29.99

No detergent-based product on the market truly rids your home from the smell of cat urine. Enzymatic cleansers (like Urine-Off or Anti Icky-poo, etc,) are great, but Ceva ineffective on an area that's already been treated with a detergent prior to use. Enter Urine Away - no matter what you have tried to clean a spot with, Urine Away can still clean it at the molecular level. $13.99, 16 oz. & $44.99, gallon

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kitten exploring
 "There is no more intrepid explorer than a kitten."
Jules Champfleury
Dennis Wackerbarth, DVM
Founder & Medical Director
Faythe Vaughan, DVM
Christine Wilford, DVM
Sarah Brandon, DVM
Kate Schubert,  DVM
Richard Lester, DVM
Jennifer Fligiel, DVM
Lora Schuldt, DVM
Dr. Schuldt An Updated Approach from Dr. Schuldt
Raising Your Kitten Right

I adopted two exceptional kittens while in veterinary school, Eubie and Poco. They were beneficiaries of my medical education: I followed the teachings of my professors, fed them high-quality (free) cat food, and ran all kinds of tests to make sure they were healthy.
If one had even a little itch, he was seen by the nation's leading dermatologist. The boys stayed pretty healthy for most of their lives, with sweet Poco dying of kidney failure in 2008, and sassy Eubie surviving lymphoma until this March.

It was bittersweet for me to begin the search for new cats. I saw tiny kittens on Craigs List and, at 8 weeks, Starlee and Stoo came home to live with us. I thought a lot about what I was going to do to maximize their health and well-being. This time, since I'm now part of a team of feline experts and have 14 years of experience working with cats, it was easy. Simply put, I'm going to follow my own advice.

The perspectives on what constitutes good nutrition, appropriate play behavior, and a suitable home environment for cats have evolved tremendously since I last had kittens in my household. Feline veterinarians are enlightened to the idea that housecats will thrive if we give them the opportunity to be more like the wild cats from which they descended. Therefore, I am feeding the kittens a meat-based, high-protein, high-moisture diet, and no dry food. I give them food puzzles loaded with freeze-dried chicken, and reward their predatory play with meaty treats. They have perches to look out the window, two heated beds, and 3 uncovered litter boxes with clumping litter.

I am also following the protocol of preventative health care as laid out in our Well Kitten Package. I have vaccinated, dewormed, and tested them just as I would your kittens. The recommendations I make to clients every day at work are exactly what I'm doing at home, and later this summer, I will lead an evening discussion about choosing and raising kittens. I plan to focus on optimizing your cat's happiness and longevity by taking the modern approach to nutrition and environmental enrichment.

Useful links:
For behavior: www.perfectpaws.com
For environment: www.vet.ohio.state.edu/indoorcat.htm
For nutrition: www.catinfo.org
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New Exam Rooms / Facility Upgrades
Your time is valuable and we know it. Unfortunately we often see emotional and complex cases which require longer times in an examination room than  expected. To provide better service  and decrease your wait times, we have added two more examination rooms which should be operational in July.

As well as adding more examination rooms, we have made several additional upgrades in our hospital including our digital radiography (x-ray) unit and upgrading our intensive care/post operative observation ward.

If you are interested in going on a tour (starting late July)  to see all the changes, be sure to let us know. As always, tours are available 10 am - 4 pm Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays 10 am - 3 pm.
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Kneading: Why Do Cats Do That?

Kneading is the very distinct gentle pummeling action most cats do with their paws on the chests of their people and upon soft surfaces around the house. Kneading or "milk threading" as it's often referred to is an endearing leftover kneading catfrom kittenhood. When a kitten is nursing, it typically kneads its paws against the mother both to encourage milk flow and to enjoy the comforting feeling of being close to mom.

Adult cats still find deep comfort in mimicking and possibly remembering this early nurturing. Some suggest kneading is also a way for a cat to deposit its personal scent around their territory because they have scent glands in the pads of their front paws. That makes you part of their territory!

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New Foods and Volume Discounts
 Pet Food logos
Well Care Foods: Have you seen the changes in our Well Care (non-prescription) section lately? Not only has the recent reorganization of our store made them easier to find, we now have an even better variety to offer. In fact, we just added three more protein-rich canned foods that we are very excited about! All are wheat, corn and soy free with no additives, preservatives, artificial colors or fillers.

Evangers operates the oldest cannery in the U.S. - don't let their quirky labels deter you from this high quality food. Their food is highly palatable, offers a 100% complete diet, and is very affordable.

Weruva makes great canned foods for cats who love gravy! These chunky  formulas contain whole meat sources in a wide variety of flavors.

PetGuard has well established foods made in the U.S. and offers many whole-meat protein options as well as a variety of can size options.
Free Samples: Come in for your FREE CANNED SAMPLES of our new diets while supplies last! Samples of the new canned EVO Salmon and Royal Canin Instinctive are also available. (limit 3 cans per client)

New Well Care Case Discounts: Mix or match any 24 cans from our Well Care section this summer and get $2.00 OFF the total price. If you compare our prices with other specialty pet stores, we think you'll find our prices are very competitive and in many cases even less with this discount!

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