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C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews, Toothpastes, Oral Rinse & Brushes
Good preventative care goes a long way in keeping your cat's teeth and gums healthy. Another  important component  is the dental evaluation your cat receives during their annual physical examination at CEVC. A dental cleaning would be advised at this time if needed.
 Schedule your cat's exam for February and receive a SPECIAL
on a DENTAL CLEANING/PROCEDURE scheduled within 30 days of exam with mention of  this newsletter.

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Together we did it - you brought in 848 pounds and Cats Exclusive matched your donations pound per pound making our Grand Total 1696 pounds. All of the food was donated  to The Seattle Humane Society's Pet Food Bank. A BIG Thank You to all of you who participated!

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Digital Baby/Cat Scale
cat scale
Now you can monitor your cat's success on a prescribed weight loss program at home. This digital scale from HBI Industries is just like the ones we use in our hospital--accurate to the half ounce and kitty-friendly. They can also be used for human babies.($84.95)

EVO Cat Treats were just released by Natura Pet Foods to compliment their line of grain- free, low carbohydrate cat foods. Priced at just $3.99 each they are available in  two formulas; Turkey & Chicken and  Herring & Salmon.

Also new on our shelves is EVO Dry Cat Food in Herring & Salmon flavor (2.2 & 8lb. sizes). The canned version will be available this spring. EVO dry foods are a great alternative for cats that won't eat canned food. Their grain-free, high protein, low carb formulas make them a  much better choice than most dry foods.

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"Love is the greatest refreshment in life."
  Pablo Picasso
Dennis Wackerbarth, DVM
Founder & Medical Director
Faythe Vaughan, DVM
Christine Wilford, DVM
Sarah Brandon, DVM
Kate Schubert,  DVM
Richard Lester, DVM
Jennifer Fligiel, DVM
Lora Schuldt, DVM

Cat thinking outside the box?

lion peeingDealing With
Feline Inappro
priate Urination

Inappropriate Urination (IAU) causes serious problems for cats and their people.This behavior is terribly annoying, but we must remember that cats are not "vindictive". Cats do not try to "get back at" their people. Some cats who urinate outside the box are ill. Others are reacting to anxiety, stress, or a problem with their litter boxes. In addition, IAU is very upsetting. Cats with IUA may be banished outdoors or surrendered to animal shelters. At Cats Exclusive, we want to help keep your cats healthy, happy, and at home.

Medical Problems: Physical illnesses can cause IAU or make it worse:  
  • Kidney or bladder disease
  • Diabetes, hyperthyroidism, or other endocrine disorders
  • Inflammatory bowel disease, allergies or other immune system problems
  • Joint, nerve or muscle disorders that make it hard to get into the box
Litter Box Aversion: An unappealing litter box can make your cat go elsewhere. A litter box should be:
  • Clean
  • Large-at least 1.5 times the length of the cat
  • Convenient--accessible, with a box on each floor, one box per cat-plus-one (3 cats = 4 boxes)
  • Safe--uncovered (most cats), quiet, with no risk of "ambush"
  • Comfy--several inches of clumping litter with carbon-based odor control is preferred by most cats
Communication: Cats use urine to mark, organize and affirm their place. Cats may need to refresh their claim of belonging when they feel insecure. Any change in home or routine, or social pressure from other pets can all take a toll. A rich environment helps reduce stress >>

For Inappropriate Urination Issues we recommend:IAU2large
  • Physical exam, behavior consultation and urinalysis
  • Litterbox "makeover" to make doing the right thing attractive
  • Environment of Plenty, with places to eat, sleep, climb, play, and hide
  • Remove scent cues, with an odor neutralizer like ''Anti-Icky Poo" or "Urine-Off". Reset the scent message with "Feliway", a calming facial pheromone.

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New Bair Hugger For Surgery

At Cats Exclusive we make every attempt to ensure your cats are kept as safe as possible during anesthetic procedures.

In addition to monitoring heart rate, blood pressure and oxygenation, we also check body temperature. The normal feline temperature is 100-102° F. This range is ideal for health tissue function, including healing of wounds and surgical incisions. When the body temperature is too low, it can lower the heart rate and blood pressure and delay anesthetic recovery and slow the blood flow to vital organs.

This is why we recently purchased the Bair Hugger system which uses warmed air to fill a lightweight bay that is wrapped around a cat or placed under them to help keep their body temperature normal just before and after surgical procedures. Each freshly laundered bag can be used pre-operatively as they do in human medicine, and during and after surgeries as part of a total plan to provide our patients with the safest surgical environment we can. 

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Cats Exclusive Voted "Top Veterinarian"
by Seattle Magazine Readers

We are proud to announce we were voted as "Top Veterinarian" in the greater Seattle area by Seattle Magazine readers as announced in the December 2009 issue.  We so appreciate those of you who gave us those votes of confidence. It is always nice to get public recognition such as this and it was a huge pat on the back for our dedicated staff. Thank you so much!

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Biting While Being Petted:
Why Do Cats Do That?

Sitting in the car, packed like sardines on I-5, you can't wait for the peace and quiet of home. Perhaps it is the end of a long day or the last day of an even longer week. Regardless, you have plans to spend the evening quietly with your favorite feline friend.

Then, as you are ever so gently petting that purring ball of fur, you suddenly feel sharp teeth. "So much for a quiet evening," you think, as you dash to the sink to rinse off. Glancing over your shoulder, the little imp is unabashedly grooming herself, oblivious to your predicament.

Why is it every time you start petting her she ends up biting you?
In her defense, she was just setting up boundaries about said petting sessions. Dogs and cats alike love attention, but we all know that cats prefer it on their own terms. Now the question arises, how does she come to come to those boundaries? One day she's biting after 2 -3 strokes and the next it's after 30 minutes.  

In truth, cats actions are quite similar to human preferences. Sometimes we want to be interacting with our friends and other times we want to be drinking our coffee and reading a book. As we cannot read minds, cats do their best to be blunt and let us know when they've had enough. Usually, this doesn't mean she wants you to walk away, just to stop petting her. Keep in mind though, 2 minutes later she may seek out the same hand she just nipped.  

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