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>Did You Know Cats Can Get Glaucoma?
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With the cooler temperatures coming, it's time to think about bedding. We have some new thermal mats and a great selection of beds and blankets to choose from. Stop by and check it out and enjoy 20% savings now through October 24th.
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The Turbo Trackturbo track
New from Bergan, The Turbo Track will provide hours of interactive fun for you and your cats. You can arrange the interlocking pieces into shapes ranging from a figure eight to a heart; the possibilities are endless. Pick up another set--or--two for even larger configurations! ($23.99)
Halloween Tag Along Mouse
As the air turns crisp and the leaves change colors, you 
might find yourself wondering what to wear for  tag along mouse Halloween.  You can dress your kitties in Halloween costumes, too, but they would probably prefer to play with this festive mouse by Vo-Toys. A variety of other styles are available also.  ($3.25)

BioBags  Did you know that regular plastic bags can take over 100 years to decompose and are not compostable? In keeping with our ongoing efforts to be as "green" as possible, Cats Exclusive now carries BioBag Cat Pan Liners.  biobagsThese liners are 100% biodegradable and are non-allergenic. BioBags also "breathe", which reduces odor build up in the litter box. ($7.95/10)


One of our clients, Carol Schillios, is doing something we think is extraordinary and we want to help spread the word. You may have seen coverage of Carol recently on the local TV news. carol schillosYes, she is the one who has literally been living in a tent on the rooftop of the Fabric Of Life retail store in Edmonds for the past 8 weeks. She is raising money and awareness for the Fabric of Life Foundation that she founded in 2006. Run strictly by volunteers, The Fabric of Life Foundationassa enables young women in poverty-stricken Mali,  Western Africa to go from begging to acquiring  skills and becoming self-sufficient. Carol is determined to raise a million dollars to fund this and other projects throughout the world. Please consider making a donation to this great cause.

To make a donation >>
To view King 5 interview>>

 As featured on King 5's  Evening Magazine last week, Carol's  22 year old cat, Elliotte is keeping her company up on the roof. We are delivering a thermal bed and some other treats to Elliotte this week to help keep her warm and happy.

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cat on roof
"The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat."  Jules Reynard

Dennis Wackerbarth, DVM
Founder & Medical Director
Faythe Vaughan, DVM
Christine Wilford, DVM
Sarah Brandon, DVM
Kate Schubert,  DVM
Richard Lester, DVM
Jennifer Fligiel, DVM
Lora Schuldt, DVM

ednaWith the leaves changing and the beautiful Autumn hues shining upon us, we are reminded of how fast this year is going. Many of you have been taking advantage of our expanded hours on Tuesday through Thursday nights until 8 pm, announced in January, and we are happy to report they are here to stay.

Here's some other news from around here:

  • Recently, we purchased a new piece of equipment that has improved our ability to diagnose and treat glaucoma. Be sure to check out the article in this issue about glaucoma if you have questions about this sometimes elusive disease.
  • The response to our class during the summer, Understanding the Needs & Behaviors of Your Little House Tiger, was great - those who attended seemed to find it useful. Participants brought up good questions  and we are happy to report the class will be repeated on Thursday evening, October 22. (see details below)
  • On the green front, this summer we were upgraded to a 5 Star Envirostar Cerified Business (the highest ranking), which was our goal. We are committed more than ever to be as green as we possibly can. For more about our environmental practices >>
With shelters so inundated with cats that have been relinquished these days, we recognize how many of you are continuing to take excellent care of your cats in spite of economic hardship. As always, we are so appreciative of the amazing commitment you have to your feline family members. 
 The Cats Exclusive Team   
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Did You Know Cats Can Get Glaucoma?

What is Glaucoma and what causes it in cats? Glaucoma is an increase in intraocular eye pressure (IOP). This condition can be very painful and typically arises with inflammation of the eye (uveitis) which prevents the aqueous humor (fluid in the eye) glaucoma diagramfrom draining properly between the iris (colored portion of the eye) and cornea (outermost layer of the eye). Uveitis in cats is often due to herpes viral infections, trauma, toxoplasmosis, and in some cases, cancer.

How do you diagnose feline glaucoma? Diagnosing glaucoma has become quite easy due to our new instrument, called a Tonovet, which bounces a featherweight, sterile probe off of the cornea, giving us accurate information regarding ocular pressure.This is now part of our bi-annual  senior examination recommended for cats 13 years old and older.

What are the treatment options? The most therapeutic consideration is providing comfort and we often prescribe pain control for glaucoma. Second is to determine the underlying cause and treat that condition. In some cases, treating the glaucoma at the same time as the primary condition is warranted. A topical medication, Trusopt, is typically used to reduce fluid in the eye. 

What is the prognosis for a cat with glaucoma?
Generally, the prognosis is good if caught early. Viral causes of uveitis may flare from time to time but the good news is, once a diagnosis is made, your veterinarian can guide you in preventative maintenance for these disorders.

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What Makes Seattle So Cat Friendly?
As you might have heard a few months back, Seattle has been named one of the top ten cat-friendly cities in the nation by the CATalyst Council, a group that advocates cats' rights. Founded with the goal of increasing public knowledge about cats, the CATalyst Council has set out to recognize the relatively higher quality of care in these top ten cities, and set standards for other cities to follow in their paths.

So what makes us so cat friendly?  It turns out Seattle has an an amazing number of cat shelters per capita and microchipping is prevalent. The statistics also show we are  keeping our cats vaccinated and are providing them with regular veterinary check-ups. Way to go, Seattle!

Other top cities named include Portland, Phoenix, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, San Diego, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Tampa.

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FREE CLASS: Returning October 22
A Complete Guide to Understanding the Needs & Behaviors of Your Little House TigerKitten with bag

Thursday, October 22 6:30 - 8 pm Facilitated by Teresa B., Office Mgr. and Dr. Sarah Brandon
  • Developmental stages/needs of kittens to adulthood
  • Creating ideal environments for cats
  • How to choose the right kind of toys
  • How to socialize your kitten
  • Litter box training and more 

Email [email protected] to make your reservation as space is limited. This class is appropriate for cats of all ages. Priority will be given to those already on the waiting list. There is no charge for the class.

Also, enjoy a special 10% DISCOUNT OFF ALL RETAIL PURCHASES  immediately following the class.

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cat eyes glowing
Glow in the Dark: Why Do Cats Eyes Do That?
It's the night of your child's first ever sleep over and your home is filled with the excited babbling and giggles of half a dozen children. You pass out flashlights that they swirl around the room making the couch a swamp monster and bookcase a lumbering ogre. From around the corner stalks the elusive felis domesticus (the domestic cat) and a shrill scream breaks the tense silence as all flashlights illuminate two glowing orbs peering out of the darkness. The great hunter, realizing he has been caught, trots into the room with tail held high looking for a cozy nap. 

But why the glowing orbs?
Cats have a highly reflective, membrane on the back of the eye, called the tapetum lucidum, which takes in a small portion of light and reflects it back out to the world, stimulating the vision receptors a second time, and creating the glow we see. This process magnifies the light and is what allows cats to see so well during their nightly haunts. 

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FYI: International Health Certificates can take up to six months to get depending on the country. 
Unfortunately, this process has become more and more complicated over the years and requires considerable advance planning. For current requirements for international destinations as well as Hawaii, contact the USDA >>. You will want to get your veterinary appointments scheduled as soon as you know your dates to prevent undue stress. 

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