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Bonding With Your Cat
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Microchipping Is a Good Idea
Swishing Tail: Why do cats do that?

Our Townhouses have some openings for summer dates
but they won't last long!

Townhouse Stays include bed and board, daily TLC and maid service, engaging TV videos made just for cats and close monitoring by our boarding staff with supervision by our doctors. Scheduled playtime sessions, massages and grooming are also available to enhance your cat's resort-like experience. 

Summer Boarding Special
Book a one-week Townhouse Stay or longer for dates between now and September 30 and receive a free massage or combing session and nail trim for your cat to enjoy while boarding.
$19 Value
Online boarding requests >>
Reservations: 206-546-2287
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Edna is a funny and sweet 5 year old domestic short haired cat with a cute white locket on her chest. She came to us due to her owner's inability to give her a medication on a regular basis. However, she is easy to medicate and likes pill pockets. We would love to see her go to a home where she can be loved and taken care of. Edna is a bit timid but is very sweet once she gets to know you and absolutely loves having her ears and head scratched while she talks to you. She is used to having siblings but would also do fine as an only cat.
She is available for viewing during our regular office hours.

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Drinkwell 360 Fountain 

Now, your cats don't have to wait their turn for fresh, flowing water - the Drinkwell 360 pet fountain can be accessed from any angle, perfect for multiple-pet households. And five interchangeable spout rings let you customize your Drinkwell 360, giving you five fountains in one. $69.99


Bolt Laser Cat Toy        Laser Cat Toy
Experience the latest in feline laser technology with the BOLT Interactive Laser Toy.  FroliCat introduced this toy at the pet industry's largest annual trade show this year and retail buyers voted the BOLT Best in Show in the Cat Category.You can hold the BOLT toy in your hand or set it on the ground and watch your cats go crazy for its random laser.  $19.95  To view demo video >>
PinnaclePinnacle's Grain-free Feline Peak Protein  We are excited to introduce these canned and dry cat foods by Breeder's Choice that we've added to our maintenance food selection. These grain-free foods are a tasty way for your cat to achieve optimum total nutrition.  Rich in chicken and ocean fish, Pinnacle formulas provide an excellent balance for a high protein diet. Available in three delicious flavors.

  Cat in window
"There are hundreds of reasons for having a cat but you only need one."
Jules Champfleury

Dennis Wackerbarth, DVM
Founder & Medical Director
Faythe Vaughan, DVM
Christine Wilford, DVM
Sarah Brandon, DVM
Kate Schubert,  DVM
Richard Lester, DVM
Jennifer Fligiel, DVM
Lora Schuldt, DVM

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Bonding With Your Cat For Life
Keeping your cat active and stimulated is a very important part of keeping your cat emotionally and physically healthy. We all want to have loving and people-oriented cats. But what most people don't realize is that there are many things a person can do to encourage the most desirable behaviors in cats from the get go and that cats go through predictable developmental stages with universal needs just as humans do. 

This summer we are offering a complimentary, educational, and fun class that will give an in-depth look at this rewarding and sometimes challenging process with information about cats of all ages. Like so many things in life, putting the energy in now will reap rewards later. Teresa, our office manager who has passionately researched this topic, will facilitate. Dr. Brandon who has 13 cats in her household, will also be there to answer questions.

NEW CLASS!  A Practical Guide to Understanding the Needs and  Behaviors of Your Little House Tiger
Thursday, July 9th, 7- 8 pm 

  • Developmental stages/needs of kittens to adulthood
  • Creating the ideal environment for a cat
  • How to choose the right kind of toys
  • How to socialize your kitten
  • Litter box training and more 

Email [email protected] to make your reservation as space is limited. Can't make it this time but would like to come to a future session? Email us as we will likely offer a second session later in the summer or in the fall and we will keep you posted. There is no charge for the class.  

Also, enjoy a special 10% DISCOUNT OFF ALL RETAIL PURCHASES  immediately following the class.

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Secondhand Smoke Affects Cat Health
Secondhand smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals,
many of which are known to cause cancer in humans AND pets. Cats can develop secondary respiratory infections and/or allergies (asthma) when breathing in second-hand smoke (SHS).

In fact, we have seen several cases of asthma in our practice that we believe were either caused by or worsened by secondhand smoke.

Clearly, the impact of SHS on the health of cats can be considerable. Living with owners who smoke also appears to increase the risk for developing two of the most common cancers affecting cats,
oral cancer and lymphoma.

One reason cats are so susceptible to secondhand smoke is because of their grooming habits. Cats constantly lick themselves while grooming, therefore they lick up the cancer-causing carcinogens that accumulate on their fur which exposes mucous membranes in their mouth to the carcinogens. Cats can also be exposed by ingesting cigarette or cigar butts, nicotine replacement gum and patches or even by drinking water that contains butts.

The good news is many smokers are becoming aware of this problem and are being motivated to quit smoking. So if there are smokers in your household, we hope you will consider making and/or encouraging changes that will benefit you and your cat. For help call 1.800.QUIT NOW or visit www.becomeanex.com.

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Why Microchipping Is a Good Idea
MicrochippingIt's summertime and your indoor/outdoor cat may be venturing outside more oftenOr perhaps your inside kitty is on the lookout for an open door or window. Microchipping is a way you can help ensure she is returned to you safely if she should venture outside and stray too far. Most cats abhor collars and even if your cat will wear one it may not stay on her if she should follow some unsuspecting prey into a thicket of blackberries.

What are Microchips? Microchips are small devices that are placed under th
e skin between the shoulder blades on pets for identification purposes. There are many brands of microchips and types of microchip scanners available  for veterinary use, some only for U.S. tracking and others with global tracking. At Cats Exclusive, we use Avid Microchip which has global tracking capabilities.

What info is available from the Microchip? Most provide not only your contact information but also the option to leave detailed information in the data base such as diet preference or even medical information such as what type of insulin your diabetic cat uses or if your cat is FIV positive. This information can be relayed to anyone who has found your cat. 

Why we recommend Microchips in all cats: Shelters and veterinary hospitals throughout the country routinely scan for microchips on any stray presented to them. While not every facility has a so-called universal scanner, all scanners on the market will at least alert the operator that a chip is present. Most cats do not mind microchip placement, making sedation unnecessary.

Please let us know if you are not sure if your cat has been microchipped or if you'd like to schedule microchip placement for your cat(s). Email [email protected] or call 206-546-CATS

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Swishing Tail: Why do cats do that?
As you're sitting quietly enjoying some solitude and a good book, you see your feline friend stalk his favorite toy, the elusive paper ball, out Cat tailof the corner of your eye. He creeps ever closer, sneaking behind the great peak of Mt. Couch in the family room and taking great pains to navigate the large posts of Coffee Table Forest. Finally, he reaches the grassy lowlands of the Book Stacks and flattens down to become invisible. You notice that not a whisker moves, not an ear twitches. He is ready for the pounce. All of a sudden this stealthy hunter makes a catastrophic mistake--he swishes his tail back and forth in seeming agitation just before he makes his great leap towards his unsuspecting prey. By now, you've lost all interest in your book as the great hunter proceeds to shred his targeted victim.

And, one question looms in your mind: why on earth did he become so still to then give away his hiding spot with a moving tail? In his mind, the answer is easy. If the rare Steno notepad paper ball is focused on his tail, it will never suspect where the true danger lies--the hunter's formidable claws and teeth.

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Cats Exclusive Referral
Thank You Program

Thank you so much to all of you who have referred our veterinary services to your friends and contacts. For those of you who don't know, we have a referral program that our clients can benefit from if they are mentioned as the referring person when a new client fills out forms for their first veterinary appointment. These referral appreciation gifts apply to referrals that take place within a one-year time period. So, be sure to encourage your friends to put your name on their new client form so you won't miss out on these great opportunities.

1st referral:    $15 gift certificate for our retail store

2nd referral:   $20 certificate for medical services or retail

3rd referral:    $25 certificate for medical services or retail

5th referral:    $75 certificate to local restaurant of choice          

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