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September 23, 2010

Thank you to our recent survey respondents.  More than 1,200 of you - both job seekers and employers - told us how much you value what we do:
  • 88% of you read Mac's List every week
  • 89% of you have applied for a job you saw on Mac's List
  • 76% of you have posted a job or event or plan to do so

We also learned that you are a well educated, experienced and wired bunch who work across all economic sectors. Read more from our survey results on Mac's List online.

Our Value

We're proud of the value Mac's List offers to our 5,300 subscribers and the hundreds of employers who post jobs each week. Job seekers tell us they see positions on Mac's List that appear nowhere else. Employers report that Mac's List applicants - while fewer in number - are often more qualified than applicants from other sources - and as result - much more likely to land the job.

The Winds of Change

As Mac's List has evolved into Oregon's #1 source for jobs in communications, public affairs, and other fields, it has required more and more staff time here at Prichard Communications. We've also added new services, like automating the job posting process and a social media editor, Jennie Day-Burget, who sends out job postings  and job search tips on Twitter and Facebook.

Newsletter? Free as always!

While the newsletter will always be a free service to subscribers, beginning with the October 19th edition of Mac's List, we will charge employers to post job announcements. A fee schedule for these, along with fees for volunteer, internship and event postings, can be found on Mac's List online.

By adding a fee schedule we can continue to offer the same high quality services - and results for employers and job seekers - that you've come to expect from Mac's List.

Please contact me personally or Mac's List editor Lori Howell if you have any questions or concerns. In the meantime, thank you for all of your support of Mac's List during the last 10 years.


Mac Prichard


Prichard Communications

Stats for Week Ending 9/20/2010
# Total Subscribers         5,480
# New Subscribers             136 
# Job Views                   2,779
Open Rate                       52%

Twitter Followers               655
Facebook Fans                  228
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