Preservation Trust of Vermont 

2011 Retreats at the Grand Isle Lake House

Hosted by the Preservation Trust of Vermont

Ferrisburg Grange
Community Development and Historic Preservation:
July 11-12


This retreat is for individuals or groups who are considering or involved in a community development or historic preservation initiative.


Because of the broad interest in this retreat, it tends to be one of the most interesting in that problems are considered from varying vantage points.


This retreat can be a forum for testing an idea as well as an opportunity for long-standing project volunteers to get rejuvenated.  Of all of the retreats, this one tends to lead to the most creative thinking.   


Special Guests include representatives from the Vermont Community Development Program and the Division for Historic Preservation. 


Registration Deadline is June 27, provided that space is still available. Click here to Register.


North Bennington Baptist Church
Churches, Synagogues and Sacred Places:
September 19-20


For the last several years, we have co-hosted with Partners for Sacred Places a retreat for stewards of churches, synagogues, mosque's and sacred places.   

This group of resource managers are often experiencing challenges maintaining an aging building with limited resources.


At this retreat participants will explore the value of their building to the greater community and hear case studies about congregations that have successfully raised funds incrementally for their building's upkeep.   


This retreat will also look at opportunities for energy savings with an introduction to Vermont Interfaith Power and Light (VTIPL).   


Special Guests: Tuomi Forrest from Partners for Sacred Places and a representative from VTIPL. 


Registration Deadline is September 5, provided that space is still available.  Please note that this retreat does tend to fill up early. Click here to register.  


Vermont Arts Exchange by Sanders Milens
Facility Management for Small Nonprofits: October 11-12


Historical Societies, Museums, Galleries, Granges, Community Centers, and Libraries typically share something in common: they are working to maintain programs and a building.   


This Retreat, co-hosted by the Vermont Arts Council, will be a forum for discussing challenges and presenting techniques for facility management.   


A subtitle for this retreat might be "Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance."   


Special Guest: VT Arts Council, Artist and Community Services Manager, Sonia Rae.


Registration Deadline is September 27, provided that space is still available. Click here to register.  

Preservation RetreatGeneral Information

All retreats begin at 2:00 and end around noon the following day. 
The retreats work best if there are 2-3 people attending from each project.  This number seems to be key in applying some of the recommendations and keeping the momentum going once back home.  Attendees will be asked to present a 10-minute case study about their project that frames a situation or problem that once solved will move their project forward.   


Cost for overnight, dinner and breakfast is $100/person for a shared room and $125 for a single (available on a first come basis).  Space is limited, so reservations should be made as early as possible. Click here to see a description of rooms. 

Retreat at the Grand Isle Lake House
About the Grand Isle Lake House

The Grand Isle Lake House is a rehabilitated turn-of-the-century historic Inn on the shores of Lake Champlain in Grand Isle, Vermont.  Serving as a special functions facility since 2006, the Lake House offers sweeping views of the lake and Green Mountains. The Lake House is owned by the Preservation Trust of Vermont.


Click here for more information about the Grand Isle Lake House. 

Preservation Retreat at the Grand Isle Lake House
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