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Downtown Conference 2011Greetings!

Please join us April 29th on the campus of the Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT for the Historic Preservation and Downtown Conference.  


The keynote speaker, Tripp Muldrow of Arnett, Muldrow & Associates from South Carolina, will discuss "Why are Downtowns Important?" Tripp is an accomplished urban planner with experience covering a broad range of areas in the planning field. His particular talents lie in understanding how planning and urban design concepts apply to economic development policies and strategies.    


The lunch program will include Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin's presentation of awards honoring exceptional work taking place in our downtowns and village centers. 


Workshops will follow three unique tracks:


The History Track will focus on "telling the story" with area tours and information on how to create your own audio tours, inspiration for redundant churches, and a special presentation on Poultney native and New York Times founder and publisher George Jones.  


The Streets as Places Track introduces "placemaking" -- the art of transforming public spaces into vibrant community places -- within the context of streets that are vital to all our downtowns, villages and neighborhoods.


The Downtown Revitalization Track will present various tools to assist in the revitalization efforts of your downtown or village center. 


Immediately following the conference will be a "Progressive" Reception with a number of the historic buildings in East Poultney opened for visitors.


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10:15 Telling the Story

Learn about Poultney while experiencing the Historical Society's Award Winning audio tours narrated by Willem Lange.  Choose one of three tours:  

  • "Quarries, Farms, and Forests" Bus Tour
  • Main Street Walking Tour
  • Poultney Area Driving Tour


Melodeon Factory
Melodeon Factory in East Poultney, VT

11:30  Producing Audio Tours: Keeping up with Technology

Ron Steffens, Communications Professor at Green Mountain College, and Ina Smith, Producer and Historical Society officer, will present a workshop on "how to" produce audio tours or podcasts in your own town.


2:45 George Jones Lecture Series

George Jones, born and raised in Poultney, went on to co-found and publish the New York Times.   It was under his leadership that The Times demonstrated high moral and journalistic integrity as they presented issues during the troubled times following the Civil War and issues relating to the Tammany Ring.  This afternoon's lecture by Professor Andre Fleche will relate the news of the time with an enlightened historic perspective.  The lecture will be in the historic Baptist Meetinghouse on the Green in East Poultney, where Jones' father served as a deacon


2:45 Redundant Churches

In Poultney, two churches are transitioning to community-directed uses.  This workshop will present several models for bringing new life to underused churches and sacred places.

StreetsStreets as Places

Ethan Kent, Project for Public Places

Lucy Gibson, P.E. Smart Mobility

Michael Oman, Oman Analytic

Bennington, VT10:15 Why are Streets Important?

This session will be an introduction to placemaking -- the art of transforming public spaces into vibrant community places.  Learn about the critical role that streets play as the vital organs of our downtowns, villages and neighborhoods.  Discover design strategies that contribute to great streets, and the management and participatory techniques that can support them. 



11:30 Streets as Places: Conducting a Street Audit 

(prerequisite "Why are Street Important?)

This Part 2 workshop will break participants into small groups to conduct an audit in downtown Poultney. The exercise is designed to heighten one's awareness of how street spaces work, addressing issues holistically, and to demonstrate how the audit is an effective tool for public involvement.


2:45 Streets as Places: Opportunities and Obstacles for Streets as Places 

(open to all)

Reflecting on what was learned and observed in the field workshops and responding to issues, the panel will recommend ways to take advantage of opportunities to overcome obstacles.  Open discussion, Q & A, and sharing resources for further learning will be integrated into this conclusion of the Place-Making Track.

DowntownDowntown Revitalization

Brattleboro, VT10:15 Community Supported Enterprises/Community Initiated Development/Cultivating Business

Paul Bruhn, Preservation Trust
Tripp Muldrow, Arnett & Muldrow
Carol and Tom Wells, Bristol Downtown Partnership
Mike Coppinger, Rutland Downtown Partnership 

This interactive panel discussion will share creative models for establishing and garnering investment support for local businesses in downtown. Panelists will discuss their own success stories and how they were created within small Vermont communities. 


10:15 Sponsorship Selling in 2011 - Part 1

11:30 Sponsorship Selling in 2011 - Part 2

Sylvia Allen, Allen Consulting
At this session, you will learn how to sell a sponsorship, starting with the 12 steps to sponsorship success, followed by a session on selling in a down economy and lastly how to price your sponsorships.  You will leave with a road map to success in your community, whether your population is 500, 5,000, or 50,000. 


2:45 Downtown Round Robin of Facts -- Tax Credits to Newsletters

Chris Cochran, Tax Credit Specialist
Diane McInerney, Certified Local Government Program 

Sarah Spencer, Advertising and Marketing Professional  

Snappy 10-minute briefs about programs and services that can help you or your community.  Topics range from the ever-popular Rehab Tax Credit 101, Newsletter No-Nos, to the best kept secret grant fund in government (the CLG program) and how it can strengthen your downtown organization or community.  

St. John's Church, East Poultney, VT
1896 Schoolhouse
Owned by the Poultney Historical Society
Photo by Sanders H. Milens.

Please join us for a very special closing reception and a chance to thank the Poultney Historical Society, Poultney Downtown Revitalization Committee, the Town, Green Mountain College and Poultney residents for welcoming us to their community. The reception will be in the historic East Poultney village center where a number of the buildings will be open for a "progressive" reception.  


At the reception three lucky individuals' names will be drawn to win $5,000, $3,000, or $2,000 in the Great Preservation Trust Raffle!  Only 300 tickets will be sold.  Please consider supporting PTV through the purchase of a $100 ticket.  Winners need not be present at the drawing.  Contact or call (802) 658-6647.


Poultney, VT
Poultney, VT.  Photo by Alan Nyiri of Poultney.
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