Spirit has guided me to reach more people with the love and truth that we carry on after our physical body dies.
Using this newsletter I will channel those in Spirit who request it, and pass on their messages. Spirit will guide who comes in, and when.
I ask that you honour my energy and time, and do not ask for more then what Spirit gives on this newsletter. However if you want to book a 1-1 medium session with me by phone or in person, you can email me.

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Messages from a Medium

1. To J.S. from Grandpa ~ YES! You are moving towards your dreams! Keep the momentum up. Stay in the flow. When the doubt comes in let it pass through. You are steps away from it all coming together. Let's GO!!!

2. To D.N. from Dad ~ you did the right thing with my estate. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I love you. Please hug Mom for me.

3. To A.K. from T.Y. ~ you were right - there is a Heaven! Wow! Thank you for holding the faith when I couldn't. I love you. It is me bringing you the coins and playing with your kitchen light. Ha ha haaaaa!!!

4. From the Creator of All That Is for all who desire his message ~ I come with great love for each and every one of you. Many of you will be gathering with friends and family for the holidays. You have all changed, for the better, this year. You are brand new people. Your lights are shining brighter. Your hearts have expanded. Your sense of self is phenomenal. I congratulate you!!! Now I encourage you to take this into your holidays with you. You expect they won't like you, or that they can't handle it, or that it might cause issues. Before you decide, try it. Show up as YOU. The loving, kind, marvelous, beautiful, incredible YOU! You don't need to be mean to be you, you don't need to create issues to be you, you don't need to make others feel less then because you are you, you don't even need to announce that you are a new you. Just be YOU. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself this holiday season.

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Upcoming Workshops with Glenyce
Location posted beside each workshop

Reiki Workshops
Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that allows everyone to tap into an unlimited supply of "life force energy" to improve health and enhance the quality of life for any person, plant or animal.
For an outline of what is taught in each level click here.    

Reiki Level 1 Workshop - February 11/12 - Lloydminster, AB 

Reiki Level 2 Workshop - February 12/12 - Lloydminster, AB 

Reiki Advanced Workshop - March 10/12 - Lloydminster, AB 

Reiki Masters Workshop - March 11/12 - Lloydminster, AB 

Angel Reiki Workshop - April 21/12 - Vermilion, AB 


ThetaHealing Workshops      
These life changing workshops will teach you ThetaHealing techniques.
They are mostly hands on - come prepared to change your life for the better!

Basic - February 3, 4 & 5/12 - Vermilion, AB
Advanced - March 2, 3 & 4/12 - Vermilion, AB
Manifesting & Abundance - April 14 & 15/12 - Vermilion, AB

Discover Your Psychic Self Workshops 
We all use our psychic abilities every day, however, we generally lack awareness of them. This workshop will help you open up and begin noticing--and using--your own natural psychic abilities. Through discussions, exercises, and group work you will discover the amazing power of your intuition. You will identify, build on, and develop trust in your psychic strengths.

Level 1 Workshop - February 18/12 - Lloydminster, AB
Level 2 Workshop - February 19/12 - Lloydminster, AB

Discover Your Mediumship Self Workshops 
Learn how to give accurate mediumship readings to your friends, family and/or clients!

Level 1 Workshop - February 25/12 - Lloydminster, AB
Level 2 Workshop - February 26/12 - Lloydminster, AB 
For more information about any of the above workshops click here.
For more information about payment plans for workshops click here.
For class accommodations click here.

 Upcoming Teleclasses
Where ever you are in the world! Listen in online or by phone.

Grateful for YOU! Party with Creator 
My GIFT to YOU! 

As an expression of my heartfelt gratitude for YOU I am hosted a Party with Creator, all about Gratitude! I am gifting everyone of YOU a pass for this super special party!  
Would you like to feel more Gratitude in your life? Would you like to be able to express it freely? Would you like to receive it totally and completely? Listen in as Creator does healings, teachings and downloads on everything to do with Gratitude!! 
To listen to, or download the MP3, of the call go to this link, click Listen and the download info will be there -  

Messages from Glenyce  

As many of you know hubby and I head to Mexico every Christmas for a month. We have a friend who looks after our place very well so we never have to give it a second thought. This year was a bit different as we have 2 additional cats, well, kittens really. I started looking for a live in house sitter back in September. Every time I found someone and thought we were set, something would happen and they would need to cancel. The last one cancelled on December 13! Eeeeeeek!

I was talking with a friend who reminded me that our cats, well any animals, aren't just dumb animals without a consciousness. No, they are brilliant and magnificent beings that can work magic and miracles. She suggested I talk with them and tell them to bring who they want to look after them. Hmmmmmmm! Here I was so caught up in the cuteness and cuddliness of them, I forgot the power they really have.

I did as she said and I did it with lots of energy behind it. I needed to make sure they realized that no matter what, I wasn't staying home from Mexico. We were leaving in 10 days so this needed to happen NOW!

Less then 5 minutes after me telling them what they needed to do, I received an email from our usual cat/house sitter. WOW! I assumed this meant they wanted to stay at home with her visiting once a day. This surprised me because they are very social. However, I knew they chose it, so it was as they wanted.

I spoke with our friend yesterday and to my delight she had found a live in cat/house sitter for us! COOL!!!! The kittens knew what they were doing all along!

How does it get any easier and better than that???? What would it take for all of us to know the true power of the animals around us????

Ha ha ha!!! Hubby was putting in a new toilet last month and Gromit thought it was a toy. Of course Gromit thinks everything is a toy!!!!!



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