February 2011
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Honoring the Feminine Wisdom & Wellness
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Coventina Goddess Circle
Coventina Goddess Studies
Circle Bed & Breakfast
February's Wellness Workshops
2011 Event Calendar



Tuesday 8th

Initiate Circle


Friday 11th

Eating Locally


Saturday 19th

Goddess Circle


Friday 25th

Wild Weeds




Sunday 6th

Conscious Conception


Tuesday 8th

Initiate Circle


Friday 11th

Teas & Infusions


Saturday 19th

Goddess Circle


Sunday 20th

Work, Learn Farm Day


Friday 25th

Home Pharmacy




Sunday 3rd

Radiant Breast Health


Tuesday 5th

Initiate Class


Friday 8th

Egg Extravangaza


Saturday 16th

Goddess Circle


Sunday 17th

Work, Learn Farm Day


Friday 22nd

Divine Dairy




Tuesday 10th

Initiate Class


Friday 13th

The Herbal Facial


Sunday 15th

Sacred Sexuality


Saturday 21st

Goddess Circle


Sunday 22nd

Work, Learn Farm Day


Friday 27th

Oils, Salves & Cremes




Sunday 5th

Empowered Birth


Tuesday 7th

Initiate Class


Friday 10th

Summer Sun & Fun


Saturday 18th

Goddess Circle


Sunday 19th

Work, Learn Farm Day


Friday 24th

Lovin' Lavender




Tuesday 5th

Initiate Circle


Friday 8th

Vinegars & Dressings


Saturday 16th

Goddess Circle


Sunday 17th

Work, Learn Farm Day


Friday 22nd

The Ale Wyfe




Tuesday 9th

Initiate Circle


Friday 12th

Glorious Grains


Saturday 20th

Goddess Circle


Sunday 21st

Work, Learn Farm Day


Friday 26th

Veggie Ferments




Tuesday 6th

Initiate Circle


Friday 9th

Beans, Nuts & Seeds


Saturday 17th

Goddess Circle


Sunday 18th

Work, Learn Farm Day


Friday 23rd

Elixirs & Syrups


Sunday 25th

Mindful Menstruation




Tuesday 4th

Initiate Circle


Friday 7th

Bone Broths


Saturday 15th

Goddess Circle


Sunday 16th

Work, Learn Farm Day


Friday 21st

Roots, Barks & Shrooms


Sunday 23rd

Menopause Metamorphosis



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Greetings and Imbolc Blessings Sisters!

February has arrived, and it is once again time to gather and share in sacred space, growth and woman's wisdom.  Are you ready?  Do you feel the call to gather once more?  


PriestessesOur blessed 2010 Initiates ~ Amethyst and Tala ~ graduated in January, completing a year's journey around the sacred Wheel and shared about their experience with many Circle Sisters and beloved Family.  I am so proud of the work they did last year and am honored to call them Priestess ~ Congratulations Gaias!


We now welcome sisters Maria, Sue, Kim and Jessica to the Inner Sanctum as they begin their journey through the Circle Priestess Program.  They will be participating in a private Dedication Ceremony this coming Saturday.  Please keep each of them in your prayers as they cross this threshold.  Lighting a white candle on this day in their honor will contribute greatly if you feel so moved.


I am so looking forward to circling with those of you who will be rejoining us this year and meeting those of you who will be picking up the thread of the ancients... following your heart's call to our door.  Our candles are lit, our hands outstreached... our Circle awaits you ~   



Ayla *)O(*
Looking for ways to save on CW Events?  Click below for Sisterhood Options ;-)
Coventina Goddess Circle 
Purification of the Old
CoventinaSaturday, February 19th
Valley Springs, CA ~ 7pm
$25.00 Circle Fee

No Woman Turned Away Due to Lack of Funds
RSVP Deadline: Monday, Feb 14th
 (once you RSVP you are responsible for payment for your space, sorry no refunds)

What to bring, directions and additional ritual instructions will be provided upon RSVP

Coventina is a powerful Celtic Goddess of the waters, including oceans, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds.  Since our bodies are comprised almost entirely of water, She aids us in the purification process, cleansing them from long held and depleting energies ~ Wishing Well
She cleansing our minds from beliefs, fears or concerns, preparing us for a New Year free from old pressures and old feelings.  This prepares us to embrace a New Year with new opportunities. 


Wishing Wells were made in Her honor and today we continue the practice of tossing coins into wells while making wishes.


"Come Sisters, lets gather together for our first Circle of the New Year and purify ourselves from what was, so that we may welcome in "what is yet to be".  Let us toss coins into the "Wishing Well" and nurturing our goals for the unfolding year" 

Circles are led by Founding Priestess AYLA and the Initiate Sisters of Chrysalis Woman


If you have not attended a Chrysalis Woman Circle before, I ask that you call me so we can connect and I can answer any questions you may have regarding our Circles.  Please also read the below information packet.


2011 Circle Information Packet 


For women who have attended before, simple email your RSVP or click the paypal link below to reserve your space.


Buy Now 

Coventina Goddess Studies
Monthly Distance Education in The Sacred Feminine 

Coventina Study PacketCoventina Goddess Studies Packet ~ $10.00

Study begins on the New Moon on Wednesday, Feb 2nd

Open to all women ~ a great program for Mothers & Daughters
Each month on the New Moon students receive via email a Study Packet on a particular Goddess.  They are led through a month long journey of learning Her Herstory, correspondences and culture.  They build an altar to Her, experience a meditation to meet Her and do an art projects that has special significance.  Each student has the opportunity to participates in the Goddess Studies e-group where they upload their altar pictures, share their research and discuss with other women how this particultar Goddess is revealing Herself in their life.  Each month's studies take one full lunation to complete. 

For women attending the CW Goddess Circles, these studies provide an opportunity to deepen your Circle experience by learning about and experiencing the Goddess who's energies will be called into Circle.   

Interested in participating in this program?  Sign up now! 

Buy Now $10 Coventina Packet

Buy Now $80 2011 Goddess Studies (Feb-Oct)

For women who prefer alternate methods of payment, please email me for information.  
Circle Bed & Breakfast 
Sacred Circle, Pampering and Sisterhood
paloma home
Saturday February 19th thru
Sunday February 20th

Check Out: 11am

"Extend Your Circle Stay in a Goddess Centered Environment"

The Chrysalis Woman Circle Bed & Breakfast has been a natural extension of our existing Farm and Goddess Sanctuary vision.  Not only a great option for those who travel a distance to join us, but a wonderful way to extend your monthly Self nurturance ritual with an overnight stay in a Goddess centered environment. 
Our outdoor Goddess Tent is available with Heaters!
What's Included in Your Stay

Organic, local, seasonal, homemade, whole foods breakfast
Morning Wisdom Circle with AYLA
Ozone, Chemical Free Hot Tub
Complimentary WiFi
Wisdom Lending Library
Linens, Pillows, Towels
Seasonal Fresh Flowers
Herbal Tolietries

Interested in staying with us?  Simply click on the Paypal link below and reserve your accomodation ;-)

Whole Foods Breakfast Included in Price

Buy Now $55 Goddess Room

Buy Now $40 Outdoor Goddess Tent 


Buy Now  $20 Sleep Over Bag (BYOB)
Seasonal Wellness Workshops 

CSA BasketA Year of Seasons 
Friday, February 11th (5-9pm)

Come into rhythm with the seasons!   In this workshop we'll

discuss seasonal food cycles, making the transition from eating food from afar to eating from our regional foodshed, and using what's in season now.  We'll create a regional food wheel that will help you move from one season to the next.

Green Smoothie
Wild Weeds!
Friday, February 25th


Identify local backyard weeds that offer healing, cleansing & nourishment.  Make Medicinal Vinegars, Green Smoothies, Pesto's, Wild Weed Salads and Soups!


Buy Now $30 Single Workshop


Buy Now $60 Both February Workshops


Buy Now $162 Spring Seasonal Series (6 Workshops)


Buy Now $486 2011 Workshop Series (18 Workshops)


For More Information on the 2011 Wellness Workshops Click Below:


2011 Seasonal Wellness Workshops