April 2010
Synthesis ButterflyChrysalis Woman
Farm ~ Goddess Sanctuary ~ Woman-Craft Center 
Honoring the Seasonal Cycles of Goddess, Earth, Moon & Womb 
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Lakshmi Goddess Circle
Lakshmi Goddess Studies
Circle Bed & Breakfast
Glorious Grains Workshop
Radiant Breast Health Workshop
2010 Event Calendar
February Brigid Circle Sisters
 Brigid Goddess Circle  
Brigid Circle Altar
Brigid Altar 
March Shakti Circle Sisters
shakti sisters 
Shakti Circle Altar
shakti altar 


4/11 Sunday
Breast Health Workshop 
4/13 Tuesday
Initiate Class 
4/16 Friday
Spring Whole Foods Workshop and Glorious Grains 
4/24 Saturday
Lakshmi Goddess Circle
5/9 Sunday
Sacred Sexuality Workshop
5/18 Tuesday
Initiate Class
5/21 Friday
Kombucha & Healing Ales Workshop
5/29 Saturday
Freya Goddess Circle
6/6 Sunday
Empowered Birth Workshop
6/15 Tuesday
Initiate Class
6/18 Friday
Herbal Salves, Oils & Honeys Workshop
6/26 Saturday
Isis Goddess Circle
7/13 Tuesday
Initiate Class
7/16 Friday
Summer Whole Foods Workshop
7/24 Saturday
Yemaya Goddess Circle
8/10 Tuesday
Initiate Class
8/13 Friday
Fermented Vegetables Workshop
8/21 Saturday
Pachamamma Goddess Circle
9/5 Sunday
Mindful Menstruation Workshop
9/14 Tuesday
Initiate Circle
9/17 Friday
Herbal Tinctures, Root Teas and Elixirs Workshop
9/25 Saturday
Coatlique Goddess Circle
10/3 Sunday
Menopause Metamorphosis Workshop
10/12 Tuesday
Initiate Class
10/15 Friday
Fall/Winter Whole Foods and Bone Broths Workshop
10/23 Saturday
Lilith Goddess Circle
Sierra Green Days

World Spirit Sisters 
"On This Earth No Fear,
On This Earth Deep Peace,
On this Earth Great Happiness,
On This Earth Safety" 
ayla embrace
Thank you Colleen, Marlene, Layla, Amethyst, Brenda, Patty and Janet for lending your voices to our piece of the World Spirit Ceremony.
Circle Round 

Our collective energies gave voice to the Sacred Feminine and blessed all who attended with deep healing.
blessed women 
It was a lovely time together and I look forward to bringing this beauty to Earth Day ~ Ayla
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Greetings and Brightest Blessings Sisters!
As I sit here completing the April offering newsletter, rain is pouring down from the sky with intermittent hail... yes, hail!
There's a fire burning and chicken stock simmering on the woodstove and snow on the ground just 15 minutes up the hill.  Quite a different picture from the last newsletter. 
In these moments I become conscious of how fast things can change.  Of how what "is" one moment, becomes what "was" the next.  It reminds me of how important feeling grateful is for moments of experience, knowing how fleeting they can be.
This month's Goddess Circle is focused on just that.  Gratitude.  Honoring the beauty of what "is" before it transitions into what "was".  Feeling the blessings of all that life presents, whether sunny one day or rainy the next.
Come join us this month sisters, as we give praise to all that "is" in our lives and spend time in heart centered gratitude.        
AYLA *)O(*  
For information on all that's being offered in 2010 and sisterhood options for more savings, click below. 

The 2010 Welcome Packet

Lakshmi Goddess Circle
Expressing Gratitude
Shri Lakshmi
Saturday, April 24, 2010 
Valley Springs, CA ~ 7pm
$25 per Circle
No woman turned away for lack of funds
RSVP Deadline: Monday April 19th
(once you RSVP you are responsible for payment... sorry no refunds) 
What to bring, directions & additional ritual instructions provided upon RSVP

"Come sisters, celebrate what is abundant in your life.  Expressing gratitude for who you are, what you love, who loves you, what you experience... all enriches your life and creates more blessings" 

Circles are led by ~ AYLA of Chrysalis Woman
If you have not attended a Chrysalis Woman Circle before, please call me so we can connect and I can provide you with additional information regarding our Circles.  Please also read the below packet. 
For women who have attended before, simply email your RSVP to
Pay Online & Reserve Your Space Now
Pay Now 

For women who prefer alternate methods of payment, please email me for information. 

Lakshmi Goddess Studies
Monthly Distance Education in The Sacred Feminine 
Lakshmi Studies PacketLakshmi Goddess Studies Packet
Study begins on the New Moon on Wednesday, April 14th 
Open to all women ~ a great program for Mothers & Daughters
Each month on the New Moon students receive via email a Study Packet on a particular Goddess.  They are led through a month long journey of learning Her Herstory, correspondences and culture.  They build an altar to Her, experience a meditation to meet Her and do art projects that have special significance.  Each student participates in the Goddess Studies egroup where they upload their altar pictures, share their research and discuss with other women how this particultar Goddess is revealing Herself in their life.  Each month's studies take one full lunation to complete. 
For women attending the CW Goddess Circles, these studies provide an opportunity to deepen your Circle experience by learning about and experiencing the Goddess who's energies will be called into Circle.   
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, April 13th
Interested in participating in this program?  Sign up now! 
Pay Now $10 Lakshmi Packet
Pay Now $70 Remaining 2010 Goddess Studies (Apr-Oct)

For women who prefer alternate methods of payment, please email me for information. 

Circle Bed & Breakfast 
Sacred Circle, Pampering and Sisterhood
paloma home
Saturday April 24th thru
Sunday April 25th
Check In: 4-6pm
Check Out: 11am
"Extend Your Circle Stay in a Goddess Centered Environment"
The Chrysalis Woman Circle Bed & Breakfast has been a natural extension of our existing Farm and Goddess Sanctuary vision.  Not only a great option for those who travel a distance to join us, but a wonderful way to extend your monthly Self nurturance ritual with an overnight stay in a Goddess centered environment. 
New! This month our outdoor Goddess Tent is available!
What's Available To Choose From 
Your choice of sleeping accommodations
Organic, local, seasonal, homemade, whole foods breakfast
What's Included in Your Stay
Morning Wisdom Circle with AYLA
Ozone, Chemical Free Hot Tub
Complimentary WiFi
Wisdom Lending Library
Linens, Pillows, Towels
Seasonal Fresh Flowers
Herbal Tolietries
Interested in staying with us?  Simply click on the Paypal link below and reserve your accomodation ;-)
$40 Goddess Guest Room  (1 room available)
This Room has already been reserved
Pay Now$30 Outdoor Goddess Tent
(2 rooms available: Single or Double Occupancy)
Buy Now $10 Sleep Over Bag (BYOB unlimited space)
Buy Now $10 Organic Whole Food Breakfast
Spring's Seasonal Wellness Workshops
Seasonal Whole Foods
  soaking grains 
Glorious Grains Workshop
Friday, April 16th 5-9pm
This workshop has been created to bring awareness to grains, beans and nuts.  Learn about phytic acid and how to neutralize it as well as methods of soaking and sprouting your grains to aid their digestability.  The more we learn about grains, the more we realize traditional preparation is necessary for health.
What You'll Learn:
1) The What/How/Why of Soaking and Dehydrating Nuts
2) The What/How/Why of Soaking Flour
3) Soaking and Cooking Beans 
4) The differences between different grains 
Registration Deadline: The Monday before Class 

Class Sizes Limited
Take a look at the below packet for information on the entire year's worth of Seasonal Wellness Workshops covering fermentations, herbal remedies and seasonal whole foods. 

Interested in participating in these workshops?  Sign up now!
Pay Now  $40 Single Workshop                   
Spring's Cycle Wisdom Workshop 
Remembering Womb Wisdom
Breast ShieldRadiant Breast Health
Sunday, April 11th (10am-5pm)
This workshop has been created to shift the current paradigm from one of "Breast Cancer Awareness" to "Radiant Breast Health". 
What you will learn in this Workshop:
1) Breast anatomy, physiology and development
2) Breast energy medicine and creating radiant breast health
3) Breast self massage and making healing herbal massage oils   
4) Nourishing whole foods and the danger of soy
5) Creating a Breast Health Shield
6) Breast Meditation and reclaim your Breast wisdom
7) Whole Foods Lunch Included
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, April 7th
Pay Now $80 Single Workshop
Dianic High Priestess,
WomanCraft Practitioner
Chrysalis Woman
Valley Springs, CA 95252 
(209) 772-0511
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