May 2012

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A new Tagine Contest!

We had such a great response last year to our Tagine Contest (read more about last years on our blog) that we wanted to do it again.  Actually I think the best part of the whole thing was making the tagines from the three finalists and then trying them with our panel of judges.  So, I guess we were the real winners.

So, now is your chance, as we tie into May--International Tagine Month.  Please send us your tagine recipe, it doesn't have to be a tradtional one, just your favorite.  We will narrow it down to three choices and will be working with our local (favorite) restaurant Zella's here in Hutchinson to pick the winners. The deadline to submit a recipe is Sunday, May 20th. If you can take a photo of yours so we know what it looks like, just email it to [email protected]

The winner will receive one of our new flameware Dutch ovens.    

three tagines
Our 2012 finalists 
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Tagine Contest
Chicken bakers all year round
Clay Coyote Chicken Bakers

We first started making these  back in 1997 on a recommendation from some good friends, Dan & Linda Lindahl.  Chicken bakers still continue to be one of our best sellers after all these years.chicken baker with chicken
You can find a really good recipe for a rub that Paula Wolfert developed for our chicken baker, or "chicken on a throne" as soon people call it.  If you have her book, Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking it is on page 79, or we have it on our blog.
Now we are told by some other very good customers/friends, Roger and Rita Tiede, that you no longer have to put away your chicken baker for the summer grilling season.  Roger is a devout Big Green Egg master, (the Big Green Egg was derived from an ancient clay cooking device Big green eggknown as a "kamado") and since you are basically cooking with indirect heat you can use our chicken baker all summer long outside in your big green egg.

But, if you use a traditional grill, you still cannot use your clay chicken baker on that grill. I
guarantee it will crack on those.  Don't even think about it Fred! 

Roger says the key to exceptional cook
ing on an Egg is to stabilize the temperature and then put your food in.
We think that anytime you can cook in ceramic it's a good thing!

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