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Funding and Research Announcements
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Funding & Research Announcements

DOE/EPSCoR: Building EPSCoR-State/National Laboratory Partnerships, DE-PS02-09ER09-11
This funding will support scientific collaborations between academic or industrial researchers in EPSCoR jurisdictions and researchers at the National Laboratories, addressing scientific areas of current relevance to the missions of DOE. For more information, see
DOE $93 million from Recovery Act for Wind Energy Projects
Last week, DOE announced plans to provide $93 million to support further development of wind energy in the US. This includes:

  • $45 million for wind turbine drivetrain R&D and testing
  • $14 million for technology development in the private sector
  • $24 million for wind power research and development in up to 3 consortia between universities and industry
  • $10 million for National Wind Technology Center (at NREL in Colorado)

For more information, see
NIH, Recovery Act, Enabling National Networking of Scientists and Resource Discovery, RFA-RR-09-009
This funding opportunity announcement invites applications designed to develop, enhance or extend infrastructure for connecting people and resources to facilitate national discovery and to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and scientific exchange. For more information, see

We'll see you at these events:
Maine International Trade Day, May 28, 2009, Orono. "World Economic Outlook" is the topic of this year's event. Seats are still available. See
2009 Technology Awards Gala, June 2, 2009, Eastland Park Hotel, Portland, to honor Maine's businesses and individuals in the technology sector. Nominations are still open!
For more information, see
Invention to Venture, June 5, 2009, University of Southern Maine, Portland, on the basics of biotechnology entrepreneurship.   See:
EnergyOcean 2009, June 16-18, 2009. Samoset Resort, Rockport. The world's leading event focusing on renewable and sustainable energy from the oceans and the primary education platform and networking event for key players in the industry. See http://www.energyocea

Legislative Update
The budget and bond initiatives have been on hold for a month awaiting the new revenue forecast and the Governor's proposals for managing the anticipated shortfall.
LD 892, "An Act to Improve Assistance for Techology-based Entrepreneurs," which amends the language for the Technology Centers, a bill initiated by the Office of Innovation, has passed unanimously. At this writing, there is no change in the funding level, so current programs will be extended for six months while the Office writes new rules to govern the Centers.
LD 1, "An Act to Stimulate Capital Investment for Innovative Businesses in Maine," aka the Fund of Funds, will be heard again at the Business, Research and Economic Development Committee on Tuesday, May 5. This continues to receive strong legislative support.
Numerous bills to address renewable energy and energy efficiency are being consolidated by the new Maine's Energy Future committee, including Senator Mitchell's bill, LD 955, Representative Barry's bill LD 1181 and the Governor's bill, LD 1201. 
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May 2009 Newsletter
Welcome to the May 2009 issue of Mainely Innovations. We encourage you to contribute your news and highlights by submitting information to
Notes from the
Director of Office of Innovation

Catherine Renault highlights networking opportunities and underscores

Office of Innovation activities.
It seems like things are happening at a dizzying speed, between what's happening nationally with the economy (and now swine flu!), and with federal policy, as well as with the state legislature in session.
We will try to keep you aware of changes that affect our community, but urge you to also keep an eye on several resources available on the web, especially because the vast majority of science, technology and economic development funds are being deployed directly by the federal agencies and not through the states. Some good websites are: under "No Small Change"
On a different subject, thanks to all who participated in our Survey last month. The results were very helpful. We will be running around fifteen small group meetings in the next two months to discuss a variety of topics important to the development of the new Science and Technology Action Plan. We'll keep you aware of the dates under separate cover.
Policy, Resources & Reports
Check for information on federal resources and research that will impact Maine and could impact your work in science and technology.
Kauffman report on startup job growth and mortality, High Growth and Failure of Young Firms, shows that growth as measured by net employment, is most significant for younger companies as compared to their older counterparts. The authors also found that nearly 20 percent of all jobs at very young start-ups are lost due to business failure in the first year. But employment growth at firms that survive year one is 15 percent. The findings suggest that policies and investments that help to increase the survivability of young startups can lead to sustained employment growth. The entire report is available at
A new report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation says that next-generation networks capable of providing much faster Internet access are needed to provide the next level of services and applications to consumers. "The Need for Speed: The Importance of Next-Generation Broadband Networks" finds that deploying next generation broadband to 80percent of US households that currently lack it can bring economic stimulus by ensuring approximately 2 million American jobs. The report emphasizes the role of proactive public policy to encourage investment in next-generation broadband networks. The report can be read at
The National Science Board has released a draft report, Building a Sustainable Energy Future, which argues for a fundamental transformation from an economy dependent upon fossil fuel to one that thrives on sustainable and clean energy. The report calls for the federal government to take the lead in increasing investment in sustainable energy research, and to establish market conditions to facilitate development and widespread deployment of sustainable energy technology. The report is available at
At the Federal Level
In a historic speech to the National Academy of Sciences last week, President Obama outlined a bold commitment to basic and applied research, innovation and education. The President called for the US to surpass its record investment in R&D set in 1964 at the height of the space rate, exceeding three percent of GDP. Notably, the President said he would restore integrity to science policy, making decisions on the basis of evidence, rather than ideology.
Key parts of his agenda are:
Large increases in the funding for NSF, DOE and NIST
Launch of Advanced Research Projects Agency- Energy (ARPA-E)
Joint DOE-NSF program for K-12 students in science
A President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
A commitment to STEM education
For more information, see
TechMaine is conducting a Technology Skills Census as part of a project with Dept of Economic and Community Development and the Maine Dept of Labor. We are trying to compile an inventory of the state's IT skills sets, identify specific technology skills needed by our employers and identify educational needs to help individuals obtain the skills needed. You can participate by checking out the techMaine website:

Each newsletter will present information relevant to Company News, Funding & Research Announcements, Policy, Research & Resources along with Legislative Updates. Please feel free to contribute news and information relevant to your work. Forward your  information to

Maine Office of Innovation

The Office of Innovation (click for more information) was established in 2004 by the Maine Legislature (5MRSA 13105) to "encourage and coordinate the State's research and development activities to foster collaboration among the State's higher education and nonprofit research institutes and the business community." The Maine Office of Innovation is a division within the Department of Economic and Community Development, Commissioner John G. Richardson.