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Funding & Research Announcements

MTI Funding Announcement and Changes
Fund Technology Transfer Activities. MTI's Board of Directors voted to extend both Seed Grant and Development Awards to cover technology transfer activities. This means that universities and non-profit labs may apply for funds under these programs to move technologies under development towards commercialization, and may repay these awards with fees from licensing or royalties.
Cluster Initiative Program awards. The next deadline for application is March 26, 2009. The program funds collaborative efforts to spread knowledge and skills, build connections among businesses, connect them to research and service partners, and address common opportunities and challenges, leading to more vibrant economic growth and innovation in Maine's high-potential technology clusters.

As many as three scientists will receive up to $500,000 each year for five years for potentially groundbreaking approaches to the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS in drug abusers. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), created the Avant-Garde Award to stimulate high-impact research into the link between drug abuse and HIV/AIDS. NIDA is now accepting submissions for its 2009 awards program until February 29, 2009.
Application process or last year's awardees. 
Legislative Update
Do We Need a Department of Innovation?
University of California Davis' Fred Block proposes a cabinet level department for the incoming Obama administration to more effectively move basic ideas into new economic development and growth, in a process he defines as 'stim-novation':
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Policy, Resources & Reports
Check for information on federal resources and research that will impact Maine and could impact your work in science and technology.
The Ocean Energy Task Force, established by Governor Baldacci to recommend a strategy to increase wind energy generation from coastal waters, has begun its work. The task force's first report is expected in April and will address the state's energy needs as it relates to Maine's vast renewable ocean energy potential. Track progress.
Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and Battelle release state-by-state analysis of bioscience trends
The nation's bioscience industry continues to grow as states and regions vie to attract high-wage jobs. A study from BIO and Battelle, "Technology, Talent and Capital: State Bioscience Initiatives 2008," presents data on national, state and metropolitan bioscience employment and growth trends during 2001 to 2006. It also examines a series of additional key performance metrics and describes state policies and programs designed to accelerate the growth of the biosciences. Report.
High-Risk, High-Reward Research White papers sought
The National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Technology Innovation Program (TIP) is seeking white papers from anyone including academia; Federal, State, and local governments; industry; and professional organizations/societies. White papers may discuss any area of critical national need of interest to the submitter, or may address any of the following topic areas: civil infrastructure, complex networks and complex systems, energy, ensuring future water supply, manufacturing, nanomaterials/nanotechnology, personalized medicine, and sustainable chemistry.
The deadlines for submission of white papers to TIP are January 15, March 9, May 11, and July 13, 2009. Please see the Federal Register Notice for further details.  For detailed instructions on how to prepare and submit white papers. 
SAVE THE DATE: 2nd Annual Global Marine Renewable Energy Conference at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C., APRIL 15 & 16, 2009
The marine renewable energy industry is producing a broad taxonomy of exciting concepts and designs that will represent the future power plants of a mature industry but technological, economic, and policy barriers must be addressed to prove viability. In Washington DC, experts from government, non government organizations, resource agencies, environmental advocates, and industry will collaborate on fundamental solutions.
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Company News
Information on how companies and research institutions are moving Maine forward. 
Jackson Laboratory of Bar Harbor. Professor Leonard Shultz, Ph.D. was a member of the research team that has successfully suppressed HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, in the world's first animal model to mirror the progression of HIV in humans. The findings suggest a promising new approach to treating or even preventing HIV infection. Details.

mCaddie of Portland has reached a milestone. They received a second Maine Technology Institute Seed Grant and a Libra Future Fund grant. The support of the Maine Technology Institute, Libra Foundation, MCED Incubator, and University of Maine system allowed their team to work around the clock to write over 50,000 lines of code in less than four months to redesigning the course database and finishing social networking features to accommodate the new iPhone and BlackBerry applications. Website.
Notes from the
Director of Office of Innovation

Catherine Renault highlights networking opportunities and underscores

Office of Innovation activities.

Traditionally, the R&D community takes stock of its progress each January with the release of the annual Innovation Index and the R&D Evaluation results. This year, we will also be releasing the second Progress Report on the 2005 Science and Technology Action Plan. All of these data points will help us as we start a new planning process that will lead to a 2010 Science and Technology Action Plan to be unveiled this time next year.
I think there are quite a few accomplishments from 2008 that need to be celebrated. We brought online two new research facilities partially funded by past R&D bonds -  the University of New England Pickus Center for Biomedical Research, a $6.16 million facility with 22,086 sq feet of new research space, and Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory's new "green" laboratory building, 15,000 sq ft, costing $7.1 million,. We broke ground on the College of Pharmacy building at the University of New England, a $12.3 million, 48,000 sq ft project, partially paid for by state R&D bond funds. And, the Maine Institute for Human Genetics and Health moved into an interim facility in Brewer.
We were awarded almost $3.8 million in new EPSCoR funds this year and we picked an excellent team to submit a proposal on sustainability science to the National Science Foundation EPSCoR competition.
We developed the Maine Technology Asset Fund competition to manage the $50 million R&D bond voted by Maine citizens in November 2007, and in August awarded $30 million to 14 applicants from all of the sectors.
And, our community welcomed new faces in 2008: Graham Shimmield, Executive Director and President of Bigelow Laboratory; Tim Ford, Vice President for Research at University of New England, Chris Speh as the new director of Maine Angels, Steve Bazinet as new Director of the Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development. All bring significant experience and great ideas to move all of us forward.
More accomplishments will be evident as we see the results of the evaluation which will be released the last week of January

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Maine Office of Innovation

The Office of Innovation (click for more information) was established in 2004 by the Maine Legislature (5MRSA 13105) to "encourage and coordinate the State's research and development activities to foster collaboration among the State's higher education and nonprofit research institutes and the business community." The Maine Office of Innovation is a division within the Department of Economic and Community Development, Commissioner John G. Richardson.