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Decorative concrete

While many people have said that the 2011 World of Concrete was slower this year, we cannot be happier with the show results. As expected, REFLECTOR Enhancer was the hit of the show. Infact, two Elite Crete Systems Certified Contractors (Ryan Samford with Epo Floors and Rick Lobdell with Concrete Mystique) participated as artisans for the Decorative Concrete Demos. Rick and Ryan surprised everyone with a revolutionary 3-D REFLECTOR Enhancer floor that truely looked two feet deep and as far as we know, this had never been accomplished before. See below for more details.


Seeing existing contractors is always one of the highlights for us but the new contacts we made are invaluable to our future in the decorative concrete industry and beyond. In all we had 34 Elite Crete Systems Trainers and Technical Support Representatives man the booth and couldnt have handled all of the interest and traffic without them.


Another highlight was the debute of several new targeted brochures designed exclusively with the contractor in mind and free of any Elite Crete Systems Contact information. See below for more details and even request FREE copies of the 2011 brochures.



REFLECTOR Enhancer in Real 3-D Steals the Show


You cant tell from the photo below but this floor completed at the World of Concrete Decorative Concrete Demos is actually 3-D. Of course 3-D seems to be the "it thing" right now and perhaps 3-D flooring is taking it to the extreme. However, it surely makes for a good discussion piece doesnt it?


The floor was completed with REFLECTOR Enhancer and E100-UV1 Clear Epoxy. By viewing the floor through special 3-D glasses (not typical red and blue lense 3-D glasses), the REFLECTOR Enhancer actually separates colors placing them on completely different levels. The red and orange colors float up and the blue and black colors sink to a depth of what literally looks like 2 feet.


If you would like additional information about how to make 3-D floors with REFLECTOR Enhancer and to get your hands on the specialty glasses that create this vivid effect, contact us today for more information.






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FREE 2011 Brochures - Order Yours Today

We've listened to the contractors and gone back to the drawing board for 2011 with a series of new brochures designed FOR the contractor. You wont find Elite Crete Systems contact information on any of these new brochures. 


Our goal was to create a series of specialty targeted brochures that contractors could use to promote specific applications instead of one brochure that illustrated multiple different finishes and options.


The end result was completely different brochures for; Commercial Flooring, Residential Flooring, Exterior Decorative Concrete, Industrial Floor Coatings, REFLECTOR Enhancer Flooring, Pool Deck Finishes, Garage Floor Coatings and more. 


If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of these brochures, CLICK HERE and we will send them to you free of charge. Be sure to include your name and complete mailing address. Below are examples of what they look like... 









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