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Public Lands Solar Policy:

Wrong from the Start



Solar Done Right, the coalition we helped found last year, has just completed a report,  

 "US Public Lands Solar Policy: Wrong from the Start." 


The report is a response to the Bureau of Land Management's 11,000-page plan to open up 21.5 million acres of western public land to energy companies for industrial-scale solar factories.  


Far from the "smart from the start" approach the Interior Department and national environmental groups tout, the plan represents an all-out run on public lands that will convert biologically-rich desert lands into permanent industrial zones.  


We don't just say "no," but outline a clear, detailed, concise case for the  alternatives--distributed generation in the built environment, on rooftops, in parking lots, and installations on degraded land and retired agricultural land.


Why on earth does the policy target swaths of undeveloped public land, when the Environmental Protection Agency has identified 15 million acres of degraded lands and brownfields potentially suitable for renewable energy development?


We hope you will read our 29-page report and consider submitting your own comments to the BLM.  We have provided some helpful pointers to focus your comments.


Go to this page on our website, and you'll find links to the report, talking points, and the place to submit comments online.




Thanks so much for your interest and support!


-Janine, Chris, and Emily