Washington Post digs into another McCain land swap )
Public opposition couldn't stop the deal May 9, 2008


A land deal near, but not so dear, to our hearts came up on the front page of the Washington Post today in connection with candidate John McCain. From 1999 to 2005, Western Lands worked with environmental groups and citizen activists in Arizona to challenge a land trade between Yavapai Ranch and the Prescott National Forest. The swap proposal energized hundreds of residents in the Verde Valley, where national forest land would be converted into commercial and retail development near the towns of Camp Verde and Clarkdale.

Citizens mounted a strong and intelligent campaign against the deal. McCain called "town hall" meetings to mollify them, but even after hundreds showed up, asking him to drop the trade, McCain barrelled on through. A generous contributor to McCain's campaign stands to benefit by the trade.

Read the Washington Post article by Matthew Mosk here.

As a non-profit organization, Western Lands Project has no position on the presidential candidates. We are simply interested in any circumstance that sheds light on our issue.

Thanks, members and supporters, for your interest in these issues.--Janine

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This Prescott National Forest land was privatized in the trade

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