Portfolio Magazine on Sen.Harry Reid's land and water deals January 22, 2008


"...in...Nevada, where runaway growth portends a ruinous water crisis, Reid is an enabler for developers and pit miners--and a desert ecosystem is at stake."

So states a headline in the February edition of Conde Nast Portfolio Magazine, a national business publication. Reporter Peter Waldman covers the spectrum of Harry Reid's environmental wrongs, including sell-offs of our public land and plans for a pipeline that would suck water out of northern Nevada and drag it hundreds of miles to Las Vegas. The article overleaps the usual attitude of "o, isn't-Las-Vegas-just-tacky- and-hilarious-and-out-of-control" and looks seriously at the inequities and environmental consequences of Reid's deals.

Be sure to catch the photo of Reid looking like a public lands disposal Goodfella.

Read the article here.

Thanks, members and supporters, for your interest in these issues.


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