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January 2006


If public lands could speak they would say, "THANK YOU."

Thanks to you and many other citizens who called members of the Senate last month, Congress’ attempt to sell off huge tracts of public land has been forestalled.

As we alerted you in December, the House version of the budget bill included a nefarious provision that would have allowed a widespread privatization of public land through its sale to mining companies, and eventually other private interests.

We try not to say the sky is falling unless it really is— but this was one of the clearest and broadest threats to public land we’ve seen in a long time. Virtually every major newspaper in the U.S., east and west, strongly editorialized against it. Even conservative senators vowed not to support the provision once the House and Senate budgets were to be reconciled. So loud was the public outcry that the measure didn’t have a chance in budget negotiations.

Give yourself a pat on the back!

Enjoy the fact that it’s been proven once again: Americans won’t stand for the sell-off of their public lands.

The Western Lands Project Staff

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