Ann Medlock
Ann Medlock here, with a quick summary
of our first year as a "distributed" organization
(all contractors and volunteers working from their homes).
I'm pleased to tell you it's working.
The year's balance sheet is in the black,
all hands have figured out their roles and schedules,
and the work is rolling out.
Tomorrow, the volunteer jury meets to pick the last Giraffes of 2011.

I'll get their stories to you in January,
so you can begin your year with these new sparks of hope.
For now, do explore the Giraffe website
for hundreds of inspiring, informative stories
and lots of tips on how to move into action,
all of it free to you and to the world.

IF you're a commended Giraffe Hero ~
IF you've already sent a year-end gift to Giraffe ~
IF you're having trouble paying your own basic bills ~
stop sign

Know that even without a fixed payroll and benefits,
there are still bills to be paid here.
You have just a few more hours to put a gift on your 2011 taxes.
If you need more information about Giraffe,
here are the answers to any and all questions you may have.

Hit the Donate button below and help us keep on
enCouraging today's heroes and training tomorrow's.

Remember, as long as there are Giraffes, there's hope.