We've just had a National Day of Service honoring Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday/holiday. It's a way to remind people that serving is a good idea. But a day? One day a year?

At Giraffe we spread the stories of people whose service is often every day--sometimes round-the-clock--so the one-day thing worries me. Is it possible that vast numbers of people now think service is only for Dr. King's holiday? It would be the same thinking that assumes Women's History Month and Black History Month are the only times to consider what females and African Americans have done throughout time.

If you know people who caught the service bug from the Day of Service, nudge them to integrate courageous, compassionate action into their lives--all the time, any time. If they need clues on where to put that energy, suggest the database of Giraffe Heroes. There's probably a Giraffe nearby who could use some help--any time at all.
~ Ann Medlock
The Quote
Giraffe as Thinker

"Everybody can be great because everybody can serve."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

& we add a sneaky footnote:
...any time, any days/weeks/months of the year.
Serving Stricken Haiti
You can do a lot of good right now with a few clicks to Giraffe-led groups that are on the ground in Haiti and totally reliable. Giraffe Ann Connor reports that her husband, Giraffe A.B. Short, is in Port au Prince with his MedShare operation, bringing in medical supplies and personnel. Giraffe Bob Macawley's Americares is there too, always one of the first groups to get into disaster areas. And the Giraffe volunteers of Medecins Sans Frontiere are definitely in. Click through to any of them and feed them some funds--Haiti is going to need help for a long, long time.
Welcome Boss Giraffe Vosoba
There's a new Giraffe Executive Director. (I was titular ED for awhile, and I really wouldn't put management at the top of my list of skills.) Now we've got Julie Vosoba, who not only knows how to manage, lead, allocate, fundraise, recruit and plan--she does it all well and with great spirit. (And I can just sit at my computer and write. Wahoo!)

If you'd like to ask Julie a question, give her advice--or wish her luck leading a nonprofit through the shoals of this recession-- email vosoba at giraffe dot org.
Say Happy 100th to Giraffe Granny D
Doris Haddock

The oldest living Giraffe is having a party and you're invited--if you happen to be near the capitol building in Concord NH on January 24. Doris Haddock, aka Granny D, is turning 100 and her state is throwing her a party. Read why Ms. Haddock was commended, then go on over to the Granny D website and leave her a birthday greeting.
The Fine Print
The mavens at every nonprofit advisory group tell us that we must always always always put our donate button down here. Our history has been to give you stuff every month and to just once a year ask you to give back. Now we're going to see if the experts are right. We'll put the button here every month. If you feel like hitting it, fine. (Actually, we'd be thrilled.) But if you've given recently, know that you're appreciated--treasured, in fact. We just don't have the resources to separate current donors when we send these emails out. And if you're a commended Giraffe Hero, you never have to do a thing more than keep your own work going--you're close to forbidden to hit the button. Herewith, The Button:
You know what else is really helpful? Forwarding this to friends and family. Nobody seems to like the forwarding function at the foot of the message (there are tracking stats that tell us what people do with these messages, so we actually know this!) but if you use your own e-mail software to send this on, that's a real help. We need to build this list, so thank you for getting your people to Subscribe!
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