Ann M.
As 2010 ends, we move into the new year leaner than ever, rallying to keep the work rolling out in this tightened economy. All of us working on Giraffe programs in 2011 will be contractors or volunteers, working on laptops from wherever we are, keeping in touch with each other without a shared office space.

espressoWe figure we can have any needed meetings in a coffeehouse near the old office. It's cozy and the espressos are great. (With my computer and files moved home already, I gotta say I like being able to contact you while wearing an old sweatshirt. You didn't know, did you?)

A crucial factor in making this new plan work is the support of allies who value courageous, compassionate involvement in this troubled world, who want more people to know about real heroes, and about how to move into heroic action themselves. We're on it.

Roam the Giraffe website for hundreds of inspiring, informative stories and lots of tips on how to move into action, all of it free. Now...stop sign 
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Feeding the giraffeSTILL READING? Know that even without office rent or a fixed payroll and benefits, there are still bills to be paid here. The contractors' fees, printing expenses~even this email service costs bucks. You have just a few more hours to put a gift on your 2010 taxes. Hit the Donate button right now and help us keep enCouraging today's heroes and training tomorrow's.
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As long as there are Giraffes, there's hope. I'll be back to you in 2011 with more of their great stories. 
~Ann Medlock, Founder~Giraffe Heroes Project