In the onslaught of emails we all receive, you may not have Ann M.noticed that Giraffe hasn't been in your In Box in a while. I did notice and have been eager to get back to you. The reason for the silence? A complete re-do of the way Giraffe operates. Adjusting to this recession era, most of us are now contractors or volunteers, working from our home offices. Huge amounts of information now exist only online; paper files have gone to the recyclers. "Meetings" are via email. It's all working now, and sending you these mini e-zines monthly is back at the top of my priorities. Here we go...
Something to ponder
Giraffe as Thinker

"You can't run from the wind.  

You trim your sails, face the music, and keep going."


Those wise words were written by screenwriter Todd Robinson for the film White Squall. We know there's a lot of sail-trimming going on these days and we're pleased that we've completed that process and are keeping on.  Hope you've figured out your course corrections too ~ it's a heckuva storm out there.
A dozen new Giraffe Commendations
Twelve new Giraffes were chosen last week by our volunteer jury. I'm waiting for receipts for the commendations that went out to them. Soon as they all know they're Giraffes, I'll be back to you with their names.
Giraffe Heroes International
Sierra Leone Logo

GHI Director John Graham is back from Sierra Leone, where he helped allies there get started on launching Giraffe Heroes/Sierra Leone. Here's the logo we designed for our new allies in Freetown ~it's made from the Sierra Leonean flag. Next stop for GHI~Nepal.
More Giraffes in our free database
Contract writers are filling in the missing stories in our online database of heroes. Read all about James Oleske, in a profile by Carolyn Tamler and about Anthony LeannaJames Oleske, who was profiled by Margaret Bendet. All new Anthony Leannastories are being put into that amazing database by contract webmaster Karyn Watkins. We're moving toward having every Giraffe story available to everyone in the world who can get online, any time of the day or night. We're pretty proud of that. Take advantage of this work ~ go read some hero stories. Tell them to your kids. Send them to friends. You could be shining a light into their day.
What are they up to?
Eric Reeves, who has dedicated his life to alerting the world to the fate of the people of Sudan, is being recognized as the go-to guy for analysis of what's happening there. Click on his name to reach his website.
Betty Makoni
Betty Makoni, leader of the Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe, is
wonderfully active on Facebook. If you're a Facebooker, look for her page.
Commended Giraffe Heroes reading this~let me know if you're on Facebook and would like readers of these e-zines to Friend you.

Oliver Zornow, honored for building and sustaining a school in Haiti when he was still a student himself, is now a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi.

Arnie Gundersen, commended for sounding the alarm about unsafe practices in the nuclear industry, is being widely quoted for his analysis of the disaster at Fukushima. His verdict? It's worse than the official pronouncements. And Gundersen is once more sounding the alarm.

This could make you smile
Ace interviewer Joan Brunwasser did a piece on Giraffe that's both entertaining and informative. If you'd like some background on how all this works, and how it started, check out Brunwasser's article
The obligatory "ask"
Despite "trimming sail," we still have bills to pay. Giraffe Heroes are forbidden to send bucks~they need to keep their own work going. But for everyone else reading this, hit this Donate button and keep us sailing onward.


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