Dear ally,
Ruth Brinton
This isn't Ann, the Giraffe Founder, who usually looks at you from this spot. I'm Ruth Brinton, a Giraffe donor and volunteer. I give my time as well as contributing financially because I believe the Giraffe Heroes Project is doing important work with children.

I'm on your screen now to remind you that you're almost out of time in 2009 to make a gift to Giraffe and support that work.

The Giraffe curriculum helps students in classrooms all over the country look at their communities with new eyes, see problems
Giraffe Kidsthat need to be addressed, and figure out how to work on them. The kids change their communities, and they also change themselves, learning that even though they're young, they have the power to make a difference.

As a Giraffe donor, you can be part of helping kids become community heroes. We're raising $30,000 to expand the Giraffe program to reach kids in after-school settings. I'm excited about this development and invite you to share that excitement.

If you want reminders of all that Giraffe does and/or stats on how money is raised and used, here's Giraffe Basic Info.

If you already love Giraffe (including the Heads Up messages Ann has been sending you), and want to keep the great work going in 2010, hit the button!

Quotes to think upon...

Giraffe as Thinker

"It's fun to learn how to make change."
~ A student in the Giraffe program

"I've looked at other character education programs
a lot of platitudes; they just didn't wash because the students didn't live it. The Giraffe Heroes Program has an impact like nothing else does. It's not just something they've memorized, they are learning to live it. This is powerful, powerful stuff." ~ A grateful teacher