This being Heads Up #4, we're still experimenting, still hoping to hit on the perfect e-publication for you in these times. I know that for some of us, Twitter lengths have become the norm. OK I'm trying. But for those of us who love words, it's not easy being brief. Witness the Giraffes below who have written whole books about their causes. Books. What a concept. Do keep reading!

~ Ann Medlock, Founder    
Khamisa book
Azim Khamisa, commended for his work in stopping gang violence, has written a new book to show others how to achieve the forgiveness that's the cornerstone of his work. Watch his interview on CBS and read about The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit.

Heather Chase
Peacemakers CoverHeather Chase was honored for founding Models With Conscience, a group of professional models who agreed to represent only products that involved no cruelty to animals. She wrote a book about that and now she's written one about the great peacemakers of modern history.

Donna SheehanDonna Sheehan, who left her work as an artist to battle against toxins in California, has gone on to apply her creative imagination to fostering peace. Always outrageous, she's now written a modern-day twist on Lysistrata. Her book, Redefining Seduction, urges women to take the lead by using the power of love to keep the peace.
Giraffe as Thinker
"The purpose of a writer

is to keep civilization from destroying itself."

~ Albert Camus
A bit grandiose? Well, I'm a writer so I'd like to believe we're that important. But I suspect that it's only true of writers who take on deeply meaningful subjects. Like say, writers on peace, forgiveness and nonviolence. Go Giraffe writers!

John Graham speakingLast week Project President John Graham keynoted the annual conference of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. Meeting in San Diego, over a thousand nurse practitioners gave Graham a standing ovation for his talk on leading a meaningful life. If your organization or conference could use that kind of enthusiasm, get the details on how to bring in Graham.


People tell us they really like the logo at the top of these messages. Well, you can Giraffe Stickershave it on your messages, along with seven other gorgeous images by ace graphic designer Darcy Sinclair. We've got them as big sheets of peel- and-stick decals and they're a fundraiser for this nonprofit. Hey, in these times, every penny counts. Order the sheets in the Giraffe Store.

Staggering statistics: look at this chart of the times people spend at websites. Online usage statsWould you ever have guessed that Facebook holds people so much longer than all those news sites? Floored me.

We haven't gone on Twitter (and probably never will), but we are on Facebook.

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(A fundraiser's dream: Giraffe spreads like wildfire through Facebook ~ millions sign on, send donations ~ we're beautifully funded to tell more stories, write more OpEds & books, give more trainings. I know, I know, but isn't it a lovely dream?)

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