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I don't know about you but I'm gravitating to every glimmer of goodness I can find these days. The news provides a few bright spotsnew initiatives from the White House, stories of people taking in neighbors who've lost their houses, reports of business executives actually cutting their own salaries when their companies layoff employees.

And then there's all the painful-to-enraging stuffthe job losses and foreclosures, the outrageous behavior of too many corporate CEOs, banks buying each other instead of lending out those taxpayer-provided bucksit's as if the operant motto were The Common Good Be Damned.

I'm luckier than mosteveryday I work with the stories of people who are sticking their necks out for the common goodGiraffes. They are constant reminders that humans can and do act with concern for their fellow beings.

As long as there are Giraffes, there's hope. So let me share that luck and hope with you, on your screen, weekly. And be sure to check www.giraffe.org for an array of heroes' stories that could definitely make your day.

Here's a humorous report of good-news "glimmers" from Project member Mary Grace Butler: "According to MSNBC, more people watched the President's press conference than watched the season opener of American Idol. In other good news, Muzak has just filed for bankruptcy."


Giraffe as Thinker

"Hope is like a road in the country;
there never was a road,
but when many people walk on it,
the road comes into existence."
                thin_dash Lin Yutang
Personally I'm not holding hope for a return of the Old Days--the ones that screeched to a halt so recently. I'm looking toward something better than the bloated, self- indulgent culture that we're watching crash and burn. My hope is for a future in which we sustain people's needs, in which we understand that helping each other is the Prime Directiveit's not looking out for Number One. If many people share that hope and walk it, we could make that road.
We're looking at how we can help in the call to service from the new White House. Here's what we put up on our home page ~

A new era has begun...
As the new US President spoke to the world for the first time, he honored
"the risk-takers, the doers... men and women obscure in their labor"
who have built this country.
He called for courage, for putting ideals to work as America now rebuilds itself.
Here at the Giraffe Heroes Project, we have long honored the risk-takers,
people who are largely unknown,
people who have the courage to stick their necks out for the common good,
in the United States and around the world.

Here's to the broad and deep success of this new clarion call
to the active citizenship we have so long fostered.

We're here to help you answer that call. Look us over.
Sign up for our e-messages. Use our well tested tools for action.

Get involved.
Mary Lou DiCaprio, a parent/volunteer who leads Giraffe teams at a school in Mountain Lakes NJ sent this response:
"Having heard Pres. Obama's announcement about increasing the number of math and science teachers, and taking into account my B.S. in chemistry, I believe that I'm being called to be a part of the new spirit of hope, with Giraffe as my guiding light."

DiCaprio & Kids

What's your response? If you have any concerns about moving into service, about what might happen if you do, check out the useful free advice in our Coach's Corner.
Teacher/leaders in 117 countries can now download Giraffe materials from the mednickwebsite of our partner nonprofit, Teachers Without Borders. Led by Giraffe Fred Mednick, TWB is dedicated to the idea that teachers are the world's largest group of educated professionals, all of them in position to influence their communities for the good. TWB provides them with in-service trainings, classroom materials, and a community of fellow educators around the world.
... and haven't done an update in the last year with one of the Project's stalwart interns, please check in with us and let us know what you're up to. We're working on new ways to let people know what you're doing.
That's one way you can work with Giraffe to be of service in these times. We want to be on-mission, but out of the costly print-and-mail process. Help us grow the Forward this issue to a Friendcommunity we hope to build around these emails.