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October 2008


I hope this e-newsletter finds you well. I will start with a long overdue apology for not sending out an e- newsletter for such a long time. As many of you know, I returned to the US last year to start graduate school (with a 4-mos. old baby at the time). Although our work in Kenya was continuing successfully, I was unfortunately unable to do much on this end to get the word out.

Where do I begin? First off, I want to report that the EAC's Vutakaka Center will be celebrating its 5th birthday next month! That's right, we've been at it for 5 years now - thanks to all the support we have received from you. I was able to return to Kenya this past June to check on the status of the programs, and I was so happy with what I saw. The children at Vutakaka Junior School are continuing to excel. Though we are still in dire need of more classrooms, we have completed construction of 3 classrooms on our new school land.

In January 2008, our sewing program officially became its own cooperative. The women now have their own constitution and bank account, and are managing every part of their work, themselves (we will be holding a holiday sale, featuring their products, in Seattle on December 6th).

The health programs are also continuing very well. Between February (we were closed in January due to the political situation) and June, we provided an HIV/AIDS prevention course to 329 children between 9 and 15 years of age. Our community health workers offered 17 health classes out in the surrounding communities, reaching approximately 300 women. Our community health workers (CHWs) also met with 1,619 residents, in their homes, to discuss health, nutrition and HIV/AIDS education. 153 people were provided with direct first aid by CHWs, and 752 women were provided with pre-natal care. One of the greatest events I witnessed while in Kenya this summer was the new growth monitoring "camps" the CHWs have organized. Once a month the CHWs are visiting each village, setting up a baby-weighing scale (they hang it from a tree) and weighing numerous children. They document the child's weight, check to make sure the child is up-to- date on immunizations, and counsel the mothers on making nutritious porridge from local ingredients.

Yes, the EAC is doing better than ever. We are still committed to providing access to basic health services, and quality education, and we continue to be grateful, as always, for your tremendous support - Thank you! Suzanne Jeneby

In this issue
  • Become an EAC Partner
  • Did you know the EAC has a blog?
  • Child Sponsorships -
  • The EAC has a new office in Seattle!
  • Call for Volunteers and Interns -
  • Watch our work on YouTube!

  • Did you know the EAC has a blog?

    A brand new website for the EAC is being developed as I write this. It's going to be gorgeous and will be chock full of EAC news. In the meantime, however, you can get EAC information (which will be updated regularly by our staff in Kenya and international volunteers) on the EAC's new blog - www.eastafricancenter.blogspot.com (clicking the picture above will take you directly there).

    Child Sponsorships -

    Watch out for information regarding our 2009 school fee sponsorship drive in the coming weeks. Education is the number one determinant of health, income and a women's rights in society. The EAC is extending an opportunity for you to make a direct impact in the life of a child.

    The EAC has a new office in Seattle!

    That's right, the EAC now has fantastic office space in the University District. We are directly next door to the alley entrance of the U-Bookstore in a small grey house. The office is loaded with EAC sewing items and 5 work spaces for our volunteers. Swing by if you're in the area! (technically, the address is 4336 University Way, NE. Seattle WA 98145 - but remember, we're in the alley). Our phone number is 206-353-4768.

    Call for Volunteers and Interns -

    On Saturday, October 25th, the EAC will be hosting a volunteer orientation in our NEW office space! If you live in the Seattle area, and would like to get involved with our great work, please feel free to stop by. The orientation will run from 10 am - 12 pm, will cover basic EAC info, and then we will break into groups by area of interest. Call 206-353-4768 if you have any questions about the event.

    Watch our work on YouTube!

    By clicking on the picture to the right you will be routed directly to our slideshow and video on YouTube. A new video featuring our community health worker program is on its way. Enjoy!

    Become an EAC Partner

    Consider making a monthly gift to the EAC. Gifts of any size are welcome. Your donations go so far in Kenya. Just $20.00 a month provides hot cereal to all of our nursery students, $50.00 a month buys materials for our sewing students, and $100.00 a month buys books and school supplies for Vutakaka.

    We do all we can to keep our costs low, and we stretch your donations as far as we can. But even with such low costs, we need your help to keep our doors open and our programming going. Please consider becoming a regular monthly donor of the EAC so we can continue to offer all our great programs to the people we serve. Your gift will make you a partner in providing education and resources that hundreds of children, women and men can use to improve their own lives.

    It's simple to sign up, just click the Network for Good link above, or click here, and indicate you would like your donation to occur on a monthly basis.

    Thank you.
    Suzanne Jeneby
    Executive Director

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