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Partnerships for the 21st Century!August 2012
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Swipe Out Hunger
Spring Hill Ag Issues State Champions
Veterinary Medicine Lecture Series
Research Scholarships Available
Meet Jessica Casteel
Summer Teacher Workshop
C3 Food Camp

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Food Safety/Science 

Programs Available 

for K-12 Teachers


The K-State Olathe Food Safety and Science curriculum enhancements reinforce concepts in the classroom and can be applied to the real world. Each activity provided can be modified to meet the teachers and or student needs as a field experience to our campus or in the classroom.


The staff at K-State Olathe can tailor these topics into two or three lab modules lasting 15 minutes each, or expanded to fill a 40-45 minute time frame. Let K-State Olathe help you meet your educational needs!


Click here to access these lab opportunities 


Swipe Out Hunger Returns to K-State Olathe Oct. 13
SwipeOutHunger 2011 

Swipe Out Hunger is a food packing event and quarter fundraising challenge available to the six Johnson County school districts, KC metro area schools, community groups and industry to package non-perishable meals for distribution to the Horn of Africa. 


Learn more information, donate and register for the event, which will be held October 13 at K-State Olathe.

Over 100 volunteers are needed for this event!


For more information and registration click here.


Spring Hill Ag Issues Team Claims State Title 
Spring HIll FFA Ag Issues 2012 State Champions  
Congratulations to the Spring Hill FFA Agriculture Issues team, winners of the Kansas FFA Agriculture Issues competition in June. The team was coached by K-State Olathe K-12 director Micheal Strohschein.  
 The team will compete at the national FFA competition in Indianapolis this October.

For more information click here.
Veterinary Medicine lecture series debuts in September
Vet Med Logo
K-State Olathe and the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine are partnering to bring the Careers and Cases in Veterinary Medicine Lecture Series to high school students, adults and community members across the region. The FREE lecture series provides a rare opportunity to learn from experts in the College of Veterinary Medicine about careers and research in veterinary medicine. 

Ten Secondary Research Scholarships Available


Secondary student research scholarships are available to any Johnson County student conducting research in animal health, food safety & entrepreneurship, and/or urban water. Interested students must meet eligibility requirements and complete an online application.  Applications are due October 5, 2012 with awards being announced mid-November.


Welcome Back!


It has always amazed me how quickly the summer passes between academic school years. For many educators the summer is a time to REFRESH, REJUVENATE, and CATCH UP!  The end of the summer for me was always exciting because I was about to meet another set of talented, nervous and high-energy freshmen, affording me another opportunity to mentor and guide our future workforce and leaders.


The impact that educators have on our future could never be quantified. We here at K-State Olathe understand the demands and expectations that you are under, and support our K-12 educators in meeting the demands of cultivating our youth and future workforce.


The 2011-12 academic year was a success at K-State Olathe with over 2700 students, teachers and adults involved in K-12 programs and events. Our faculty and staff want to continue to partner with you to further increase our impact in animal health and food safety within your schools and communities.


If you are interested in working with K-12 outreach at K-State Olathe this year, please contact us at 913-307-7342. I also encourage you to join our mailing lists, so you are updated on all the activities on the new campus.

Enjoy the  K-12 Science Education Partnerships August newsletter!

Micheal Strohschein, Ed.D
Director of K-12 Science Education Partnerships
Interview with  Jessica Casteel
 CEVA  K-12 Student Intern


Jessica Casteel Ceva Intern 2012
Jessica Casteel - CEVA Intern

Jessica, a student from Shawnee Mission West's Biotechnology Signature Program, was selected as the first high school intern with CEVA Biomune Swine Research and Development lab at K-State Olathe over the summer. 


Mike:  What did you learn from this internship?


Jessica: Specifically, I learned new skills such as tissue culture, using an automatic cell-counting machine, and how to stain and count nuclei.  Perhaps the most important and impacting thing I learned, though, is that working in a lab doing research is exactly what I want to do with my life.


Mike: Do you feel your training in high school prepared you for this internship?


Jessica: Yes, but only because of the Biotechnology class that was offered at my high school. I'm very lucky that I went to a high school that had a special Biotechnology program, because not all high schools have one.


Mike: What did you enjoy the most about this experience?


Jessica: I absolutely love working in a lab! I've learned so much about things I didn't even know existed before, like different cell types and media, and different ways to grow them. I have also absolutely loved everyone I've met and worked with at CEVA and the K-State Olathe campus.


Mike: What or who do you want to become after college?


Jessica: I definitely want to work in some kind of microbiology lab, and I'd truly love to do research because I love science and learning new things. I already knew I loved lab work and reasearch, but I didn't realize how passionate I was about it until this internship.


Mike:  Any advice to other students about internships? 


Jessica: Take every opportunity you get! Most of the time you won't be paid for an internship, but the knowledge and experience you get will be worth so much more! I know that's so positively cliché, but I can't stress how true it is. I almost didn't even apply for this internship just because I was nervous about a possible interview and I didn't know if I'd even like what I'd do here. But I can't express how grateful I am that I did apply because the great people I've met and the knowledge I've gained was completely worth it.


Twenty Kansas educators experience

summer teacher workshop at KSU-Olathe


2012 Summer Teacher Workshop Participants


Kansas State University Olathe, in partnership with One Health Kansas, offered a hands-on professional development in-service program on the awareness and understanding of the interconnections among human, animal and environmental health. The in-service program was held June 11-14 at the Olathe campus.

Twenty Kansas high school teachers in science and career/technical education were accepted into the program.

C3 Food Science Graphic    K-State Olathe, McPherson County Extension Services partner to deliver food science camp to students
K-State Olathe hosted the C3 Food Science Camp (Choice, Change, Challenge) for high school students July 23- 25 through a partnership with the McPherson County extension office.
The camp was funded through a grant from Cargill, which McPherson County Extension received to conduct youth training.

Thirteen high school students learned about food science with interactive and hands-on curriculum, labs and business tours. Campers learned about food safety, processing and science during the three-day camp experience, including a lab with a senior applications scientist from DuPont Nutrition & Health, where they were exposed to the molecular gastronomy of food.


At the conclusion of the camp, students prepared a Spanish-inspired paella dish with ingredients purchased from a visit to the KC River Market. The students also volunteered at the Harvester's Food Bank during the exeperience.

C3 Camp Participants
C3 Food Science Camp Participants


Education "Hot" Resources


OneHealthKansas Check this out! 

One Health Kansas promotes awareness and understanding of the interconnections among human, animal and environmental health. The outreach and education program is designed to help the citizens of Kansas understand and respond to emerging zoonotic diseases, globalization of the food system, blurring of the urban-suburban-rural interface, and many related challenges affecting the health of Kansas children and adults.