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Happy Anniversary!
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Conference Planning
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Happy Anniversary to Us!
April 26 will mark the first anniversary of the KSU-Olathe flagship building, the International Center for Animal Health and Food Safety.  
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Food for Thought
Dr. Douglas Powell, K-State Professor in Food Safety/Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology writes the "BarfBlog" with articles about food safety. They will make you think twice about nearly everything you thought you knew. Bookmark this page!
Calendar of Events 
February 15

February 16
Master Gardeners Advanced Training  


March 7

March 15
"Leading in Extraordinary Times"  Leadership Seminar  
March 24
Secrets of Starting a Food Business
For more info, call (913) 789-9594. 
April 2-3

Have you ever wanted to try foods or other products before they go to market? Have you ever wanted to tell consumer goods companies what you think of their products? The Sensory & Consumer Research Center at K- State Olathe is looking for consumers of all ages to test and give their feedback during day and evening studies. If you are interested, please contact the Sensory & Consumer Research Center at (913) 307-7355 or email consumerresearch@ksu.edu.

Kansas State University-Olathe will continue in a never-look-back direction in 2012.  Degree programs are beginning, the classrooms will be filling up and the entire atmosphere of the campus will be that of excitement and new opportunity.  Here are some highlights of what's taking place. 
Activity Highlights 

Click through the links to read more about these activities.
  • Over 800 K-12 students participated in the Lego League challenge in food safety robotics. Partnering with K-State Olathe, students were led by Micheal Strohschein and Bryan Severns in safe food preparation. 

  • CEVA Biomune, SmartVET, the US-China Center (photo below) and the Urban Water Institute are populating the laboratory suites on the main level, using the most innovative of technologies to develop products to benefit society.
  • The Center for Animal Health Innovation has offices and labs in the building.
  • A director for the Sensory and Consumer Research Center has been hired. Dr. Marianne Swaney-Stueve will be meeting with key industry leaders and companies to collaborate. 
  • time capsule has been sealed away in a wall with significant artifacts from the first year in operation. The purple capsule, which was designed by J.P. Elliott of the Weitz Company, is to be opened in 2061.
Conference Planning
Over 9,000 people have participated in events at K-State Olathe since its opening in April. Renee Hultgren, coordinator of events, can assist your company or organization in planning events, conferences, seminars, special speakers and registration - full service planning - at the beautiful, full equipped facility. Click here to learn more or email Renee for more information.
K-12 Programs
Micheal Strohschein, Director of K-12 Science Education Partnerships, is announcing a spring of exciting opportunities, including Willie and the Beanstalk, King Arthur Flour, Ag Issues Competitions, Internships and more. Please spread the word and consider K-State Olathe a resource and partner. For more information on these programs, contact Mike
Here's our plan. We invite you to think ahead with us - where will you be in 5 years? 13 years?
K-State 2025: The Next 5 Years
K-State 2025: The Next 5 Years
Kristi Northcutt
Kansas State University - Olathe
Marketing Communications Coordinator