September 22, 2012
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Breakfast and Back to School Resources!



Did you know that 93 percent of Americans know they should be eating breakfast, but only 44 percent make the time to do so? Thanks to the Wheat Foods Council's recent launch of the "Back to Breakfast" campaign, National Breakfast Month will provide many interesting and healthy resources for families with children going back to school.  


September is National Breakfast Month  


An early study on the effect of breakfast and academic performance was released in 1998 by Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. The study called for expanded national attention to public school breakfast programs. The study proved children who eat breakfast have significantly improved math scores and above average academic attendance records. Study students also experienced less tardiness and hyperactivity in relation to students not eating breakfast.

Take time to enjoy our selection of back to school resources and breakfast recipes!


The Home Baking Association    



National Breakfast Month

If back to school means back to busy mornings at your house, don't let the hectic rush force you to sacrifice breakfast. September is National Breakfast Month - a good time to commit to incorporating a smart morning meal into your family's daily routine.


The Wheat Foods Council has provided this Back-to-Breakfast  
Tool Kit with resources and recipes! 


Why Breakfast is so Important 

Energy Bars

Pear and Bacon Waffle

Sunflower Pumpkin Muffin


Whole Grain Breakfast!

HBA member Martha White provides whole grain breakfast tips.


Click here to view their delicious offerings including Cran-Apple Munch Muffins and Banana Berry Pancakes. Click Here

Banana Berry Pancakes

This recipe for Banana Berry Pancakes needs only 10 minutes of preparation! Ideal for after-school programs or any baking class with limited time for baking.

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Looking for a recipe?

Pretzel Bread

Home Baking Association member Fleischman's Yeast is celebrating 144 Years of Baking Bread and has just issued its 1,000 recipe! Visit for more recipes!

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Learn. Bake. Share.

Life Skills Bread Baking ProgramŽ

A program for students in Grades 4,5,6 and 7

A King Arthur Flour instructor and two student assistants present a 50-minute demonstration on the bread baking process. Each future baker takes home materials and the know-how to get baking! Students bake two delicious loaves - one to enjoy, the other for donation to a community organization chosen by the school.
  • King Arthur Flour provides ingredients!
  • Life Skills highlights math concepts, science, community service, nutrition, baking skills, and more!
Learn more information online.  Click here
Baking Glossary!

   Visit our newly revised Glossary with over 350 terms! 


What is "Breakfast"?

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, taken in the morning before undertaking the day's work. Among English speakers, "breakfast" can be used to refer to this meal, or, less commonly, to refer to a meal composed of traditional breakfast foods (eggs, oatmeal, sausages, etc.) served at any time of day.   


To view more Glossary terms, click here 


Featured Resource
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Baking for Success DVD     Three baking lessons; ready-to-print 20-page curriculum guide; copy-ready worksheets and recipes; baking terms, tips and resources. All lessons include activities for beginning, intermediate or advanced student bakers.  

* Fudge Brownies - The Ultimate American Bar Cookie (8:53)
* Cornbread
- A Piece of History on the Plate (7:52)
* Focaccia
- The Italian Baker's (11:11)




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Featured Resource
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A Baker's Dozen: Lessons for Better Baking DVD

Contains 2 hours and 22 minutes of how-to video demonstrations in 13 individually produced segments covering 130 topics for baking ingredients and methods.

This is a great resource for educators teaching baking at any level or anyone who wants to learn more about baking.

  • Getting started Flour
  • Chemical leavening Eggs
  • Liquids Fats
  • Chocolate Sugars
  • Designer baking Salt
  • Bakeware Yeast
  • Baking, cooling and storage
Cost $25.00

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Other Resources Available
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Baking with Friends
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