June 1, 2012
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Baking Activities for Kids...



Whether they are enrolled in summer camp, 4-H project meeting, Boys and Girls Club activity, or family projects ....... baking is the perfect activity to keep kids busy this summer! Your summer should be smooth sailing with this month's newsletter designed to give you a head-start in planning activities and lessons for a season of fun.  


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Butterfly Art for Very Hungry Kids!
Great for parties, school, or fun-at-home!

This lesson is great for ages: 5 years old and up  


- Learn about butterflies 


- Create-your-own wing design for
   an edible butterfly cookie


- Spend valuable time with the
   people who matter most

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More Cut-out Cookies

Fun Sugar Cookie Critters!

Some things just don't change. Delicate sugar cookies have been favorites for generations. Whether sprinkled with colored sugar, frosted or elaborately decorated, they're as popular now as in years past.

Click here for the recipe!

Butter Flower Cookies!

Decorate these crisp, tender buttery cut-out cookies with a colorful glaze to capture the spirit of any occasion.

Click here for the recipe!

Just imagine the fun you could have with these cookies.



Thrill of the Skill

Age Appropriate Skills for the Kitchen

At what age does cooking begin? Check out this great guideline that begins with appropriate skills at age two! Children and adults can learn together in the kitchen. The result of cooking or baking together contributes to functional literacy and stronger relationships at home and in groups.


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FREE Baking Certificate

Reward young bakers with this colorful baking certificate!


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What is agave nectar?
Visit our online Baking Glossary with more than 350 terms! 


Agave nectar:

an amber, caloric liquid sweetener, with a low glycemic index, that is made from the core of the succulent agave plant available in two distinct varieties: Light and Amber. Learn more at www.dominosugar.com  and www.chsugar.com


To visit our Baking Glossary, click here

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A Baker's Dozen Labs

A Baker's Dozen Labs has been updated and includes 13 labs for
FCS and Culinary middle through secondary level classes or for anyone teaching baking. With 224 pages of labs, worksheets, classroom tested recipes, baking glossary, computer science, food science, copy-ready resources and Baker's Glossary with 350+ terms. Labs reference the Baker's Dozen - Lessons for Better
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Baking with Friends


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