April, 2012
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Starting with the essentials of Salt, Water, Yeast and Flour, there are endless possibilities when considering bread. This month we are presenting the basics - 100% Whole Wheat Bread. Sharon Davis from the Home Baking Association has prepared an instructional video on how to make this healthy and easy recipe. In addition, we are also providing a number of valuable resources that will enhance your educational experiences, as well as your enjoyment of home baking.

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NEW 100% Whole Wheat Recipe!
Healthy and Wholesome Wheat Bread...
It's so easy!

The Home Baking Association would like to present a selection of resources and instructional videos to help you share baking with others. This Whole Wheat Bread recipe is a perfect entry level exercise.

Check out these NEW Resources!

Yeast Temperature

What's the Right Temperature for making Yeast Breads?

Download this reference chart!     


What Happened to the Yeast Bread?

Too little volume....this and other problems are reviewed!

Download handout to help improve quality of your yeast bread.

  Great tips for storing fresh baked bread!

  Download handout here 


  100% Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

  Healthy and wholesome whole wheat Bread.

  It's so easy! Click Here



Yeast Breads Are A Bake Sale Favorite!


Bake Sales are fun year-round, but now that summer vacation is fast approaching, learn how you can maximize your bake sale success with this valuable resource.

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Find more resources to help you teach bread classes in the updated "A Baker's Dozen Labs! The manual includes units on "Wheat Flour and Cornmeal", "The Amazing Power Plant - Yeast" and "Dough Sculpting" as part of the 224 page manual from the Home Baking Association! Must have resource for anyone teaching baking!

A Baker's Dozen Labs

A Baker's Dozen Labs has been updated and includes 13 labs for
FCS and Culinary middle through secondary level classes or for anyone teaching baking. With 224 pages of labs, worksheets, classroom tested recipes, baking glossary, computer science, food science, copy-ready resources and Baker's Glossary with 350+ terms. Labs reference the Baker's Dozen - Lessons for Better
Baking DVD.

Cost: $75.00


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