August 25, 2011
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Summer isn't over yet!

Cold lemonade and home baked goodies combine for a great summer day or weekend activity! Families and youth groups of all ages will enjoy creating a lemonade stand while learning baking skills and providing a community program.  


Check out this month's newsletter, enjoy our resources, and make every last moment of Summer count.


 The Home Baking Association 


Welcome New HBA Members!
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The Home Baking Association is pleased to welcome the following new members:

C & H Sugar
Domino Sugar
Sokol and Company


We look forward to the valuable resources and information these companies will help make available.




Lemonade and Baking for Others
Share our Strength
Baking is a terrific opportunity for community service! Visit Share Our Strength and the Great American Bake Sale! Learn how your lemonade stand and bake sale can help end childhood hunger.

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Jewels and Stars Bars!
Jewels and Stars Bars

Gumdrops and
cookie cutters are the decorating secrets for this delicious summer treat! Bake these special bars for a lemonade stand in
your neighborhood
this weekend!   

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Visit our Baking Glossary
Baker's Glossary
Visit the Home Baking Association Baker's Glossary! More than 200 baking terms are included with 16 video clips for selected terms.

A flour-based, sweet, hand-held small cake (from the Dutch word "koekje," meaning "little cake").


For more terminology,

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Family Fun Sweet


What better way to spend a hot summer day than the age-old activity of setting up a lemonade stand?


lemonade standGenerations of Americans first experienced the monetary rewards of a day's work while learning about fractions (measuring the ingredients), courtesy & community (serving friends & neighbors), math (counting money), and art (creating an eye-catching stand).


A lemonade stand is a fun, easy, and exciting activity that engages you and your child for hours!


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Solo Foods contest

Share a picture of your baking creation and Win! Just think: food, fun, family!

Display your culinary skills with the world! Send us a picture of your incredible creation and we just might use it to illustrate that recipe on our website. What should the picture look like? Anything from a beautiful slice of the dessert itself to your children or grandchildren enjoying the amazing treat you made.

Whoopie Do Picture Contest! Grand Prize - $1,000 Click Here 


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