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Dear FCI Members & Friends,


Climate research, to be comprehensive, incorporates strong science with broader disciplines. Economics, Environmental Law, Business and Policy (Public Administration, Urban and Regional Planning, Political Science, among others) are some of the disciplines that inform the research of the Florida Climate Institute.  At FCI, the role of these disciplines is to provide economic and policy expertise on climate-related research.  Currently, dedicated FCI researchers in the economic and policy-related fields are working collaboratively on projects that include; developing a plan or framework that streamlines or translates FCI-climate research and science-related results into economics and policy-related areas.  This integrated or systems approach may serve as a baseline for decision-makers to better understand and communicate climate and energy-related research.  Another project involves establishing FCI as a state clearinghouse for climate-related data or information including: a database or network of experts, peer-reviewed resources, and climate research and science information readily available to the diverse stakeholders in Florida, and other areas.  As we continue to progress as a climate research-related institute, we look forward to your ongoing and future participation in FCI.    




Julie Harrington

FCI Steering Committee Member.

FCI News      


FCI Funding Opportunity:  

New funding opportunity announced by FCI. See details in the "Funding Opportunities" Section. 



FCI Representatives met with Commissioner Putnam, State Agencies, Industry on Climate Science, Information and Opportunities for Florida.   


On May 17, FCI representatives met with Commissioner Putnam and Deputy Commissioner Levenstein from the Department of Ag and Consumer Services.  Discussions highlighted the Florida Climate Institute's research and expertise on the impact of climate variability and change on Florida's natural resources, economy and communities.  The FCI also met with the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the State Association of Counties, and the Department of Community Affairs to assess how the multi-disciplinary institute can further advance climate science, community based information and awareness programs promoting green technologies, and decision support systems that assist in managing risks associated with climate variability and change. The objective of these meetings is to assess the information needs of industry, agencies, and communities to help inform the FCI of the research and education needs in Florida.


Experts look ahead at the future of agriculture in Florida.

On May 18, six agricultural experts gathered in Gainesville, FL to discuss the future of agriculture in Florida. The experts, professors from the University of Florida, hashed out possible scenarios for Florida 20 - 30 years from now. Read the full article here.


Assessment of Climate Variability and Change Impact on Florida's Economy, Environment and Communities.

The FCI talks to the State's major industry sectors and Government about Climate Change. As part of a nationwide assessment, discussions will focus on how Climate Variability and Change impacts businesses, natural resources and communities. An important goal is to determine what is needed to better prepare and manage these impacts in the short and long term. Additionally, FCI social scientists are undertaking a survey targeted at industry associations and community groups to determine the importance and interactions between regional, state and federal organizations in the development and implementation of community impacting policies....  more. To provide input into the assessment contact info@floridaclimateinstitute.org.


CIMR Logo 

May 24-27, 2011: Climate Information for Managing Risks Symposium  

Florida's Climate Scientists, Agency, and Industry Partnerships Look for Solutions for Regional Issues.  

Over 200 representatives from federal  and state agencies, extension agents, regional community groups, and scientists met over 4 days to discuss how climate variability and change impacts Florida's communities, natural resources, and economies and how a stronger partnership between the representatives from all sectors can provide short-term benefits in managing risks.

At last week's Symposium " Climate Information for Managing Risks (CIMR) - Local to regional adaptation and mitigation strategies" held in Orlando, Climate Science and Services, Biodiversity and Conservation, Water Resource Management, Agricultural Risk Management, Public Health and other cross-sectoral impacts and solutions were discussed all contributing to a better regional understanding and collaboration between science, government, and community outreach.

The Symposium, hosted by the Southeast Climate Consortium, the Florida Climate Institute, and IFAS/ University of Florida, was supported by NOAA and USDA Agricultural Research Services.  The opening session featured speakers  from NOAA, NASA, NCAR, USFWC, USEPA, CDC, and other universities working on climate research.




May 25, 2011: AgMIP Project gets International Leaders' Attention.   


Discussing bi-lateral collaboration in higher education and science, UK's Prime Minister Cameron and President Obama agreed to embark on an ambitious program to create the world's first combined space weather model capable of forecasting terrestrial weather with great accuracy.  The global  Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP), both countries partner in, was acknowledged as a way forward to better understand the implications of climate change on food production and food security around the world and to develop adaption strategies. AgMIP is led by a team from Columbia University, the Florida Climate Institute (University of Florida), and USDA-ARS. For more information, please read the press release

More about AgMIP read here.

FCI Events


November 14-15, 2011:

The Florida Climate Institute will be holding an annual conference on Monday, November 14 to highlight climate-related research and education in the Institute at both FSU and UF.  We are also planning a State University System-wide workshop on Tuesday, November 15, in cooperation with Florida Atlantic University, where faculty from other universities around the state will attend.


The conference will provide great opportunities to showcase your research on climate-related issues, participate in panel discussions on hot topics, interact with industry and agency professionals, and get the latest research on some of the most pressing issues we will face in the coming decades.   During these two days, we will feature talks by science and industry leaders, information on degree programs and research initiatives, state and federal policies, natural resource issues, economic impacts of climate change and sea level rise, and the latest climate science will be discussed.

Other Events


June 15-July 1, 2011:

Location: Ashville, NC.

Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites-NC announcing Summer Institute on Climate Change.


June 23-26, 2011:  

Location: The University of Vermont - Burlington, VT. 

Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences announcing the AESS's 2011 Annual Meeting and Conference: "Confronting Complexity".  


June 27- July 2, 2011

Location: Ixia, Rhodes, Greece.

3rd International Summit on Hurricanes and Climate Change

For more information visit the AEGEAN website here.  


July 4-8, 2011

Location: Havana International Conference Center - Havana, Cuba.

VIII International Convention on Environment and Development 

"This transcendental conference will provide a fluid and comprehensive exchange of ideas and criteria about methodological, theoretical and practical aspects related to the environment and sustainable development, in order to find better options to face and solve the problems involved in this wide field of study, which is more recurrent and necessary every day."


July 11-15, 2011:  

Location: NCAR Mesa Lab - Boulder, CO.

The 2011 NCAR/CDC Colloquium on Climate and Health

Call for applications: application deadline is 15 May 2011. Between 20 and 25 applicants will be selected to attend the workshop. All applicants will be notified of the decision by the end of May.  Funding is available for graduate students, post-docs, and early career scientists.

Direct all questions to Dr. Hayden: mhayden@ucar.edu - (303)497-8116.


July 21-22, 2011:

Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  

3rd Climate Change Conference - Impacts and Responses.

Overall Theme: Climate Change and its Global Implications for people, ethics and equity.

The Climate Change Conference is for any person with an interest in, and concern for, scientific, policy and strategic perspectives in climate change. It will address a range of critically important themes relating to the vexing question of climate change. Plenary speakers will include some of the world's leading thinkers in the fields of climatology and environmental science, as well as numerous paper, workshop and colloquium presentations by researchers and practitioners.

For more information, please visit the conference website.


August 1-2, 2011:

Location: Wellington, New Zealand.

7th Australia-New Zealand Climate Change and Business Conference.

Following the 2010 conference in Sydney, this conference will attract again delegates from throughout the region. It is an example of how participants from key business leaders, politicians, academics and industry experts and presentations from the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, national and state politicians, and a wide range of industry sectors including banking, farming, forestry, investment, management, technology, transport, and energy keep engaging and discussing the impact of climate change on a region and the socio-economic environment.

For more information, please visit the website


October 22-29, 2011:

Location: La Foret Conference and Retreat Center Colorado Springs, CO.

DISCCRS VI Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research Symposium.

Dedicated to the memory of Stephen H. Schneider.   


October 24-28, 2011:

Location: Denver, CO.  

The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) will host a major Open Science Conference (OSC) in October 2011 in Denver with the title "Climate Research in Service to Society".

The conference aims to attract the world's experts to provide a unique synthesis of current research findings on climate variability and change, to identify the most urgent scientific issues and research challenges, and to ascertain how the WCRP can best facilitate research and develop partnerships critical for progress in the future.       


November 1-4, 2011:

Location: Tallahassee, FL 

The 38th Annual Natural Areas Conference will be in Tallahassee November 1-4. The theme is "Adaptation and Protection of Biodiversity in a Changing World". There will be a symposium on adaptation, as well as other sessions addressing climate change effects on natural areas management.  

More information is available at  www.naturalarea.org/11conference. 


November 8-11, 2011:

Location: Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.  

The 1st International Conference Energy & Meteorology (ICEM) 2011 will be held in Australia, with the pre-Conference Seminar "Energy & Meteorology: Fundamentals and Challenges" and Welcome Reception on Monday, 7 November 2011.

Here are the Conference's themes:

- State-of-the-Science and Challenges in Weather & Climate for Energy

- Energy Generation - including Renewables and Biofuels

- Energy Resource Assessment, Planning, Forecasting and Storage

- Energy Extraction, Transportation, Transmission and Distribution

- Energy Demand, Smart Grids, Finance and Insurance


January 22-26, 2012:

Location: New Orleans, LA.  

AMS 92nd Annual Meeting.

American Meteorological Society - 92nd Annual Meeting in New Orleans - pre-announcement.

For more information visit  the AMS website here.

Recent Publications


Klotzbach, P.J., 2011. El Niņo-Southern Oscillation's impact on Atlantic basin hurricanes and U.S. landfalls. Journal of Climate, 24, 1252-1263.   


Donoghue, J.F., 2011, Sea-level history of the northern Gulf of Mexico and sea-level rise scenarios for the near future. Climatic Change. (in press). 


Park J., J. Obeysekera, M. Irizarry, P. Trimble, 2011,
Storm Surge Projections and Implications for Water Management in South Florida. Climatic Change, doi: 10.1007/s10584-011-0079-8. (in press). 


Simard, S., 2010: Climate Change and Variability. InTech, 270 pp.

The Book (ISBN: 978-953-307-144-2) is available for free download.   


Swihard, T., 2011: Florida's Water: A Fragile Resource in a Vulnerable State. Rff Press, 256 pp.   

Funding Opportunities


U.S. Department of Energy / Office of Science Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER): Terrestrial Ecosystem Science  

The Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER) of the Office of Science (SC), DOE, hereby announces its interest in receiving applications for terrestrial ecosystem science that will improve the understanding of the role of terrestrial ecosystems in climate forcing related to a changing climate. The emphasis of this FOA is to understand the impacts of, and feedbacks from a changing climate on non-managed terrestrial ecosystems. Authors should pose their research applications in the context of representing terrestrial ecosystem processes in earth system models. Both single investigator projects and multi-investigator projects are encouraged. See the announcement opportunity.         It is anticipated that up to $3,000,000 will be available for approximately 10 to 15 awards to be made in Fiscal Year 2012, contingent on the availability of appropriated funds.      Pre-application Due Date (Required): June 14, 2011. Application due date: September 12, 2011. Solicitation #: DE-FOA-0000536.


BP Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative RFP-III 

The BP GRI has just released RFP-III (see http://griresearchboard.org/rfp/RFP-III.html) "to support continuity of observations and sampling and for initiation of emergent, e.g., time sensitive, observations and sampling during July 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011. RFP-III is intended to fill a funding gap in critical data acquisition, until such time as funds for projects that will be selected pursuant to RFP-I and/or RFP-II are available for distribution. In addition to observations and sampling, up to two additional months of support are available for ancillary work, i.e., to catalogue the observations and samples and prepare them for availability to the wider community. RFP-III is to sustain or initiate critical observations and sampling related to the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. The level of funding for each RFP-III project is expected to be different, concomitant with the requirements of the continuing and emergent observations and sampling to be performed. The total funds available for distribution through RFP-III are up to $1.5 million. Funding for each award is estimated to be $50,000 (minimum) and $300,000 (maximum) for five months (maximum)."

This program has an extraordinarily aggressive timeline:

- June 7 RFP release.

- June 17, 9:00 PM EDT proposals due.

- June 30 projects funded.

The above link provides pdfs of the complete RFP as well as supporting documents.


Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship Program (IGERT)

The IGERT program has been developed to meet the challenges of educating U.S. Ph.D. scientists and engineers with interdisciplinary backgrounds, deep knowledge in chosen disciplines, and technical, professional, and personal skills. The program is intended to establish new models for graduate education and training in a fertile environment for collaborative research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. 

Full Proposal Deadline Date: July 1, 2011.

For more information, please follow the link.   


FCI Logo 

FCI seed money: Inter-disciplinary collaborations in climate science between UF and FSU.

FCI announces that seed money will be available for FSU faculty (research or tenure-track) with the expectation that at

least one collaborative UF-FSU research proposal will be submitted to one or several national agencies within one year.

For more information, please read the request for proposal

Application due date: July 31, 2011.

Employment Opportunities 


Post-doctoral Research Appointment: 

Under a joint collaborative agreement, the Carnegie Institution for Science (http://dge.ciw.edu) and the US Forest Service Institute for Pacific Islands Forestry (http://www.fs.fed.us/psw/programs/ipif/) seeks post-doctoral research applicants for a two-year study to map and model ecosystem structure, composition, and biogeochemical processes in the Hawaiian Islands. 

Please see the position description here


Mote Marine Laboratory announces 2 post-doctoral fellowships in Marine Science:

Mote Marine Laboratory (Mote), an independent not-for-profit institution, has adopted a 2020 Vision & Strategic Plan and will recruit two new Postdoctoral Fellows in late 2011.   

New Postdoctoral Fellows are expected to begin between September 1 and December 31, 2011. Each full-time position includes an annual salary of $40,000. Health insurance is also provided with each position, with family options. Benefits include an opt-in retirement plan with employer matching, leaves for holidays, illness, and vacation, and other benefits.

Each Postdoctoral Fellow will have an established researcher assigned to serve as a dedicated mentor, and will receive office/laboratory space and funds for startup, operations, and travel. Each Fellowship position will be for a period of two years (assuming appropriate first-year progress). The Mote Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program is planning on having eight concurrent Fellowship positions overlapping each year by 2020. Exemplary Fellows may be invited to join Mote as Staff Scientists upon completion of their initial two-year appointment.

Recent PhD graduates and others with prior postdoctoral experience are invited to apply.  Applications from any field of marine research including engineering, social science, and policy will be considered. Equal consideration will be given to candidates working in Mote's current fields of inquiry, candidates that meld Mote's current fields of inquiry, and candidates who will pursue new research directions.  For a complete description of Mote's research programs, the postdoctoral program and application requirements see www.mote.org/2011postdocs. Watch the site for updates and announcements.

Applications are due by 5:00 pm EDT, June 29, 2011, to humanresources@mote.org.  Mote Marine Laboratory is an EOE/ADA/E-Verify employer.


Climate Data Specialist: 

The South Dakota Climate and Weather Laboratory is currently recruiting a climate data specialist in support of the state climate office in SD.  This is an MS level position, primarily a computing position, to support data archiving, transfer and access for the state climate office. Please see the position description here.   

Dr. Dennis Todey, State Climatologist-Associate Professor / Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering-South Dakota State University / dennis.todey@sdstate.edu-(605)688.5678, is the point of contact.


Cluster Hire of Faculty Addressing the Efficient and Sustainable Use of Water for Food:

The Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska, with support from the Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute, is pleased to announce a cluster hire of faculty members to build on existing expertise in water for food at the university. Outstanding candidates are sought for the following positions: Irrigation Engineer, Hydrogeophysicist,
Ground/Surface Water Modeler, Geospatial Hydrologist.

For detailed information regarding the positions, please check the link


For more job opportunities, please check our website.