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November 2010
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Dear Midwifery Educators,

You are cordially invited to the 2010 annual meeting of Association of Midwifery Educators.  This year, in an effort to reach more of our members and potential members, we are doing a virtual meeting via conference call and online meeting space.     

The mission of AME is to strengthen schools and support teachers and administrators through connection, collaboration and coordination.  This has been a year of great growth for this new organization and we are excited to have an opportunity to:

  •  Introduce the board of directors
  • Take you on a guided tour of websites with all its new resources and educator's forum
  • Report on the workshops sponsored at MANA
  • Update you on the midwifery educator's forum held in Spring 2009
  • Share the collaboration project with Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC)
  • Tell you about the exciting online peer review research journal project

We want to show you what we've created but to also hear from you. What is it you need to be a better teacher? What is it you can share with others? Administrators, what are your challenges running a school? What are some of your biggest challenges?  

Please join us on November 29.This organization was created to support you, midwifery educators, and we need you to be members, to share your experience and information with others and support excellence in midwifery education.    

You'll find the details on the sidebar of this email. 

'See' you soon!

~Mary Yglesia

President, AME Board of Directors

Collaborate on our Website

This website is for you!! AME exists to support midwifery educators of all types. This site is the place you should visit when planning courses or just looking to add something new to a class you are already teaching. It is the place to get feedback and share best practices from educators all over North America. Preceptors can log on to learn more about how other preceptors work with students or start a discussion on a specific teaching challenge.


But our site is only as good as the input we receive from our members and prospective members. We have a good start, but we want you to share with your fellow educators! 


How can you participate?


1.     Be a frequent visitor and contributor to the Member's Only

Discussion Forum!

2.     Submit resources for the Member's Only Resource Page.

  • Here are some suggestions for content you can send us:
  • Books used in a specific course/ subject
  • Multi-media resources (video, audio and/or web-based)
  • Your favorite lesson plan, teaching method or activity
  • A compilation of your school/ program faculty's teaching tips
  • Student theses or senior papers
  • Podcasts of you teaching in action
  • Sample tests, lesson plans, grading rubrics
  • Sample preceptor contracts/ forms
  • Useful websites
  • Original articles on "how to teach" specific topics
  • Recipes or instructions for creating clinical skills models
  • Scholarship resources

    Click here for information on how to submit resources.

3.     Write an article for our new e-mail based Giving Birth to


  • Something unique about your school
  • An interview with a long-time academic faculty member or preceptor
  • A highlight on a faculty member who has recently written a book or article
  • An issue affecting midwifery education
  • Original article on "how to teach" a specific topic

 .  .  . you get the picture!  There is a lot to share without sacrificing what makes your school unique.

Invite Your Faculty to our Nov 29 Meeting! 

Please forward this e-mail and the GoToWebinar meeting invitation to your faculty and preceptors. Let them know that you think this is an important organization and that it exists FOR them! 


Remember that each member school has a certain number of "users". You might designate staff as the "users" or you could allow a "user" to be a faculty member or preceptor. It is up to you. "Users" will be able to log into the Member's Only Resource Page and the Discussion Forum. We need a list of these users in order to allow log on to the forum.

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Collaborate on our Website
Our Nov 29 Meeting!

Please Read


1pm PST / 4pm EST

Before Monday you will be receiving an e-mail from GoToWebinar inviting you to the meeting.  You will want to get logged on at least 10 minutes before the meeting in case you need assistance with getting started. 


What do you need to attend
the Meeting?

A computer with internet; a phone, headset, or web based microphone (the invitation from GoToWebinar will instruct how to log on with these different audio devices). 


If you need help the day of the meeting, please contact Stephanie Safholm at 206-883-5245.

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