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Book Review 'Forensic Interview - Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery (FTER) Method
Contact:  Dean A. Beers, CLI, CCDI and Karen S. Beers, BSW, CCDI

Associates in Forensic Investigations LLC is pleased to announce their review of 'Forensic Interview - FTER Method' by renowned criminal defense investigator, Brandon Perron, CCDI.

Brandon Perron's first book, 'Uncovering Reasonable Doubt:  The Component Method' has been used by public and private sector investigators since 1998 and is the foundation of all competent criminal defense training and investigations.  Brandon has taken this concept to a new level with his latest book and methodology.
Interviewing is one of the fundamental skills required of almost every public and private sector investigator.  This skill is relevant to all areas of investigations - from civil to workers compensation, and including law enforcement.  This book was written for all investigators - from the novice to the experienced. 

"Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery - The FTER Method" is described as the art and science of the interview. There are three basic areas of the book - evidence and fundamental concepts, application of the concepts, and advanced techniques.  Brandon takes the investigator through the understanding of evidence, fact finding and recovery of evidence.  The FTER Method takes the evidentiary process further in defining testimonial evidence.

This book demonstrates the interview skills necessary, and how to apply those skills.  Leaders of the investigative profession may have different methodologies, but they all share the same purpose and fundamentals. The reader is challenged to learn, adapt and apply the concepts - including with practical mini-tests throughout each chapter.

Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery is a strong concept, that when appropriately applied, is a powerful technique.  When applied consistently as part of an overall investigative methodology, it strengthens investigation and strategy.

It is important to pay close attention to the application of this FTER Method before continuing the book and learning process.  The basic interview techniques are necessary to conduct effective fact-finding and truth verification interviews.  The next level is for the experienced investigator in the stages of the advanced interviewing techniques.  The advanced skills include visual imagery, Kinesics techniques, and how the basic interview is further assessed and advanced using these techniques.

In 13 chapters and a summary, renowned and respected Brandon Perron, CCDI, takes the criminal defense investigator down a road that is not well traveled but should be.  He maps out the concepts of the FTER Method, demonstrating and imparting the art and science of the forensic interview and related testimonial evidence recovery. 

To no surprise, Brandon bridges the art and science in a clear and concise methodology and plan of action.  He packs a lot of punch in this book in the fight to assure every defendant is able to exercise their Constitutional right to an adequate defense.  As a stand-alone book, the FTER Method is excellent.  With its predecessor, "Uncovering Reasonable Doubt:  The Component Method", it is a powerful testament to the skills and necessity of a criminal defense investigator and how they can and will succeed in the most important role of our adversarial judicial system.

Is the interview an art or science?  Brandon reminds us, but you will need to pick up the book for the answer.  I strongly suggest that this book be part of every investigator's library.

Dean A. Beers, CLI, CCDI
Associates in Forensic Investigations, LLC
(c) April 2012


This book is written by Brandon Perron, a Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI).  He operates Investigative Support Specialists, Inc. in Stuart FL and is founder of the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council and the coveted Certified Criminal Defense Investigator professional designation.  He has over two decades in private criminal defense investigations, not including graduating the United States Air Force Security Police Academy and the United States Army Military Police Investigator School and as a Criminal Investigator with the United States Air Force, then as a Florida Public Defender Investigator.

This book is available at:http://astore.amazon.com/assoinforeinv-20/detail/0967061512

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