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We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and will soon be enjoying Christmas and Hanukkah.  With 2012 just around the corner, we want to extend our sincerest appreciation to our family, friends, colleagues and clients for a wonderful 2011!

Starting this month, our agency has launched a special referral program for our fellow investigators.  < Click Here > or on the cash graphic in the sidebar for more details.  Also this month, is Black Friday Month (because this special started on Black Friday, through Christmas) and Dean's 'Professional Locate Investigations' eBook is available for $10 and automatic download (eBook is regularly $15 and hardcopy is $25).  The download includes expanded and additional articles in preparation for a full 2012 revision (current purchasers will get a discount on the eBook only revision).  < Click Here > for details.

This is the time of year we see many charity drives - from food banks to toy collections.  Please take the time to drop a dollar here and there, pick up a children's toy and donate to the many causes.  For us, Childrens Hospitals and Ronald McDonald's House networks were life changing, and saving, to our family and extended family.  They hold a special place throughout the year in our charitable giving.

Remember to let us know about your interest in death investigation seminars.  We are planning for 2012 and are accepting sponsors.  Be sure and check out "Medicolegal Death Investigations for Private Investigators", a continuing education course at  www.PIEducation.com developed by us and based upon our education, training and experience.

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-- Now member of Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI)

-- Dean appointed as World Association of Detectives (WAD) North America Ambassador (west) 

-- Special for the holidays - 'Professional Locate Investigations' eBook 

-- Comments on the Wyoming Coroner Association Conference


Crime Wire Online

We are excited to be part of the Crime Wire Investigation Bureau team as Consultants to Crime Wire.  Each week a cold case or equivocal death case (often both) are reviewed with the team of consultants.  If you missed the live show, catch the online archives.

< Click Here > for Crime Wire - Tuesdays 9pm MST 

In the News

-- DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated
-- Discovery Reforms Are Needed

Association News
-- Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC)
-- National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI)
-- National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS)
-- World Association of Detectives (WAD)
Important Dates
Our office is closed for all state and federal holidays - if the banks and post office are closed, so is AFI-LLC.  The following are the important dates for this month and the following two months.

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TBD Pending out of state trial
23rd to 26th (Fri-Mon) - Christmas Holiday
31st to 02nd (Jan) (Fri-Mon) - New Years Holiday

January 2012
31st (Dec) to 02nd (Fri-Mon) - New Years Holiday

01st to 06th (Wed-Mon) - NALI Conference

Karen's Corner:
Investigations - "As Seen on TV"
(Karen S. Beers, BSW, CCDI)
This month's puzzle is a change - a word scramble.  The puzzle and answers for last month are at  http://crosswords.forensic-investigators.com.

PPIAC Senior Member, Bob Wall (Wall Investigations, Grand Junction, CO) offered this story about investigative fiction versus reality.  If only investigations were 'As Seen on TV' is worth sharing with our readers.  We are all familiar with the 'CSI Effect' and the studies involving impact on the juries.  This article takes a look at realities, legalities and myths of law enforcement television, and how people have come to expect investigations to be handled.

< Continue to Full Story >    

Email your puzzle and story ideas to beersks@Forensic-Investigators.com

About Karen:
Karen S. Beers, BSW
Karen S. Beers

Karen has been a Legal Investigator and Administrative Assistant, since 1996. She recently earned the designation Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI).  Together they operate Forensic Investigators of Colorado, LLC.  In addition to her skilled interactions with troubled youths, she trained and worked as a Deputy Coroner at the Larimer County Medical Examiner's Office.  This background provides essential skills and knowledge in their Personal Injury, Negligence and Death investigations and consultations in Colorado and nationally.

Dean's Desk
Evidence and the Role of the Legal Investigator
(Dean A. Beers, CLI, CCDI)

First, I have to extend my most heartfelt congratulations to Karen for her fine work on her first professionally published article - "The Basics of an Autopsy Report" for PI Magazine (www.PIMagazine.com)!  It is a great article, be sure and pick up a copy. 


Part II of my article about investigating motor vehicle collisions will be featured in the upcoming TALI magazine - The Texas Investigator.  


EVIDENCE - Its not just information or facts - its what we do! 

From the National Association of Legal Investigators (www.NALI.com) -
"The painstaking inquiry of the legal investigator is indispensable to the competent and successful trial attorney and to the effective administration of justice in this country."  


In this month's 'In The News' are two articles relating to evidence - one concerning DNA, and the other concerning criminal discovery not making it from the prosecutor to the defense.  These bring up important issues, particularly relating to the role of the legal investigator.


Depending on the specific services a private investigator offers, their roles will vary.  Unfortunately, the first rule is often not followed:  Engage the services of a professional investigator!  This should be repeated like the mantra of business success - location, location, location - hire, hire, hire!   Not just before a hearing or trial, but as soon as an incident happens or an attorney is engaged - the professional investigator should be the next phone call.  Time is truly one of the most valuable assets and should not be wasted.  At my recent trip to Rawlins WY, to teach death investigation practices to deputy coroners, law enforcement and first responders, one of the points emphasized was every action - or inaction - they practice leads to a result, whether intended or unintended, and that chain continues through civil and criminal trials.


Proper investigation starts as soon as possible.  Proper investigation includes following a protocol, chain of custody and evidence.  A comprehensive investigative procedure. 

Dean A. Beers, CLI
Dean A. Beers
About Dean:

Dean is the only Board Certified Legal Investigator (CLI) in northern Colorado, also recently awarded his CCDI, and is also certified in Medicolegal Death Investigatiions specializing in all Personal Injury, Negligence and Death investigations in the civil arena and criminal defense.  He has extensive background in medicolegal-forensic and factual Investigations with law enforcement education, experience and relationships.  He has testified as an expert in Forensic Investigation and Pattern Injury Analysis, as well as Protocols of Private Investigations.  He currently consults nationwide as an expert in criminal defense homicide and civil equivocal death investigations.

Our Expert Forensic Affiliations
Autopsy Review 
Forensic Pathology Consultations
We believe that medicolegal investigation and consultation is a team effort.  Dr. Stephen Cina, Dr. Harold Schueler and our agency are affiliated as experts in our respective fields offering our clients comprehensive medicolegal services.

Contact our office to consult on medicolegal death and injury causation.  Dr. Cina's CV (Forensic Pathology services), are available at his website - Autopsy Review.  Dr. Schueler (Forensic Toxicology services), and Dr. James Warson (Neurosurgery, retired) can be contacted through our office.

Dr. Warson founded the Front Range Center for Brain and Spine Surgery in Fort Collins, CO. and is available for related consultations. 
Recent Articles and Upcoming Engagements
The Legal Investigator (TLI) of National Association of Legal Investigators
Published quarterly for the members of NALI and available online.  Concise information for civil and criminal legal investigators - and some ideas for civil and criminal attorneys.  Details at
 < TLI Online >

The Texas Investigator (TTI) of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators has published Dean's article 'Investigative Protocol and Motor Vehicle Collisions' (Part 1 of 2).  You can get your free digital copy, compliments of TALI, by following this link:  < The Texas Investigator - sample copy >


Association and Industry Updates
Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (www.PPIAC.org)  
The licensing program in Colorado will be effective July 2012.  The Department of Regulatory Agencies is currently developing the program and expects to begin releasing information in early 2012.

If you are interested in licensing in Colorado, please follow this link and complete the contact form.  As soon as information becomes available interested individuals will be emailed, as well as updated in this newsletter.  Of course PPIAC will have updates on the association website.

Also, the fall quarter newsletter is now available: 
< Click to Read > the PPIAC Quarterly and learn about PPIAC

PI Museum was a special guest at the PPIAC conference.  Ben Harroll, founder and curator, put his museum of extensive facts, artifacts, and information on display.  We were very honored to be one of his inaugural year stops and will continue to work with him to spread the history of our profession.

< Click for Membership Information > 


Please consider joining PI Museum - its inexpensive, completely tax deductible, and is a lifetime founder membership!


National Association of Legal Investigators (www.NALI.com)
NALI is the premiere national association for legal investigators - civil plaintiff and criminal defense.  The also publish a very informative association magazine - The Legal Investigator.  Consider joining NALI, you will be glad you did!

The Mid Winter Conference, February 02nd-04th, 2012 in Orlando FL with a fantastic lineup of speakers.  < Click Here for Details >

National Council of Investigation and Security Services (www.NCISS.org)
Plans are underway for the April conference and Hit the Hill.  Stay tuned for details. 

If you are a private investigator, consider joining NCISS.  The introductory membership is $99 for the first year and prorated in 2012, if you join now next year will be $70; regular annual dues are $140); the $25 application fee is waived. Join in December and there will be no dues this time next year for 2013! 

< Membership Special Offer Details > 


Donations to the legislative fund, from PIs and attorneys, are appreciated.

To learn more about NCISS, visit www.NCISS.org. 

World Association of Detectives
Dean was appointed as the North American Ambassador (West) by new WAD President Siti Naidu.  WAD has international geographical coverage of a diversified group of investigators and security professionals. Ambassadors assist the regional governors and also support the Applicant Manager, verifying backgrounds of new applicants, represent WAD at state, national and international association meetings, and assist with recruiting new members to WAD.  Speaking of recruiting - if you are in any way involved in or interested in being involved in international investigations and contacts, WAD is the oldest and largest association.  
n the News
News happens so fast, please visit our agency blog for daily and weekly posts on news of interest

Some of the latest news of interest...


DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated  

Scientists in Israel have demonstrated that it is possible to fabricate DNA evidence, undermining the credibility of what has been considered the gold standard of proof in criminal cases. 

< Continue to Full Story >  


Discovery Reforms Needed
The Supreme Court recently heard a case in which prosecutors withheld from the defense information that might have acquitted a murder defendant. The court can rectify this one injustice by ruling for the defendant, but broader reforms are necessary to prevent prosecutors nationwide from concealing evidence.

< Continue to Full Story >

Book Reviews
Scott Harrell's review for www.PursuitMag.com

< See the complete review >

Burt Hodge's review for Florida Association of Licensed Investigators

< See the complete review >

Bob Wall's review for Professional Private Investigators Association of CO 

< See the complete review >

Don Johnson's review for PI Magazine 

< See the complete review >


Jennifer Brown, CLI, JD, is the Editor for the quarterly newsletter of the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado, writes "Awesome book, Dean. Should be required reading for investigators. It's helped me clean up some of my procedures."

Five Qualities of a Professional Investigator...
Certified Legal InvestigatorSkills Appropriate for the Assignment
Law firms and medical offices specialize - Professional Investigators also specialize.  Their casework and continuing education should also be in your specialized areas.

Experience and Knowledge
Professional Investigators strive to maintain and further these. All professions have requirements of continuing education.  The CLI program requires extensive compliance with continuing education.

Responsible and Ethical Conduct
Every component of the investigation has evidentiary considerations. Professional Investigators hold themselves to a higher standard and leaves no question as to the admissibility of their evidence.  Information without ethics is not evidence.

Effective Communication
Professional Investigators maintain communication with the attorney, client, witnesses, and other key persons in the investigation.  Moreover, reports are the product of an organized investigation and should reflect the work product you expect.

Keyword - 'Professional'
Honesty, Integrity & Intelligence.  These define Professional Investigators and gives you the confidence that your case is in competent and skilled hands.
In Closing...

Merry Christmas and Hannukah

May you and your family be blessed each day.  Please consider those less fortunate, as well as those organizations close to you that can benefit from the generosity of each of us.
Associates in Forensic Investigations, LLC
Dean and Karen Beers
Dean and Karen Beers
specializes in the Expert Consultations and Legal Investigations of Personal Injuries, Negligence and Death in Civil, Criminal and Probate litigation.

We are the PRIDE of Associates in Forensic Investigations, LLC - Professional Reliable Investigators Defining Excellence in every assignment. 

Thank You.  Please contact us with any questions or for additional information on these topics and our related services.


Dean A. Beers, CLI, CCDI (beersda@Forensic-Investigators.com)
Karen S. Beers, BSW, CCDI (beersks@Forensic-Investigators.com)

Forensic Investigators of Colorado, LLC
Office:  (970) 480-7793 (Dean x1 and Karen x2) ~ Fax:  (970) 480-7794 

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