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We are now in the last quarter of the year.  Where has the year gone?  Its about to go back one hour - don't forget to change your clocks and 'fall back' on Saturday (05th).  Preparations for Thanksgiving and the holidays begin in earnest, and we also prepare for the year's end in our businesses and associations.  It is usually a very busy two months for everyone.

Last month we notified you via this newsletter of some contact information changes, as well as our agency name change.  Well, one of our astute colleagues let us know that we had not changed the contact information at the end of the newsletter, and several others pointed out some link errors - still going to our old website and not the new site.  These have been fixed, but if you find others please let us know.

We still have several changes to make to the website, from interactive online case assignments, to case status login sections for clients.

We are excited about the course our agency has taken.  We have been instrumental in assisting investigators, attorneys and families through our network of clients and peers.  We appreciate your referrals, and please let us know when you provide a referral so that we can personally thank you (sometimes a family member will actually forget who referred us).  Visit our updated website at www.DeathCaseReview.com.

As a reminder, new contact phone numbers are:
(970) 480-7793 for our main number
(Dean x1 and Karen x2
(970) 480-7794 is our new fax number

Last week our office was contacted multiple times (three in one day) inquiring about death investigation seminars.  We are planning for 2012 and are accepting sponsors.  Be sure and check out "Medicolegal Death Investigations for Private Investigators", a continuing education course at  www.PIEducation.com developed by us and based upon our education, training and experience.

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Karen and Dean Beers (Coloradoan - 10/17/2011)  



Good friend and colleague, and fellow CLI, Terry R. Cox is a legal investigator in Booneville, MS (Lonewolf Group); and the National Director for the National Association of Legal Investigators.  He was the defense investigator on the nationally captivating Mary Winkler case - 'The Pastor's Wife' will be aired Saturday (11/05) on the Lifetime Movie Network (and will likely be repeated).  The story of Mary Winkler captivated the Mid-South, and now her saga has become a made-for-television movie premiering Saturday on Lifetime.

Winkler admitted to shooting and killing her preacher husband, Matthew Winkler, in 2006 in their home in Selmer, Tennessee.
  Having seen the presentation of Terry Cox, and defense attorney Steve Farese, it will be interesting to see how this is portrayed.

Crime Wire Online

We are excited to be part of the Crime Wire Investigation Bureau team as Consultants to Crime Wire.  Each week a cold case or equivocal death case (often both) are reviewed with the team of consultants.  If you missed the live show, catch the online show archive.  We will also be co-hosting on 11/15/2011 and discussing how a group of private investigators saw justice for a family after 40 years!

< Click Here > for Crime Wire - Tuesdays 9pm MST 

In the News

-- Our agency featured in the Fort Collins Coloradoan
-- Five Tips for Winter Driving
-- Homicide or Accident? and Accident or Natural? - Exploring Manner of Death
-- Larimer County Sheriff rolls out new website
-- Larimer County Sheriff Deputies help burglary victim
-- Free directory listing for PIs

Association News
-- Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado
-- National Association of Legal Investigators
-- National Council of Investigation and Security Services
-- World Association of Detectives

Visit our website at www.Forensic-Investigators.com to review the highlights of our services and resources.  Call us today to review your case and investigative needs.

A new archive page for newsletters and press releases from July 2010 to present is available at:  < Newsletter Archives >.
Important Dates
The following are the important dates for this month and the following two months.  Reminders are sent approximately one week before an extended event (i.e. conferences and vacations).  Any last minute changes are also sent by email.  Please mark your calendars for any dates that may affect deadlines, hearing dates, trials and depositions.  Any changes from a previous notice or newsletter will have an (*) to alert you to a calendar update.

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*TBD Pending out of state trial (late Nov to mid December)
*09th to 11th - Wyoming Coroner Association Conference (seminar presentations)
24th & 25th - Thanksgiving Holiday

23rd to 26th (Fri-Mon) - Christmas Holiday
*31st to 02nd (Jan) (Fri-Mon) - New Years Holiday

January 2012
*31st (Dec) to 02nd (Fri-Mon) - New Years Holiday
Karen's Corner:
Death Penalty Crossword Puzzle (part 2) and Brain Teaser
AFI-LLC Featured in Coloradoan (Business section)
(Karen S. Beers, BSW, CCDI)
This month's puzzle and answers are at  http://crosswords.forensic-investigators.com - are you for or against the death penalty?  Read last month's story (newsletter archives), and check out both last month's and this month's crossword puzzles.  Please note that there was an error in this link last month - our apologies.

Last month the puzzle concentrated on being against the death penalty. This month the puzzle will concentrate on being for the death penalty. I have stated that I do believe capital punishment has its place, especially in extreme cases, but it should be an extreme case where all evidence is there and accurate. Last month I mentioned the case of Jeremy Sheets (hear his story on PI's Declassified - aired 11/03/2011), who was on death row, and claims his innocence and who wants to solve the case, not only for the family who still believes he is the guilty one, but to exonerate himself.

< Continued > 


Recently the local newspaper, The Fort Collins Coloradoan, featured our agency in the business section (see our photograph above).  Here is an excerpt:

Q: Generally speaking, what's been your most exciting case?


A: Any case in which we have helped a client, victim or family member begin to find solutions and closure to a traumatic event. It is not possible to be in their position, but we feel with our help on their legal team, we can make their position better.


One memorable case involved extensive work for the victim of a motor vehicle collision who could not recall what happened. We were able to prove, through witnesses and scene investigation, what happened and that the responsible party's statements were false and not possible to have happened as they reported.


Another also involved a motor vehicle collision and being able to prove for the decedent's family that the responsible party, although in possession of a narcotic legally, had used it illegally just before the collision, proving his negligence and not that of the decedent.

Email me your puzzle and story ideas to [email protected]

About Karen:
Karen S. Beers, BSW
Karen S. Beers

Karen has been a Legal Investigator and Administrative Assistant, since 1996. She recently earned the designation Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI).  Together they operate Forensic Investigators of Colorado, LLC.  In addition to her skilled interactions with troubled youths, she trained and worked as a Deputy Coroner at the Larimer County Medical Examiner's Office.  This background provides essential skills and knowledge in their Personal Injury, Negligence and Death investigations and consultations in Colorado and nationally.

Dean's Desk
Online PI Directory, Read TALI's magazine, NDIA and CDITC
(Dean A. Beers, CLI, CCDI)

PI Newswire, is the leader in content aggregation for the investigative, legal and forensic professional. PI Newswire celebrated its 2 year anniversary in August and as a thank you is offering a FREE online directory for these professionals - YOU! As an added bonus, we've teamed up with some industry leading sponsors and there are thousands of dollars in great prizes to be won for those of you in the United States & Canada (AFI-LLC has donated 'Practical Methods for Legal Investigations', but we derive no benefit from this donation or providing this directory link).  < List your agency and services FREE > 


I recently gave a presentation on 'Death Investigation for the Civil and Criminal Investigator' at the regional conference in Denver.  I was so impressed by their commitment and professionalism that Karen and I joined this outstanding group.   The National Defender Investigators Association.  If you are involved in criminal defense investigations, I strongly encourage you to join NDIA < www.NDIA.net > and the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council (founded by Brandon Perron).  Brandon has been a friend and colleague since our 'early days' writing columns for PI Magazine.  Karen and I recently earned our designations of Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (of which many members of NDIA are also CCDIs).  I am also a faculty advisor for CDITC (Forensic Investigations) and will be returning to Florida soon to teach a full 'Death Investigation for the Civil and Criminal Investigator'.  For details visit < www.DefenseInvestigator.com >.

Dean A. Beers, CLI
Dean A. Beers
About Dean:

Dean is the only Board Certified Legal Investigator (CLI) in northern Colorado, also recently awarded his CCDI, and is also certified in Medicolegal Death Investigatiions specializing in all Personal Injury, Negligence and Death investigations in the civil arena and criminal defense.  He has extensive background in medicolegal-forensic and factual Investigations with law enforcement education, experience and relationships.  He has testified as an expert in Forensic Investigation and Pattern Injury Analysis, as well as Protocols of Private Investigations.  He currently consults nationwide as an expert in criminal defense homicide and civil equivocal death investigations.

Our Expert Forensic Affiliations
Autopsy Review 
Forensic Pathology and Autopsy Consultations
We believe that medicolegal investigation and consultation is a team effort.  Dr. Stephen Cina, Dr. Harold Schueler and our agency are affiliated as experts in our respective fields offering our clients comprehensive medicolegal services.

Contact our office to consult on medicolegal death and injury causation.  Dr. Cina's CV (Forensic Pathology services), are available at his website - Autopsy Review.  Dr. Schueler (Forensic Toxicology services), and Dr. James Warson (Neurosurgery, retired) can be contacted through our office.

Dr. Warson founded the Front Range Center for Brain and Spine Surgery in Fort Collins, CO. and is available for related consultations. 
Recent Articles and Upcoming Engagements
The Legal Investigator (TLI) of National Association of Legal Investigators
Published quarterly for the members of NALI and available online.  Concise information for civil and criminal legal investigators - and some ideas for civil and criminal attorneys.  Details at
 < TLI Online >

The Texas Investigator (TTI) of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators has published Dean's article 'Investigative Protocol and Motor Vehicle Collisions' (Part 1 of 2).  You can get your free digital copy, compliments of TALI, by following this link:  < The Texas Investigator - sample copy >


Association and Industry Updates
Professional Private Investigators Assoc of Colorado (www.PPIAC.org)  
The annual elections were held for the PPIAC Board of Directors.  Continuing their terms into 2012 are myself (Chairman), Robert Orozco (President) and Julia McAleer (Secretary).  I would like to congratulate and welcome the following, either new to the board or position:
-- Tan Smyth to VP of Training
-- Steve Davis for VP of Membership
-- Ryan Johnston for VP of Legislative Affairs
-- John Castellano to Treasurer
-- Heather Cohen returning to Senior Director at Large
-- Gene Ferraro for Senior Director at Large

I would also like to thank the outgoing board members, some have served multiple terms, others multiple positions, and some filling vacated positions:
-- Andrew Schmidt for multiple terms as VP of Legislative Affairs
-- Stacy Smallwood as VP of Training and previous Senior Director at Large
-- Bob Wall as Senior Director at Large
-- Cate Dolan as Treasurer

Together this board made 2011 a historical year and 2012 looks to be a continuation of this hardwork. 

Also, the fall quarter newsletter is now available: 
< Click to Read > the PPIAC Quarterly and learn about PPIAC

PI Museum was a special guest at the PPIAC conference.  Ben Harroll, founder and curator, put his museum of extensive facts, artifacts, and information on display.  We were very honored to be one of his inaugural year stops and will continue to work with him to spread the history of our profession.

< Click for Membership Information > 


Please consider joining PI Museum - its inexpensive, completely tax deductible, and is a lifetime founder membership!


National Association of Legal Investigators (www.NALI.com)
The Mid Winter Conference, February 02nd-04th, 2012 in Orlando FL with a fantastic lineup of speakers.  < Click Here for Details >

National Council of Investigation and Security Services (www.NCISS.org)
Plans are underway for the April conference and Hit the Hill.  Stay tuned for details. 

If you are a private investigator, consider joining NCISS.  The introductory membership is $99 for the first year and prorated in 2012, if you join now next year will be $70; regular annual dues are $140); the $25 application fee is waived. 

< Membership Special Offer Details > 


Donations to the legislative fund, from PIs and attorneys, are appreciated.

To learn more about NCISS, visit www.NCISS.org. 

World Association of Detectives
I am told that the annual conference in Hong Kong, China, was a great success with announcements of new officers and committee appointments coming soon.
In the News
News happens so fast, please visit our agency blog for daily and weekly posts on news of interest

Some of the latest news of interest...




Question 300 on the Fort Collins ballot asked a simple question:  Should medical marijuana dispensaries be legal in Fort Collins.  In Colorado, Constitutional Amendment 20 was passed in 2000, allowing for the possession and use of medical marijuana.  It essentially made no other provisions, except for a 'caregiver'.  This poorly written amendment has created many issues for Colorado.  We are glad to see that this initiative has passed, but there is still reform needed.  (including a new petition to "Federally mandate 'medical marijuana' to be consistent with other regulated pharmaceuticals" at http://wh.gov/27d  

 < See our opinion on our agency blog >  



As Legal Investigators and death investigators, previously with two area medical examiner's offices, we have investigated many tragedies involving driving in inclement weather.  We would like to share some useful tips, should you find yourself involved in a motor vehicle collision.  This information may be particularly helpful should you find your city or town in a state of emergency,  where non-injury collisions are 'counter reports' - law enforcement will not be able to respond.  In addition to recommendations by your insurance company, law enforcement agencies, and consumer protection agencies, a few tips may be helpful: 

< See our opinion on our agency blog >  


A recent death at the Denver Zoo, incident to arrest of a patron by Denver police officers, has many asking this simple question.  The answer depends on who you ask.  There are three agencies involved:  Denver District Attorney, who has determined no criminal charges; Denver Police Department, who has determined no official misconduct; and the Denver Medical Examiner has ruled the death a homicide.  This involves two important decision making processes, that may not seem to go hand-in-hand:  1) The legal question of homicide; and 2) The medical question of homicide.  Based only on the incident media reports and published records, we agree that there is no basis for criminal charges, but to understand the forensic pathologist's opinion of the manner of death being 'homicide', it is important to understand that definition.

< Follow on our agency blog > 


The site has been revamped entirely with an emphasis on providing easy access to the information most requested by users. Future improvements will include access to warrant listings and the names of those currently in the Larimer County Jail.

 < Complete story continued >  



The Sheriff's Commendation has been awarded to two deputies for the compassion they demonstrated to a six-year-old burglary victim earlier this year. A six-year-old boy's piggy bank was stolen when his home was burglarized (along with a pair of iPod headphones and five cartons of chocolate milk). He had been saving for a new bicycle. A couple of piggy banks were put out at the sheriff's office for contributions.    

 < Continue to a happy boy > 

Book Reviews
Scott Harrell reviewed Dean's book for www.PursuitMag.com, the ONLY completely FREE resource and online magazine for private investigators.

< See the complete review >


Burt Hodge's review from Florida Association of Licensed Investigators here:

< See the complete review >


Bob Wall's review from Professional Private Investigators Association of CO here:

< See the complete review >


Don Johnson's review for PI Magazine here:  < See the complete review >


Jennifer Brown, CLI, JD, is the Editor for the quarterly newsletter of the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado, writes "Awesome book, Dean. Should be required reading for investigators. It's helped me clean up some of my procedures."

Five Qualities of a Professional Investigator...
Certified Legal InvestigatorSkills Appropriate for the Assignment
Law firms and medical offices specialize - Professional Investigators also specialize.  Their casework and continuing education should also be in your specialized areas.

Experience and Knowledge
Professional Investigators strive to maintain and further these. All professions have requirements of continuing education.  The CLI program requires extensive compliance with continuing education.

Responsible and Ethical Conduct
Every component of the investigation has evidentiary considerations. Professional Investigators hold themselves to a higher standard and leaves no question as to the admissibility of their evidence.  Information without ethics is not evidence.

Effective Communication
Professional Investigators maintain communication with the attorney, client, witnesses, and other key persons in the investigation.  Moreover, reports are the product of an organized investigation and should reflect the work product you expect.

Keyword - 'Professional'
Honesty, Integrity & Intelligence.  These define Professional Investigators and gives you the confidence that your case is in competent and skilled hands.
In Closing...
AFI-LLC Since 1987 On November 11th is Veteran's Day (and Armistice Day for WWI - the War to End All Wars).

We want to extend our appreciation to our family, friends, colleagues and clients who have served our country, as well as stood by their loved ones as they did.  Every day is a day to give thanks, November has that day twice, here at AFI-LLC and in our family, it is every day.  THANK YOU! 

Associates in Forensic Investigations, LLC
Dean and Karen Beers
Dean and Karen Beers
specializes in the Expert Consultations and Legal Investigations of Personal Injuries, Negligence and Death in Civil,
Criminal and Pro
bate litigation.

We are the PRIDE of Associates in Forensic
Investigations, LLC - Professional Reliable Investigators Defining Excellence in every assignment. 

Thank You.  Please contact us with any questions or for additional information on these topics and our related services.


Dean A. Beers, CLI, CCDI ([email protected])
Karen S. Beers, BSW, CCDI ([email protected])

Forensic Investigators of Colorado, LLC
Office:  (970) 480-7793 (Dean x1 and Karen x2) ~ Fax:  (970) 480-7794 

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Five Qualities of a Professional Legal Investigator
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