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2011 Fall Conference

Denver, CO - 09/23 and 09/24!

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Celebrating Colorado's PI Licensing Law!


Effective June 2012
Concerning the Voluntary Licensure of Private Investigators

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2010-2011 Board of Directors


Dean A. Beers, CLI




Robert Orozco



VP of Membership

Tan Smyth



VP of Training

Stacy Smallwood


VP of Legislative Affairs

Andrew Schmidt




Cate Dolan




Julia McAleer



Senior at Large

John Castellano, Jr.



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Wm. Robert Wall


Associate at Large - to be appointed



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PPIAC is aproud member and supporter of NCISS

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You have probably heard the the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado is having a celebration conference - and you are invited.  Perhaps you have already been thinking about attending the conference, but just haven't decided.  I understand that a lot plays in the decision making process - but time is running out to save money and register early.  Times are tough and the conference committee has extended the early registration, and kept the conference fee low with a venue that is inexpensive.  We want this to be a HUGE celebration of all the accomplishments over the past couple years - from defeating HB 1012 to passing HB 1196, our (your) 34 year effort to see licensing return to Colorado for professional PIs!


By registering early, you will immediately add value to the conference.  I have one additional favor to ask - pass this email on to a friend and colleague, ask them to attend and pass it on to anyone that could be interested and benefit.


To make it easy, you can copy and paste this link into your email and it will take them right to this online flyer:




As you know, we are particularly excited about this conference for a variety of reasons.  One, to celebrate licensing that will take effect next year!   Second, the speaker lineup is very unique and exciting, and hard to put under one roof.


To kick things off early, Jimmie Mesis of PI Magazine is offering his PI Marketing seminar. It is separate, and a fee-based seminar.  I have sat in on it and hope to attend it myself this year (being part of the conference committee and board may make that hard).  I have talked to many people who have attended - as recently as at the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI) conference just held in Fort Worth.  I am told it is a full day of education to jump start you like no other similar seminar.  For the new or seasoned investigator, I strongly encourage this.  Jimmie has wanted to come here for the past few years, his seminars are limited throughout the year, so it may be a few more years before we see him back. 


But, even if you can't, the main conference is exciting.

-- Jimmie Mesis is starting out with a presentation on using the Internet to increase your business and income.  I sat in on this at TALI and took away several pages of notes - and that was one hour.


-- Steve Farese is a high-profile criminal defense attorney from Mississippi (look up the Mary Winkler case, although that was discussed last year by his investigator).  He will tell us what an attorney of his caliber looks for in hiring an investigator, and some cases.


-- IRB Search is a vendor/sponsor and will update the membership on laws and regulations that impact our access to records and databases.


-- Steve Rambam is a renowned international investigator coming in from Bronx NY to demonstrate how to increase results with deep database searches.  He also owns Pallorium, a database for investigators and will be demonstrating that.  I have known him 20 years and have seen this presentation from its infancy to as recent as at TALI - it is informative.  So much so that he has all of Friday afternoon. 


-- Our own Tim Schmolder is a 20 year veteran of surveillance.  He is going to share with us the unique psychology of surveillance - sure to improve your game and success in that specialty.


-- Rory McMahon, CLI CFE CCDI, is renowned throughout the country for the work he does on federal criminal defense cases, many very high-profile.  The federal defender program is an untapped market and he is going to talk about how to break into it and what can be gained from him, including better paying private attorney clients.


-- Brig. Gen. (ret) Malik Rashid will be wrapping up the conference with a presentation on the War on Terror - from his experience with the Pakistan Army.  He is the current chair of the World Association of Detectives and has offered to join our conference while in the US for other engagements.


The venue has several amenities, including being close to Denver and DIA, as well as a full breakfast each morning and cocktail hour every early evening, complimentary with your stay at Embassy Suites.


That's not all...conferences are about learning and networking, and is one of the times per year that we look forward to having as many PPIAC members as possible together, as well as our friends and colleagues from all over.  It is a way to network locally, throughout Colorado and nationally, from one meeting.  I have seen cases referred during breaks, lunch and last year the banquet.


And there is MORE!


This year is the inaugural year of the PI Museum on Wheels!  Ben Harroll and his wife Gloria have been to the conference in California and TALI.  I have talked to Ben extensively on the phone and have been intrigued by the knowledge he has of PI history, and of that in Colorado.  He and Gloria want to celebrate the successes of 2011 with us!  I met him at TALI and left in awe of all I learned about our profession and the history he brought with him to display!


I think you have the idea - I spent a lot of time at TALI - but that's not it.  It just happened that I was asked to give a presentation on death investigation and some of our speakers were also there.  I tested the waters for you and am excited to report - it will be beat your expectations this year. 


A conference is no fun if you don't walk away with something.  Well, we'll do our best to make sure you have something.  We have donated books, donated books signed by authors, restaurant gift cards, vendor prizes and much more to give away.


Attendees from throughout the Rocky Mountain Region are attending, and as a new PPIAC member looking to learn, network and expand your skills - I am personally inviting you to attend your association's conference.   

PPIAC 2011 Annual Conference

September 23rd and 24th

(Jimmie Mesis fee-based seminar is the 22nd)


This also our second biggest fundraiser of the year.  Our conferences help the legislative fund, including the defeat of HB 1012 last year and passing of licensing this year.  PPIAC, and many of its members, are also members of the National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS) who supported us in both issues, and continue to fight for us in DC.  If you are not a member of NCISS, consider joining - or feel free to talk to me at the conference.  As the Region 5A Director, which includes Colorado, I have a special signup offer.


If you cannot attend, please consider a donation to support the conference, prizes, supplies and all that goes with it. 


The conference will be held this year on September 23rd and 24th, with a fee-based seminar by Jimmie Mesis, PI Magazine, for PIs looking to expand their market and income on the 22nd. We have placed it near Denver International Airport at the Embassy Suites, which provides free shuttle services to and from the airport for your convenience. Details are at: Embassy Suites at DIA  

To register call (303) 574-3000 for the hotel included amenities, you must tell them you are registering for the  "PPIAC Conference"

The PPIAC conference page at http://ppiac.org/training/annual-conference  


To pay and register for the conference:

Click here to pay and register


For complete conference information:

Follow this link

You won't want to miss this conference!  


Please consider supporting PPIAC and private investigators with your support and attendance.


Contact any board member or myself to discuss the conference and answer any questions. The board directory in listed on the left panel.  I can be reached at:  

beersda@Forensic-Investigators.com or chairman@ppiac.org


 or call the PPIAC at (800) 777-0350


Not a PPIAC Member?  Join now and receive a membership discount and the conference discount!  Call or email membership@ppiac.org for details  

PI Museum

Join PI Museum!  Membership 

Be a part history and the action!

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to watch a short video to see a small idea of what

PI Museum is doing!


For Private Investigators, the P.I. Museum online experience is an affordable way to become informed, educated and entertained about your profession.  The non-professional is free to pretend to be a "Sleuth" and to virtually "live" the life of their favorite Super Spy, fictional Detective or Private Eye.


We invite you to partner with the P.I. Museum.  You can do this through your financial contributions in support of the museum's vision.  Of course, we're always looking for items to add to the collection as well.  Think about what's out there right now just waiting to be discovered and preserved for the future.  Contact the museum if you think you have some item of potential historical value.


Members of the P.I. Museum will find themselves in a colorful, virtual playland of detectives, spies and private eyes.  There they can review the history of private investigators over the last several hundred years.


Supporting members of the P.I. Museum are uniquely positioned to take advantage of various online options to place their business name, product or service before the museum's many visitors, who are all potential clients.

Join the P.I. Museum now, as a member, you can be a part of our exciting growth!

Pre-Conference Seminar

PI Marketing Seminar  

This is expected to sell out!

Register today!

(PPIAC conference and marketing seminar

registrations and payments are separate) 



Thank you for considering joining us at our annual conference, we have much to celebrate and some very special guests and speakers!



On behalf of the PPIAC, Conference Committee and Sponsros, Thank You!


Dean A. Beers, CLI

PPIAC Board Chairman

(chairman@ppiac.org) (970) 691-0813 

NCISS Region 5A Director (CO, NE, WY, AZ) 

Region 6 CLI Representative, NALI

Robert Orozco
PPIAC President
(president@ppiac.org) (720) 930-9301

Stacy Smallwood
PPIAC - VP of Training and Conference Committee Chair
training@ppiac.org) (720) 880-8005