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In this issue, we go over networking with your peers, an often overlooked avenue for obtaining more work.


We hope you enjoy this issue, and as always, email us if you have any questions. We will answer your email - We are here for you! Our email is

Networking... It's All About The Conversation

by Glenda Glayzer

Finding new clients in today's economic climate isn't easy. Or is it?

Sometimes it's as simple as taking the right path instead of the left path, and the best way to go about knowing which path to take is by networking.

A few months ago, I found myself with an opportunity to be on the hiring end at Virtual Assistants. While sifting through responses to my ad, I found a great lady VA who had worked for one of the same clients I had! We are part of a network.

The VA community is a small world, and this experience made me aware that I wasn't using all the resources I had available, some of whom are other people who do the same jobs I do. Networking can help you find a great new client or keep you from taking a job with one who is a nightmare.

It's all about finding the right fit - client to VA. Talk to the people in your network. Keep up with what they're doing and what new skills they've learned. Believe me, there are enough jobs to go around so don't hoard. Network.

Our networks are composed of people who have the same or a higher level of skills that we ourselves have, those who share the same work ethic. These are people we would hire, and these are people we could willingly recommend to others.

When you think networking, don't confine yourself and your efforts to what you suppose networking to be.

Example: Recently I was posting to a technical forum for software I use. There was a long thread going on and I finally got the answer to my questions. The whole thing should have been over, but then I got a personal message from another user who had been reading the thread, having his own issues. He and I became a mini-network. Ultimately, this person hired me to tutor him in the software.

Eureka! A job doing something I didn't even think of doing before being asked to do it. I found, to my surprise, that I'm a good tutor and I enjoy tutoring.

This is proof that a network can be hiding anywhere. Keep your eyes and your mind open. You may uncover new skills you didn't know you had. You may suddenly find networks and new clients where there were none before.   


About the author:

JewlZ is a creative design studio offering niche marketing & brand management services to global companies, micro business and cottage industries. Our name and philosophy is based on the fundamental understanding of seeing every facet of the 21st Century marketplace through a new lens of limitless possibilities.

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