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Hope you are having a great week.


It seems everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays. Along with all the merriment comes a lot of extra expenses so we thought we would include an article on ways to increase your Virtual Assistant business for the new year.


So here are some tips/creative ways to generate some new business and extra cash, hopefully to put some money back in your pocket.


We hope you enjoy this newsletter and we wish you much success with your Virtual Assistant business.
Increasing Your Sales Without Making Cold Calls
by Annette Pedersen

Do you struggle with getting sales or clients? Would you like to get more business without making sales calls?  


There are creative ways to get the message out about your virtual business and the services you have to offer so you can get new business for the New Year.


Here are 2 sets of steps that might help.  You may be able to find something here that you can use. 

 First set of steps:

*Get crystal clear on who your target audience is. For example---small businesses in the pet-grooming arena, car dealerships, coaches in Law of Attraction or relationships, etc.


*Get crystal clear on what your services are. Do you provide email and contact management? Data entry, research, creating a Word Press site, project management,copywriting, etc.


*What does your target market need help with?  What questions are they asking?


Google their industry. Find groups on Facebook on LinkedIn that relate to your market and join them. Listen to what they are talking and asking about. Comment and give them solutions. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. They will take notice of you when you share answers to the things they struggle with.


Second set of steps:


*Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page? A website?  Create them if you don't and use them to engage with people. Get seen and heard! Be the "Go-To" person in your field with your knowledge.


*Join job sites and Forums.


 *Become a member of this very site. Write an ad about your services and put it up. Create target word alerts to be sent to your email. I have received many clients through this site. People have answered my ads. I have applied to the job ads. Love it! (just saying)


*Put your skills in an article or in a flyer and fax it to local businesses.


 *Create a press release and get it in your local newspapers. They are simple to put together. This site gives you some tips.  


 *Pick a topic you know well and write a blog post about it on your website, Then Tweet and FB it out!


 *Create an article about it.  Post it on article submission sites such as and 


 *Create another article explaining what you do and how you can solve a problem your target audience may have.  


Pick a few ideas, put them into play, and your New Year will start off on the road for success!

Annette Pedersen is an accomplished Virtual Administrative Consultant (VA) specializing in Customer Engagement via Social Media and Nurture Marketing. You can visit her website at:
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