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Walking the VA Job Searching Tightrope: Striking a Balance between Making Wise Career Choices and Working to Pay the Bills
by Tracy Gregory  

After my workplace position was terminated, I decided to become a Virtual Assistant. The thought of saving money on transportation and wardrobe was very appealing. However, I soon discovered that although there are several jobs from which to choose, many of them are short-term positions. How do you decide what to do or what is in your best interest?


First, consider the big picture. Will a temporary job provide the training and experience you need to secure the permanent position you are seeking?  If so, it may be time well spent. Employers who hire virtual assistants are looking for experienced employees capable of working independently. The more job experiences you get under your belt, the greater your chances of being hired in the future.  


Second, ask yourself: Do I really want this job or am I motivated more by the need to generate income? After my latest work assignment ended and with no attractive prospects in sight, I entered full-tilt panic mode. Worried I might be making a big mistake applying for a job that did not particularly appeal to me but offered full-time hours and a bimonthly paycheck, I decided to solicit the opinions of longtime friends and VA colleagues who knew my employment history well enough to give me their frank assessments. They confirmed my suspicions -- if the job does not feel right to begin with, then it is likely wrong for you.  


Patience is truly a virtue, especially in the Virtual Assistant profession when you are frequently going from one job to another to make a living. The allure of that sometimes-elusive paycheck may be a strong one, but persistent virtual assistants always find work. There are also important considerations like background compatibility, comfort level, and long-term employment goals. If a job gives you the experience that can get you noticed in your chosen field, then it is an investment in your future. However, taking a job solely as a means to satisfy an immediate financial end could ultimately represent a career dead end.

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