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Welcome to our Work at Home Virtual Assistant Newsletter.

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Marketing Your Virtual Assistant Business
by Kathy Colaiacovo 

As a Virtual Assistant you must learn to market your business. With this step-by-step instruction, you will be on your way to increasing your exposure and online and in person visibility.

Local Marketing - Marketing locally is a great way to advertise your businesses especially when starting out. Just because your business is virtual does not mean you can't have clients within your city. To market your business locally you can send a postcard or a sales letter along with a brochure to local businesses in your area. Call them within a week to see if there are any questions you can answer.

You will need marketing materials such as a brochure, business cards, email signature, brochure for fees, a company profile/sample portfolio.


Networking - Networking is another great way to market your business. Locally, find a Networking club or Chamber of Commerce to join. There are many different networking sites online you can join to interact with others. You could join VA forums to get to know other VA's. You could also join the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. There are many venues to partake in, look for where you can network but also where you will find clients that fit your target market.


Blogging - Blogging is a great way to get your business name known. Once you have gotten your business up and running and you are confident that you want to start a blog then you should go for it. Blogging allows others to get to know who you are as well as your thoughts on many of the different topics in the virtual assistant industry. Until you are ready to post your own blog, you should consider commenting on other peoples blogs. Posting on others blogs provides the same outcome, except in the form of a comment. You are still allowing others to see your view of the topic at hand, while learning who you are, and what you do. So don't overlook commenting on blogs.
Article Marketing - Article marketing is a great way to get your name and business name noticed. With article marketing you can write about anything that has to do with Virtual Assistance. There are many things that can be written on the term Virtual Assistance. Some examples may be: describing how a virtual assistant could help clients, describe the virtual assistant industry and how it works, how to market your business, and much more. The list could go on and on.  Write about how you help clients, that will really speak to the people reading the articles and show them how you help clients.

Kathy Colaiacovo, is a Virtual Assistant whose firm specializes in Social Media Services but they also assist clients with many other business support needs; websites and maintenance, blogs, newsletters, eZines to name a few. Clients value this support in order to create the time needed to grow their own business. Kathy invites you to learn more about working with a Virtual Assistant by signing up for her monthly eNewsletter, you will also receive a complimentary copy of her Productivity Guide for Entrepreneurs .
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