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Welcome to our Work at Home Virtual Assistant Newsletter.
Since 1999, we have provided helpful articles, tips, advice, and most importantly, jobs for Virtual Assistants and potential Virtual Assistants. As one of the first virtual assistant job boards, we have always striven to provide a safe, successful community and job board for our Virtual Assistants.
We hope you enjoy this newsletter and we wish you much success with your Virtual Assistant business.
Quiz: Do You Have What it Takes to be a Virtual Assistant?
By Cindy Coulter 
Do you long to own your own virtual assistant business, but wonder if you have the required skills to be successful? Take this quiz and see if you have what it takes to be a virtual assistant. Check your answers at the end.
1. Are your skills in demand?
A virtual assistant is valuable only if they possess the skills demanded by the marketplace. If you possess skills that someone else is willing to pay for, you are on the right path to success as a virtual assistant.
2. Are you comfortable working for someone you may never meet in person?
In the virtual world, most contact is handled via phone or email. Virtual assistants must be comfortable working for customers they never meet face-to-face.
3. Can you work long hours without interaction with others?
The virtual world can be a lonely one, and the days can be long. If you enjoy working alone and do not require a lot of human contact during the workday, virtual assisting may be for you.
4. Can you work with no supervision?
Virtual assistants must be productive and meet deadlines without a boss looking over their shoulder watching their every move. Remember, you ARE the boss.
5. Can you prioritize and multi-task?

Virtual assistants must be able to prioritize their work, many times completing multiple assignments in a tight timeframe.
6. Can you complete tasks on time?

The surest route to your demise as a virtual assistant is failing to complete assignments on time. Virtual assistants must know how to balance their workload to avoid missing deadlines.
7. Are you disciplined enough to work from home?
Working from home may be an ideal solution for many people. But it requires the discipline to get up every morning and work your business, even if you are not driving to an office.
8. Do you have a distraction-free workplace?

Many virtual assistants struggle to balance work requirements with household responsibilities. It is impossible to be productive if constantly interrupted by children or friends and family who do not think a virtual assistant business is "real work."
9. Do you have the necessary equipment to work from a home office?

This includes a computer, relevant software (including firewall and virus protection), and the knowledge or resources to handle technical difficulties.
10. Can you "hit the pavement" to generate new work?
You are your own marketing department. New projects will not just show up in your email without some legwork on your part. You must know (or learn) how to promote your services to acquire and maintain clients.
11. Can you handle simple bookkeeping?
You don't need an accounting degree to be a virtual assistant, but basic bookkeeping skills are imperative. You are responsible for tracking your expenses, invoicing your customers, collecting payment and, yes, paying taxes on your earnings. There are numerous resources available to help small business with these tasks. Find them and use them.
12. Do you have (or can you set up) a checking account dedicated to your business?
As with any business, virtual finances should be kept separate from your personal finances. A separate business account also makes it easier to keep track of fees and expenses for tax time.
13. Do you know when to ask for assistance?

A good virtual assistant knows when to ask for help. Do not wait until you are in over your head before seeking aid. If this happens, your work and reputation will suffer.
14. Do you have the support of your family and friends?

Any new business venture requires a strong support network. Virtual assistants are no different. Family and friends fill the void of working alone by providing support, guidance and serving as a sounding board for ideas and challenges.
15. Are you willing and able to invest the time and money required to start a business?

Success as a virtual assistant takes time. You must be willing to put in hard work to build a successful business. This may mean making sacrifices of both time and money until your business takes off.
OK, let's see how you did. How many questions did you answer 'Yes' to? Here's how to tell if you're ready be a virtual assistant:
1 - 5: Sorry, but it seems you would be happier and more productive in a more structured work setting. But don't give up - many of these skills can be acquired through training and discipline.

6 - 10: You have many of the skills required to be a virtual assistant but may have a few struggles along the way. Look at the questions to which you answered 'No' and see if you can build on or improve your skills.

11 - 15: Welcome to the virtual world! You have the skills and dedication required to be a successful virtual assistant. For guidance on starting your own VA business, check out the newsletter archives on
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