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Welcome to our Work at Home Newsletter. Here you will find helpful articles, tips and advise on working from home as a Virtual Assistant. Plus some work at home job leads too!
Understanding Client Expectations
Laying the Groundwork for Success
By Cindy Coulter 
You've just landed your first virtual assistant gig. Now what?
To successfully complete your assignment, both you and your client must be clear on the scope of the project. Communi-cation upfront will eliminate stress and misunderstandings later. Ask questions. Do not assume anything.
The following items should be discussed before beginning work and should be included in your contract. This list is not all-inclusive, but will give you an idea of questions to ask and areas to cover. You will need to tailor the list based on your specific business and services.
Due date. What is the due date for the project? Is time for revisions built into the schedule? Can the project realistically be completed in this timeframe? Sometimes clients have no idea of how long things take. It is your job to educate them about expected lead times based on your professional experience.
Price. Is the project to be billed hourly or at a flat rate? What are your rates? Based on the estimated time to complete (discussed above), what are the estimated fees? What if the project takes longer than expected? What if the client changes or expands the scope?
Payment. How will payment be handled: paid in full upfront, partial deposit, or paid on delivery? When will the client be billed? Does the client use a purchase order or will you send an invoice? What forms of payment do you accept? Will expenses be billed separately?
Deliverables. What is the client expecting in terms of deliverables: emailed documents, printed or bound material, slide show on disc, etc.? Will you deliver the final product or will the client pick up from you? Is use of a delivery service preferred or acceptable?
Communication. Are daily or weekly status updates required or expected? What is the client's availability for you to ask questions or obtain additional information? Use face time (or phone or email) with clients not only to discuss problems, but to build on your relationship and obtain additional work. Clearly state your office hours and your availability to the client. Do not lead the client to believe you are on call 24/7.
One of the keys to success as a virtual assistant is understanding what your client wants and then providing quality work on time and within budget. Deliver what you promise, and don't promise what you can't deliver.
Remember, happy clients become repeat clients. They are your best form of advertising, and may lead to referrals, which, in turn, lead to more money in your pocket!
For more info on obtaining a virtual assistant job, visit our  information page at:
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Introducing BOTH USA
Back Office Support for Your VA Business
It is a pleasure to introduce BOTH USA, LLC - Back Of The House - the first and only service that can set you up as a 'Company of One' and then provide 1 stop back office and corporate services for your company. This turnkey approach to business establishment and back office support is ideal for VA's and has been able to negotiate a special discount for its members!

Here is how it works: an on-boarding specialist at BOTH will take all the information that is required to set up your own company for you. Then, the professionals at BOTH will go to work to establish your company.

The turnkey business establishment process includes:

 Formation of an LLC (existing LLC can be considered);
 Establishing bookkeeping charts of accounts;
 Establishing hosted I.T. environment and development of personal workspace;
 Integration of bookkeeping, financial reporting and online banking;
 Establishing and filing of domain name;
 Development of website and creation of hosting environment;
 Establishing of online bank account;
 Appointment of Personal Advisor and set up of back office administration;
 Establishing professional liability coverage, if desired;
 Establishing optional health insurance coverage and a retirement plan, if desired.
Once the company has been established, BOTH will continue to host your I.T. and your website and will take care of all your operational, back office and administrative needs, so you are completely free to be focused on providing high quality services to your clients! Unique of this service is that all activities are orchestrated by your own, dedicated Personal Advisor, who is your single point of contact! No helpdesks, no self help, but proactive, professional support. No separate accountants, lawyers, bankers and other advisors who don't know of each other; just your own Back Of The House manager!
The monthly service includes:
 A Personal Advisor who proactively manages all back office functions;
 Billing and collections;
 Quarterly financial reporting;
 I.T. hosting and technical support;
 Website hosting and maintenance;
 General guidance on business, financial, tax, legal and compliance;
 Core health, wellness and benefits plan;
In the event you are interested in using your company to establish health and retirement coverage for you, BOTH offers health benefits in three tiers:

1) The BOTH Core Health, Wellness and Consumer Benefits Plan - included in the BOTH full service offering at no extra cost- provides accidental death and dismemberment coverage ($15,000), excess Medical Expense benefit ($5,000) and term Life Insurance ($10,000) as well as discounts on pharmaceutical products and general services. The BOTH plan has been developed in association with United Consumer Awareness Association;

2) Optional Limited Indemnity Plans, at discounted premiums that range from approximately $80 to $240 per month. These 'Defined Benefit Plans' are 100% guaranteed issue, regardless of pre-existing conditions and are underwritten by Patriot Health.

3) Elective Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans, individually underwritten through BOTH's partner US Health, are tailored to the specific needs and budget of each client at the best available rates in the State of the client's residency.
With BOTH's services, working as a VA has never been easier. In addition, working through your own company gives you marketing cachet, protects you from legal liabilities and provides tax efficiencies. Above all, there are no bookkeeping, administrative or I.T. hassles to slow you down!
Be in business for yourself, not by yourself! Please visit for more information, or call 1.888.226.8499, ask for Libby Bulleit and inform her that you are a member of
For more info on obtaining a virtual assistant job, visit our  information page at:
All rights reserved. You must have permission to reprint this article. Please contact us at
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